Download Instruction Tweak + Balance Changes Incoming!

Hello everyone, it's me, Padre! Or what the game page refers to me as, Snowmizzle Studio!

I noticed Dave posted a quick update message in regards to some unfortunate events occurring: game-crashing, incorrection installations, the whole nine yards. Game-crashing incidents are out of my control, sadly, BUT I can most certainly provide a more in-depth, step-by-step process on how to download, extract, and play Around the Clock at Bikini Bottom. The freshly updated guide can be found in the Install Instructions section of the main page.

In other news, I know some people have been running into issues with the tech requirements of the game. Due to this game being created in UE4, and general testing on my own accord, I'm going to put it bluntly: Don't play the game on a laptop, and try to play on a monitor that supports 1920x1080 resolution. It's a surprisingly visually-demanding game, for sure. Unfortunately, Dave may not be able to do a whole lot about that. The game's been optimized to the best of his knowledge.

One final piece of info: yes, I'm aware some sections in the game a nightmare to get through (looking at those Squid Guards and Anglers, they're doing too good of a job!); Additionally, Barg'N-Mart is a bit of a slog. Easy, but slow; we'll look into ensuring Krabs can reach MAXIMUM SPEEEEEEEED- ahem. A patch is in the works, rest assured, folks!

I'll be adding a section to the main page later on that gives these technical recommendations directly. My sincerest apologies to everyone who's running into issues; we'll do what we can! To everyone who is actually playing the game, I'm personally overwhelmed by the sheer positive feedback we've received thus far. Yes, the game is nowhere near clean, or perfect, but it was my passion project that I had to ensure remained spick and span to the best of my ability... from a design standpoint, of course.

Get Around the Clock at Bikini Bottom


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in 64 bit, when im at the menu screen, my game just crashes, whats the reasoning here?

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b r o k e n

pls make for mac please :<

Hey i need help! WinRar gives corrupt error with "AtC_BB-WindowNoEditor.pak". Pls help.


can this also be used as 7zip and can you make a video on how to download 

love the game guys great job but the balancing is a complete nightmare, for a recommendation maybe change the shockwave hitbox on ol bessy almost impossible to actually dodge

That's actually one of the things getting adjusted in this next update. Patrick's jumping velocity is being increased to make hopping over shockwaves easier. :D

hi i have a question could you make a 32 bit version? I saw this game by a youtuber called cade and I loved it so much that I wanted to play it but when I downloaded it everything went to hell, there was lag when I started it also in the intro and I can't even enter the menu to decrease the graphics I got a message and then takes me out
I'm a SpongeBob fan and when I saw the gameplay of this game I really loved it, I really wanted to play it :()

honestly im confused on how i can run games like dark deception on my computer(on mid and high level textures no less) but my game still crashes during patricks rock