The Feedback Survey Has Been Removed

Heyo, everyone. So as y'all may know, we've basically dusted our hands of this game after 1.1.0's release. It's been a wild ride and I'm glad to finally put this project to rest. A majority of the bugs were patched in the last update back in March, and while there may be a few left, at this point working in the project is such a handful I'm genuinely surprised I was even able to get 1.1.0 released, lmao.

Anyway, with that aside, we decided to remove the survey. Essentially saying we're 100% done working in this project. I've got plenty on my plate and I'm hoping y'all will look forward to future games to come! I've got a special announcement coming in September, so I'm very excited to share that with you all soon, indeedaroo.

Get Around the Clock at Bikini Bottom


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