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i have a window gameing computer


why is the game broken

I'm sad. I've been waiting 2 years for this great game and it won't let me install it ... first I get "error" and then "forbidden error" :(

Just stopping by to say I'm loving the game! Levels have been fun and I can't wait to beat this! Great work! Here's my glove world episode!

the game keeps crashing on me and idk why is there a reason why

so when i download on my windows 10 it appears as a rar file and when i open it opens as internet explorer i need help with that

get winrar to extract the game into a nromal folder


do I wait until its done downloading then extract?

Yeah, download it first, then extract it.

it keeps saying network error when im downloading it while my internet is working then it says failed forbbiden

That's most likely a problem on your end. I have no control over the way downloads work on Itchio. D:

okay ithink something si wrong witht he starfishman tutorial(or starfishman in general) whenever i get to the prolwer tutorial the game starts freezing until my entire computer stops responding except for the music(no buttons or clciks work). and i dotn think its my computer because even when i turned on all my processors and turn the graphics and such to potato level the level stops, not even starts lagging or being slow just freezes up entirly, and all the other parts of patricks level and the other elvels ebfore it(including the other homes) have been butter smooth on my end so i dont know what it is.

btw the crash happens when the ranged and charge attack turtorial segemnt starts.

idk why but when i download the file it  not zip   so i can not unzip it

If you have winrar, it'll most likely appear as a .rar and become extractable. Usually files your PC doesn't recognize will show up as something else, like an internet explorer file or whatnot.

This game looks amazing! Been waiting for this since the demo and it's finally here! Amazing job as always, can't wait to play!

This is going to be a long series :0

I tried to unzip the files, but there's error where it says I don't have much space, even if I have 12 GB

When you unzip it, the file is roughly 13.8 GB.

Jesus Christ!

I Had No Issues with the Game so far, Great job!

i can't play and i waited 2 years for this :(

all for T.H.I.S


so the game is broken


first of all I CAN'T PLAY THE FIRST LEVEL when I reload the game

It's most likely a problem on your end, I'm afraid. Most users and testers were able to launch and play the game. Do you have Windows? If so, is it a low-end PC? I noticed some folks with older hardware ran into some issues launching the game.

i do have windows but its not really that big of a computer screen only like a square


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Old saves are incompatible with V1.0, unfortunately starting a new game is required! As for not being able to press newgame, not sure what would cause that? Try relaunching the game and press newgame again and see if it works. I'll look into it tho!

Deleted 244 days ago
Deleted 244 days ago

um so when i downloaded the game and downloaded the ue4game thing, i clicked on the game to see if it worked since it said it needed it and nothing happened :( do i need to download something else????  

You need winrar or any unzipping program to unzip the .rar, then open the folder, launch the application and play! Nothing required to play it.

well i deleted it and re-unzipped it but when i clicked on the game AGAIN it won't let me play it, is it because i'm using windows 10? because if it is then that would be kinda sad :l

Nah, the game supports Windows 10, but I'm not sure what could be causing it to not run tho. Did it give you an error message when launching?

Deleted 2 years ago

Hmm, can't think of anything that would prevent it from launching, may be a problem on your end. Sorry I ain't much help! D:

Dave, I've waited for 2 years. Today is the day. I am so excited I punched my wall. Can't wait to play after i'm done with school!

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So far, I've been enjoying the game and haven't run into any major bugs or glitches, but for some reason, maybe it's just me but I can't change the graphics settings, when I try setting everything to "highest" it doesn't appear to change anything, it looks as if it's stuck in "lowest" by default.

Dave, I know that you just wanna be done with this game after working on it for 2 years straight, but if you could fix the settings in a future update, I really would appreciate it bro, anyway, great game and you deserve all the praise for creating it, have a nice day and peace out.

Edit: Oh and I almost forgot to mention, for some reason I don't hear any audio in the intro before getting into the main menu, after I'm in the menu all the sound is present, but beforehand it's just muted.

The game is most likely on high, it isn't the most graphically pleasing game of course, lol. Did you try comparing it from lowest to highest to make sure it was working? The buttons are just simple execute commands that would change the graphics from lowest to highest.

Also did you try readjusting the volume, gamma and sensitivity sliders in the options menu? That may be causing the game to be mute. Thought I fixed that, lol. I'll have to take a look at it later.

well I think it looks good and the story is amazing  you make some great games

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I'm pretty sure that I did compare them to see the difference and they looked the same, but it's not a deal breaker for me, as long as the game is running fine that's all that matters to me.

As for the volume, I'll try your suggestion and see if it fixes the issue.

Btw, maybe you have some tips on how I can deal with Doodlebob & DoodlePatrick in Spongebob's house? I'm struggling a bit with that level in particular.

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Ah, damn, that's strange. But lemme know if changing the sliders help! As for tips, not many I can think of atm. But I'd say it's recommended to wait for DoodleBob to go the other way before moving, so if Doodle Patrick is in your path, waiting him out won't be as dangerous. You could also watch a walkthrough to see how others beat it if you wanna see their strategies as well!


Thanks for the advice, hopefully it will help out, because that level is really kicking my ass.

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ummm dave why is is keep not working :(

it's been so long

since i last seen my son lost to this monster

to the man behind the slaughter


Deleted 2 years ago

yea because my download is going SOOOOOOOOOOOO FAST

+ no trouble xd

Can You Please Make A 32bit Version? I love the game btw, keep up the good work.


A 32 bit version was gonna be available at launch, but my PC ran into some issues so it ended up getting delayed. :(

Most likely I'll be getting around to uploading it by Tuesday or Wednesday tho!

Finally The Great AtC Famine Is Over!

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dude i have 64 bits i have evrything it wont work!


Im still downloading the game and it says 2 hours left, it doesn't seem to have anything wrong in the downloading progress

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how then

Idk. Maybe you could wait because my game is still downloading, Probably because the game is 2 GB

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dude it wont download i want this for weeks :(

wont download

I always get to 1 GB of downloading it and it just fails

2 gb :o

la velocidad es un poco lenta pero con mi super internet se desgarga bastante rapido

Deleted 2 years ago

Its slow for me too. Its probably cause there are a lot of people who have also been anticipating this game. Therefore server which is responsible for uploading the game is very busy. Therefore it is slow. So either wait a few days or just wait a few hours.

Deleted 2 years ago

that could just be your connection


best free game ever


( ^ _ ^)


immediately, i launch the game and i can't change the resolution to fit my screen, dave p l e a s e

the game is actually unplayable as half of everything is off the screen


That sounds like a you problem chief

same with me. Plus i can only get through half the intro before it freezes and crashes.

I'm so hyped! except it keeps crashing for me :(


Been waiting for this!



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