V1.1.0 Around the Clock's Anniversary Update Is Now Live!

It's been one whole year since Around the Clock at Bikini Bottom released. Crazy how time flies, eh? It's time to celebrate this one year anniversary with a brand new update that introduces two new minigames, a bunch of quality of life changes, a few new additions and tons of bug fixes!

V1.1.0 Changelog:

Added: New minigame: Neptune's Speedtastic Spectacle
Added: New minigame: FUN
Added: The ability to skip additional cutscenes that were previously unskippable.
Added: The ability to enable/disable potty hints to get into the game faster.
Added: Fullscreen/Window mode option.
Added: A bunch of new swears to Uncensored Mode.
Added: Two new easter eggs
Added: A few new voice lines for flashing Squoodword and Patdick in the One Night With Krussy minigame.
Added: Neon arrows to point the player in the right direction in Patrick's Rock's Kelp Maze section.
Changed: Increased the player walk speed from 350 to 450 and run speed by 50+ (Mr. Krabs went from 550 to 600, Patrick from 600 to 650, Squidward from 650 to 700 and SpongeBob from 700 to 750).
Changed: Increased some enemy speeds by 50+ to account for the change above. A lot of base Jelliens will keep their current speed except for the Alpha Jellien and main level antagonists.
Changed: Lowered the Jellyfish Fields time trial from 3:00 to 2:45, but kept the rest of the time trials the same.
Changed: Shortened the fake "loading" screen time.
Changed: Slightly moved Doodle Patrick's living room spawn point in SpongeBob's Pineapple to allow the player to shimmy past him.
Changed: Slightly reduced the interaction boxtrigger size of the Magic Pencil extra in SpongeBob's Pineapple.
Changed: Lowered the amount of loose floorboards in Mr. Krabs' Anchorway from 16 to 8.
Changed: Belchers no longer require you to spam E an unknowingly amount of times, now it's a base 30 taps to release yourself. No more unfair deaths!
Changed: The Triple Goober Berry Sunrise model from a polygonal mess to a smooth model.
Changed: Labeled the cameras in One Night With Krussy with actual names instead of numbers.
Changed: Lowered the enemy spawnrate in Patrick's Rock's Kelp Maze section
Changed: Lowered a certain Squid Guard's vision in Tentacle Acres.
Changed: Slightly decreased the amount of stamina drained for punching and blocking.
Changed: Increased the player's air control value from 0.5 to 0.75. You now have almost full control over your air momentum, but not enough to be in full control.
Fixed: The infamous Doodle Patrick Art Gallery skip bug.
Fixed: Made the B in SpongeBob capitalized in a couple text instances.
Fixed: A bug where you can run out the clock by dying to Dutchman or the Prowler and sitting in the Gameover screen for an easy win. No more cheesing Employee of the Month and Pink Slip difficulty!
Fixed: A bug where you can spawn a duplicate cutscene Patrick actor in the Tutorial's Berry introduction cutscene by skipping the dialogue.
Fixed: Some wonky collision boxes with certain objects
Fixed: A bug where only one pebble pile spawned in the Sand Castle checkpoint maps instead of two near the colored Alpha puzzle.
Fixed: The bush collisions in Tentacle Acres, they're now much taller so people can't crouch jump on top of them anymore.
Fixed: The checkpoint bug in Tentacle Acres where replaying the level after beating it and dying early in the botanical gardens would send you to the halfway point of the level.
Fixed: Weird bug where Squidward's arm would duplicate when quickly throwing and picking up pebbles.
Fixed: A couple softlock bugs, most notably the one in the tutorial if you leave the kelp field and get jumpscared by Patrick.
Fixed: A bug where two instances of Carnival music would play in Glove World's intro cutscene.
Fixed: Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy's water balls' stunning the player indefinitely sometimes.
Nerfed: Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy's water balls' stun timer from 2 to 1 second.
Nerfed: One Night With Krussy's Squoodword AI. He's louder, takes longer to attack and easier to see in the cameras.
Reworked: Some poorly programmed blueprints in Gloveworld's chase sequence.
Reworked: Some controller mapping for Glove World's maze map and Patrick's combat (No I didn't make the game fully supported for controllers, lol. You can technically play the game with a controller, but you still can't select menu widgets with a controller)
Removed: The unnecessary RNG from Patrick's Rock's first section.
Removed: A few unnecessary invisible walls that made the game feel clunky.

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the game os the

Still  the greatest game for me.

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happy one year anniversary atcabb!

you brought us a lot of joy in the past year