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Squidward's earned his chance to wow a crowd during the Symphony Orchestral performance in Glove World. As Squidward is warming up, he receives a call from Mr. Krabs, warning him about a smelly-smell, the kind of smelly-smell that smells... smelly. All at once, a massive swarm of jellyfish overrun Bikini Bottom, and begin attacking Bikini Bottomites! Oh, the horror!

It's up to SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs to eradicate the Jellien invasion, and the resulting clones that follow. They'll have to stay one step ahead of the Overlord's advances in order to survive these weird, and rather horrifying, monstrosities that are on the prowl. They've fought robots, bucketheads, and more... surely they can take down some scary Jelliens, right? ...Right?

Sigh, better grab some mayo and get to it! I have a feeling tonight's going to be a very long night.

  • Play as SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs- each with their own unique quirks.
  • Explore over 16 locations from the show, recreated with the classic Dave Microwaves Games aesthetic.
  • Experience an original story with the resurging wrath of the Jelliens from the episode, "Planet of the Jellyfish."
  • Prepare for an invasion of unique enemies, as well as some familiar faces!
  • Go toe-to-toe with threatening bosses and dastardly scenarios.
  • Use the firepower of the Mayo Minigun, or the brute strength of Starfishman, to defeat your foes.
  • Unlock a treasure trove of extras, minigames, and more by revealing secrets.
  • Learn about the inner machinations of the game by using an official digital manual, located in the game's executable folder.
  • Read up on the prologue for Around the Clock at Bikini Bottom, a short narrative following the Overlord's misadventures leading up to the invasion. This PDF can be located in the game's executable folder.

Main Contributors: MXXN, Jam, Nicole Marie T, Hybridkoala, NagolBOT, HarveyB, Uncle Al

This is a SpongeBob fan-game, thus featuring a lot of spoofs and parodies to honor the life of Stephen Hillenburg. SpongeBob SquarePants and all related titles, logos, and characters are trademarks of Viacom International Inc. Created by Stephen Hillenburg. Exclusively published by Dave Microwaves Games. Developed by Dave Microwaves Games and Snowmizzle Studio. Uses Unreal Engine 4. All other trademarks, logos, and copyrights are properties of their respective owners.

Want to continue to support me as a developer? Consider checking out my Patreon. Different tiers can grant you access to behind the scenes content, early access to my games and patron exclusive games as well! Check it out here: https://www.patreon.com/DaveMicrowavesGames 

The developers describe the content like this:

This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages: Cartoon violence, animated bloodshed, suggestive themes, language and crass humor.

System Requirements:


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit Operating System
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-4170 or AMD FX-8120
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 460 1GB or AMD HD 6850 1GB
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 3 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DX10 compatible
  • Additional Notes: With these requirements, it is recommended that the game is played on Low quality settings.


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit Operating System
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-4170 or AMD FX-8300 or higher
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DX11 Compatible GeForce 760 or AMD HD 8800 or higher with 4GB of RAM
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 3 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DX11 compatible
Release date Mar 01, 2021
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(134 total ratings)
AuthorsDave Microwaves Games, Snowmizzle Studio
GenreAdventure, Action
Made withUnreal Engine, Audacity, Blender
TagsComedy, Difficult, Fangame, First-Person, Horror, Parody, secrets, Singleplayer, Spooky
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilitySubtitles, High-contrast, Interactive tutorial
LinksTwitter, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch

Install instructions

Lookin' to snag Around the Clock at Bikini Bottom, are ye? Awesome; here's how you can download, extract, and play the game!

STEP 1: 
Before you download the game, we'd highly recommend downloading the latest version of WinRAR, a very important piece of software that will allow you to extract the game. Ensure that you can open .rar files! You can ignore any requests to donate or buy the full version of WinRAR, if you wish.

STEP 2: 

When you've successfully installed WinRAR to your PC, you can download Around the Clock at Bikini Bottom. Give it some time, and when it's fully downloaded, WinRAR should open the .rar file automatically. If not, open the file through your browser, or in your File Explorer.

STEP 3: 
Once the .rar file has been opened in WinRAR, you'll want to select, "Extract." From here, you'll be given a location to save the extracted contents; select, "Browse," and choose a folder location that can hold the file size of the game.

STEP 4: 
When you've found a location, create a new folder in that location; name it whatever you'd like, as long as you can find it shortly after! Select this new folder, and then confirm that folder as your extraction location.

STEP 5: 
Once that's done, begin extraction! It may take some time, but once it's finished, you can close WinRAR. From here, go to the extraction folder, go through an extra folder or two, and you should see a .exe called, "AtC_BB." Open it, and presto! You've claimed the booty all for yourself. Enjoy your experience!


Around the Clock at Bikini Bottom (V1.1.0) (64 Bit) 2 GB
Version 4 Feb 28, 2022

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My game keeps closing on me when im trying to just start it up. It becomes a matter of time before closes on me and I couldnt even start the game yet. Any fix about it?

