Around the Clock at Bikini Bottom Is Finally Here!!!

Around the Clock at Bikini Bottom is finally here, at long last! Two years man, what a wild ride that was. We poured our blood, sweat and tears to bring this to y'all, and we hope you enjoy the experience. :D

Squidward's earned his chance to wow a crowd during the Symphony Orchestral performance in Glove World. As Squidward is warming up, he receives a call from Mr. Krabs, warning him about a smelly-smell, the kind of smelly-smell that smells... smelly. All at once, a massive swarm of jellyfish overrun Bikini Bottom, and begin attacking Bikini Bottomites! Oh, the horror!

It's up to SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs to eradicate the Jellien invasion, and the resulting clones that follow. They'll have to stay one step ahead of the Overlord's advances in order to survive these weird, and rather horrifying, monstrosities that are on the prowl. They've fought robots, bucketheads, and more... surely they can take down some scary Jelliens, right? ...Right?

Sigh, better grab some mayo and get to it! I have a feeling tonight's going to be a very long night.


Around the Clock at Bikini Bottom (V1.1.0) (64 Bit) 2 GB
Version 4 Feb 28, 2022
Around the Clock at Bikini Bottom (V1.1.0) (64 Bit) 2 GB
Version 1 Feb 28, 2021

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I can't play for even 3 minutes bc the game crashes everytime. Is there a way to fix that? Thanks!  

i want to go to the game

i want an dumb around for 500 mb!!! >>::((


hey dave how can i get into this game i wanted to play this game all day long 

i dont how to

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Get WinRAR and extract it with winraR then open the application by going into your files around the clock at Bikini Bottom then you'll find that around the clock of bikini bottom.exe or application file double click on that and it should be open if your game crashes after around 50 seconds try to turn off your internet and play it again

im pro

es la version completa?

can you make a 32 bit?