Feedback/Bug Report Form Update

Ey, so it's me, Padre!

A very minor thing, but I've gone ahead and updated the Google form for feedback and bug reporting now, mainly because I forgot to do it upon version 1.0.1's release like a silly-billy. Now we can collect proper feedback and bug reports, which by the way, we do very much appreciate thus far.

Since Dave's officially on his AtC vacation, y'all probably won't be expecting the 1.0.2 patch for quite a while. However, I would like to say that this patch will fix some additional issues, (hopefully) bring the 32-bit version back in a stable, functional condition, and provide some more clarification in some difficult parts in the game.

Thank you lot for reading, and now I sleep. If you haven't, feel free to read the game's prologue and digital manual, which are two PDFs that can be found in the game's executable folder! Ciao.

Get Around the Clock at Bikini Bottom


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Where can I find the feedback/bug report form? I don't think it was linked here.

You can find the feedback form button in-game on the bottom right of the mainmenu screen.

hey Dave  some reason when I tryed playing around the clock today my saved file is gone and I can’t click into the game to play what do I do 

Your save file might've been corrupted. Go to AppData\Local\AtC_BB\Saved\SaveGames, move the file somewhere to back it up, start a newgame, quit, put back your old save file to replace the new one and you should have your original save game back in order. If that doesn't work, you may have to start all over.

there no full screen option

I love this game but I have a problem Idk if its my computer but the game starts with the resolution way too zoomed. I've tried going to the screen resolution setting on my computer but that didn't do anything. Does anyone know what to do?

game crashes