Are you using Windows 11 or 10? Some Windows 11 users have reported the game crashing after only running for a short moment due to incompatibilities with the OS being too new. If you are using Windows 10, then I'm afraid I don't know what could be causing the game to crash, sorry!

is it compatible with windows 8??
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Will you make this for windows 11??


I believe it's not exactly something that I can do. Either Windows 11 needs to do some sort of update to their OS to make Unreal Engine games run proper 100% of the time, or a newer version of Unreal Engine needs to be made that can support Windows 11. So unfortunately either way, there's nothing I can really do since I can't be updating AtC to a newer version of Unreal Engine and we can only hope it's something Windows 11 can fix through an update to their OS.

Thanks for replying. 

Okay, i just had to download the zip file

Hi Dave, I've tried redownloading and restarting the game, but nothing works. I open the game, and it seems fine, however the sound is slightly off sync with the intro, but that's fine. Then, once the intro ends with the jellien jumpscare, the game crashes. It doesn't freeze, it just closes instead of going to the menu. Not sure how to fix it, but was wondering if you could help! Thanks!

Are you using Windows 11 or 10? Some Windows 11 users have reported the game crashing after only running for a short moment due to incompatibilities with the OS being too new.

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I tried both versions, but mainly use windows 10, neither seemed to help though. :D

This is a video of what happens. (Sorry for poor quality, I don-t have proper screen recording software)

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Ah that's unfortunate. I'm afraid I don't know what else could be causing that crashing issue to occur. Sorry I can't be of much help!


Thanks anyway! Keep up the great work! Have a nice day! :D

if you can please mobile port some of your games it would be awesome but if you cant i understand

because I very like your cool games

please make a new update. Please add some new villains there to make the game even better and do something new in other games such as 3 am at the krusty krab, 6 am at the chum bucket and 3 30 floater's cemetery. in general, add more new items there so that the game does not seem boring

verrry cool game dava

Hey Dave i been hard at work on my Epilogue episode on this game for YouTube (great game btw) I did absolutely everything but now i can't seem to access the anniversary update for the final 2 Mini games! It says i'm up to date here on the itch.io app with V1.1.0 but on the actual title screen it says i'm still on version 1.0.1. Any help plz?

I would recommend deleting the old version you have and redownloading the game. Your save file won't be deleted, since it's located in your PC's appdata folder.

Is it possible to create a (32-Bit ).rar zip file for "Around the Clock at Bikini Bottom"?. I'm really interested in experiencing this fantastic game! Thank you for any response to this comment.


I'm afraid we won't be doing a 32 bit version of the game, since it was unstable and wouldn't work as well as the 64 bit version.

Ah okay!  I'm sorry to hear that the 32 bit version was unstable. I'll just have to try and work my way around this issue somehow.  Thank you again for your reply.

Hello.i have a graphics bug with sand and snow and it makes Sandy´s treedome almost impossible is it fixable?


Hello. I would say that the game keeps crashing whenever i'm trying to open it. It always says "fatal error" And it keeps crashing. I had the game long time ago on this pc, and now when i'm trying to play it again it isn't working

Not sure what would be causing that. Have you tried reinstalling the game?

But the installing took me whole day. But i'll try

Nope still fatal error

Damn, I'm sorry to hear that. If it's not giving you any sort of error message besides fatal error, I'm afraid I can't be of much help, since there isn't enough information for me to go off of. D:

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hello the game is giving errors teh characters disappear and i can not play well plz help another thing is that game crashes

help my game keeps crashing plz help

Are you getting any error messages? What version of Windows are you on? I can't help much without any details, I'm afraid!

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I am on windows 11 and when it crashes, I don't get an error message. and i just want to say i love your games. 

Ah, that may be the reason then. For awhile now, UE4 games seem to have trouble launching on most Windows 11 PCs since it's a newer OS. It's not something I can fix, hoping the problem eventually gets resolved with a future update to Windows 11.

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and I was on windows 10 and it was still crashing?

It should work on Windows 10. If there isn't an error message or something for me to go off of, I can't be of much help.

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is not leting play the game


hi dave will you put the other soundtrack you made please and prowler boss theme

Chef Climaty

A very fun game and this version has no problem at all. It's great that there are bosses out there and some scary moments. Cheers to everyone ;)

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Hello Dave I have a question for the game I have been doing a series on your game but one day my power went off for 15 second and I was opening the game again BUT it only said New Game and I accidently clicked continue and it started me from the beginning but I was not able to do anything I restarted the game AGAIN and I was not able to click new game it does not work I did reinstall the game as well but still the same is there a way to fix this because I do enjoy the game and I would like to continue my series sorry if you closed the feedback already and am asking this question but hopefully there is a way to fix this WITHOUT you updating the game thank you if there is a fix to this EDIT: I found that another person had the same problem and you replied to him so that worked thank you 

I’m having the same problem. I reinstalled the game but it’s still doing the same thing. Just click new game and it does nothing. 

