Update V1.0.1b Is Now Live!

Added: A new tip for Goofy Prowler
Added: Missing voice line to a misc extra
Added: A new glovey map to make it more clear where to find SpongeBob
Added: A skip button to the combat tutorial in Patrick's Rock
Added: The ability to skip the cutscene after the prowler tutorial boss fight in Patrick's Rock
Changed: The path to the pebble pile in the Sand Castle mid section easier to find
Changed: The Z axis of Big Lenny's hitbox
Changed: The cooldown on the mayo cannon to be more forgiving
Changed: Pinkies can no longer stun lock you during the final level Krusty Krab boss fight, they will now explode after zapping the player
Fixed: A bug with pausing during the Berry interactions
Fixed: A bug where pressing the ? and up arrow buttons almost at the same time during the surveillance section would spawn two Patricks.
Fixed: A few rendering issues with a few models
Fixed: A navigation issue in Patrick's Rock
Fixed: A rare bug where two bosses can spawn at the same time due to a lag spike of some sort
Fixed: Man ray projectiles rarely turning invisible
Fixed: A typo in the disco floor death screen.
Fixed: The disco floor BP's hitbox not working correctly during the Prawn boss in the Mermalair's boss fight
Fixed: A bug with chaos easter egg text not disappearing after clicking skip in the Sandy's Treedome intro
Fixed: A bug with the cinematic bars in the Surveillance section displaying in the middle of the screen
Fixed: A bug for when Mr. Krabs lunges at Patrick in the Goo Lagoon intro cutscene, he would continue to float across the sky indefinitely
Removed: All prompts after picking up an art piece in Squidward's Monument, felt redundant.
Removed: 32 bit version from the game. Tested it out with the newest version and the terrain issues still persisted. I'm afraid Around the Clock will remain a 64 bit game. To be fair, we never designed the game for lower end hardware, nor did we optimize the game for certain hardware. My only recommendation would be to get a stronger PC if you wish to play the game, there ain't much I can do with my knowledge. :/


Around the Clock at Bikini Bottom (V1.1.0) (64 Bit) 2 GB
Version 3 Mar 13, 2021

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like i downloaded it but it wont send me to the game

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bro where is the download  i cant find it

im sad therre is not a 32 bit

will you add more endings?

I'm trying to ace the mermalair and i'm having a lot of trouble with the boss rush due to most of the enemies not rendering in and being completely invisible, and even with the game updated they won't load properly and still stay invisible, and this has happened every time i've gotten to the end, please help.

So i completed 3AM at the krusty krab and 3am vs plankton and i didnt get a new level

You need to complete the Krusty Krab on the second difficulty to unlock the good noodle star. Rookie of the Day does not count towards level progression.

Ok thx

by the way i like this game

I have 2 questions.

1. In Glove World, when you enter the room in which Left and Right Glovey kidnap you and take you to the Tunnel of Doom, when exactly does Right Glovey spawn in? Is it right when you enter that room (where Left Glovey would be waiting), or is it when Right Glovey makes that sound as you're walking through the Tunnel of Glove to get to said door?

2. Will the 32-bit release come back out? My computer can't seem to run the 64-bit version, and I really really want to show my support of this game and play it, but am unable to. So, I wanted to ask you if the 32-bit release of the game will ever be re-released, and if so, when (if you have a set release date at all)?

Thank you!

1. When you take a few steps into the room, both gloveys will spawn in to ambush you. 2. Unfortunately a 32 bit version is unlikely to ever release since I couldn't seem to get it to function everytime I tried to package it. Sorry for the inconvenience! D:

New version is really great. Keep up the good work Dave.   :)

this is really confusing to download i want to play this game so badddd

So, I currently use V1.0.1, Is there a way to update my current version without losing my progress?


Your save file should transfer over to the newer versions of the game without a hitch. It's not tied to your game's folder, since your save is located in your appdata.

Ok, Thank you so much :)

but fix it thanks


I second that - either that or add a way to window the application!