Update V1.0.1 Is Now Live!

Added: A downloadable 32 bit build of the game (this was highly requested since we released the game!)
Added: Video based hints for when you revisit the Combat Tutorial minigame
Added: New hints to some of the Starfishman gameover screens
Added: Exit lights to the disco zone in the Mermalair to make it easier determine where to go
Added: More signs to the vents in Larry's Gym, to make it more clear on where to go
Added: Row of tables and chairs in the upper area during the Dennis chase sequence to make it easier to determine where to go
Added: A wooden sign in Jellyfish Fields to make it easier to determine where to go
Change: Adjusted some widgets to fix improper placement of UI on certain monitor resolutions
Change: Increased size of falling boat mobile targets for Industrial Park's boss fight
Change: Made bushes in Berry the Bear's hide and seek minigame in Tentacle Acres effective hiding spots for the player.
Change: Made helicopters arrive less frequently during the Industrial Park boss fight
Change: Reworded some combat tutorial hints
Change: Player can no longer jump back down after climbing the vents in Larry's Gym
Change: Increased SpongeBob's jump height for the final boss battle
Change: Boulders in Jellyfish Fields now spawn once you get near the cliffside
Fixed: Man Ray's animations looking a little off
Fixed: Iron Dogfish's boulders sometimes getting stuck
Fixed: A couple typos in some gameover hints
Fixed: A bug where bumping into citizens would play Doodle Patrick's injured lines rather than Patrick's injured lines
Fixed: Some collision issues with the table in sector 1 in the Mermalair
Fixed: Removed jumping in the One Night With Krussy minigame
Nerfed: A couple puzzles in Tentacle Acres
Nerfed: Decreased Larry's run speed slightly
Nerfed: Decreased Angler's sight range in Larry's Gym
Nerfed: Decreased Doodle Patrick's cartwheel attack speed during the Art Gallery boss fight.
Nerfed: Decreased Nut Alarm's burrowing speed slightly
Removed: Audio clip of the Goofy Goober clock saying his introductory line (we had to remove it cause it got some Youtubers demonetized) D:

We plan on releasing another patch, V1.0.2, sometime in the future that should fix a couple more bugs that were reported rather recently. For now, we're taking a vacation, lol. Hope you enjoy the game!


Around the Clock at Bikini Bottom (1.0.1) (32 Bit) 2 GB
Version 1 Mar 03, 2021

Get Around the Clock at Bikini Bottom


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I was having SO much trouble with Larry's gym because I didn't realize a newer version of the game existed. I a mad at myself and that old level because I kid you not I tried 20 times to finally beat Berry's minigame and gave up on the 50th time trying to beat Larry's

I beat Larry's gym with the goofy goober token and the spatula in 2 attempts after downloading the new one


This patch introduced a new bug in Tentacle Acres where burrowers sometimes spawn in areas with guards and near the golden spatula. I was just killed by one near a guard and when I reloaded from checkpoint he was not in the area. I'm so thankful for the extra bushes to hide from the guards but the burrowers are ruining my deathless runs and this is the last level I need. Still loving the game!

Is there any hope for you to make it easier to run on low end machines? The introduction and everything just freezes and it's a pain even on low settings.

Wait, will my save data from the previous version carry over to the updated one?

Yeah, your save file is located in your appdata, so it shouldn't be affected or wiped by newer updates.