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Alright, heard a lot of feedback so far from the game after waking up this morning. So far feedback seems to be quite positive! Unfortunately though there are some folks running into issues making their experience unplayable that I thought I'd address in a post here.

1. Download stalling: This is not something I can fix, I'm afraid. That's just your browser/internet having trouble downloading large files from the web. I've tried downloading large files before and yeah, I can assure you I've run into stalling and long download times before, compared to downloading something off Steam, for example.

2. Crash reports: Again, not something I can really fix since that's most likely a problem on your end as far as I'm aware, plus I'm not super knowledgeable in that department, sorry!

3. 32 Bit builds: I plan on uploading a 32 bit build by Tuesday or Wednesday. There WAS gonna be a 32 bit build up at launch, but my PC ran into some issues and that got delayed.

4. UI Resolution: I've been looking into ways to fix this, but it would require a lot of rehauling to my UI. It appears that UI will only get scattered/clip through the screen with uncommon screen resolutions, like 3000x2000 and what not. UE4 doesn't fully support uncommon screen resolutions like that at the moment. For now, a temporary patch for that is to change your display size in your computer settings to 1920x1080. Should fix your issue, granted it'll look off, but your screen will fit.

Hope this information helps! Sorry if it's mostly unhelpful, lol. I do plan on releasing a patch to fix a bunch of bugs on my to-do list. I'll look into ways to fix the UI, but I believe it's already too late to be going through tons of widgets and adjusting their anchors without breaking it in-game and having to rework it. :/

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can anyone help me to play on low ed pc


what about dell ui? i can't even play the first level too

probably because you suck