Ah, your save file may have gotten corrupted. Go into your Appdata\Local\AtC_BB\Saved\SaveGames folder and delete the .sav file. After relaunching the game, it should create a fresh save file and hopefully fix the issue. You will unfortunately lose your progress, but the game should function properly now.

yo this game is pretty good,  ya'll grown so much over the years 

Hey dave, sorry for the development questions but I want to know what happens to the player character when a death occurs, Does it get destroyed or does the game get paused when the game over screen is created?

I can't recall, but I believe in some instances the player will get teleported to a high up invisible platform or it'll remain where it's at with most AI being despawned from the map.


Buen juego, lo vi en iTownGameplay todo completo! y si le faltan unos cuantos checkpoints, pero igual le falta Una version que pese menos como en sus otros juegos de bob esponja

better experience and fixes the terain

oh and also tell everyone to download unreal engine :)

i was setting up around the clock for recording but 

there is something wrong with the game for me. i can open up the game but nothing happens when i click new game and when i click continue it brings me to the map but wont let me play anything. 

Your save file may have gotten corrupted at launch. Go into your Appdata\Local\AtC_BB\Saved\SaveGames folder and delete the .sav file. After relaunching the game, it should create a fresh save file and hopefully fix the issue.

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may need some more help cuz i cant find out how to open Appdata\Local\AtC_BB\Saved\SaveGames plz reply to this dave really want to record fall guys soon

Type %appdata% in your windows search bar, and the Appdata folder should come up.

thanks so much dave


thanks dave just got it working now i appreciate all the help u have been giving me keep up the good work


Hey Dave I like your games and I wonder if you can teach me how to make games like this

So Mr.Dave, I have this problem where when i try to start it it says Create process() returned 2. How do i fix this and what does it man

I start on the exe file and such and i have used winrar to file it.

can you add a feature where you can change the resolution. I don't really want to change the resolution on my monitor so I would want a resolution option please.


i need help when i open the game when a time passed the game crashed i have good pc but i cant play the first level anyone can help me plis i want to play this execellent game

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Turn off the internet and try it


The game keeps lagging, and I tried turning all the options on low

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Your PC might just not be a powerful enough or multiple applications might be opened in the task manager check it and if there are multiple close them and then it might run smoother

Hello, if you can answer this question for me, is there any possibility of a second part of Around the clock at bikini bottom?

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There war probably not Be p2

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Hay I have a Bug wen I start the game it douse not crash any more just turn off the internet. But a new error washes up on the shores of goo lagoon. The new game Botten douse not work for me but the continue button douse. But the map douse not making it unplayable. 

Your save file may have gotten corrupted. Go into your Appdata\Local\AtC_BB\Saved\SaveGames folder and delete the .sav file. After relaunching the game, it should create a fresh save file and hopefully fix the issue. You will unfortunately lose your progress, but the game should function properly now.

The game keeps lagging, and I tried turning all the options on low

Most likely your PC is not up to snuff to run the game at a decent framerate on lowest.

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I have the same problem but how do you get to app data

Go to your windows search bar and type %appdata% and it should pop up the Appdata folder.

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I cant find Local but a can find sponge-bit is that it or what do i do

Nah, when you type %appdata%, it'll take you to AppData\Roaming at first. Click on Appdata and then you should find Local.


I did everything correctly and got the game. But when I open it, it freezes and closes few seconds later... do you know why?

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FOUND A FIX just disconnect from the internet and run the app.

It works!! Thank you so much!


can someone help my camera is acting up all so setting are on lowest

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Are you using mouse or trackpad if you're using a mouse maybe your mouse is not working correctly or that you might not have a mouse pad and you might need one

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Or it might just be lag and your PC is not powerful enough


Please tell me the solution to this problem:

Download the game, it goes to very good FPS, my problem is that when a few seconds pass after opening the game, the game freezes and closes

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FOUND A FIX just disconnect from the internet and run the app.


why is most of the comments complaining about issues ):

Deleted 106 days ago

Yo dave make a music pack to download

To listen to the OST

I need some help. when I start the game up its a black screen for 30 seconds and then a error screen pops up saying that it timed out. If anybody knows how to fix this please tell me!


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and another thing I noticed is that there was no chum bucket level. What's up with that actually? I'm not saying to work on in I'm just pointing it out. Was there a reason why you couldn't add it?

It wasn't cut from the game, we simply didn't need to/want to add it to the game.

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I mean yeah it makes sense, Why would the gang need to visit there anyway?

By any chance can you delete OpenSSL from the game? It isnt needed and it causes crashes on newer gen Intel CPU's


Ah, UE4 games are usually packaged with OpenSSL for some reason, which causes issues for some folk. Feel like I heard a couple other UE4 games having this issue as well so at least I feel a little better about it not being a me thing, LOL. But if I ever do find a way to remove it from past, present and future games, I certainly will. At the moment, the only bandaid fix for this is to disconnect from the internet and launch the game.

(1 edit)

thanks for answering! But there is another way that apparently fixes it (I say apparently because I haven't tried it cus my pc is OLD old but it has worked for a few people i know of). This apparently is a more permanent fix from what i hear

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