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I tried to play the game but I got 2/3 on the screen and there's no fullscreen option can you do that, please

also, it crashes when I'm in the menu screen

holy FUCK 2gb dude!!

Can you please try and make so we can play on mac please


This game is a masterpiece. Totally worth the wait.



guess what the final section doesnt even work for me(seriously it crashes my laptap)


i'v been wating for this game and it only shows me the files can you help me i wanted this game for so long

Oof, I'd recommend reading through the installation instructions on this game page if you need help getting the game up and running!

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I am in awe in how amazing this game is, it is one of the best fan-made games that I have ever played in a while. The story is good and filled with references from the original show. No kidding, I watched Spongebob since I was small and it was one of the first cartoons that I ever watched and I hold it very close to my heart, so I was squealing with excitement every time I knew a reference. 

Overall, 10/10 for me. I highly recommend this game. :)

Also, are you going to make a sequel to this game? This is such a good story and it deserves a good sequel to continue the story!

whenever it reaches 1.9 gigabytes it tells me forbidden error pls fix this

Ícono de validado por la comunidad

you need a file with alot of space

wdym by file?

Hi! I have been anticipating this game for the 2 years of you guys developing it. And I kind of have an issue with optimization which dosen't make the game unplayable but is SUPER ANNYOYING at times. I have an RX570 graphics card and an i5-10400f CPU on 8gb ram that can run most heavy games on medium graphics and not too heavy but not too light games on high. I don't know why but every now and then the game my character just decides to snap into a random direction like behind me or up or down at the floor, despite me not even moving my mouse the main reason it annoys me cause I get turned around at times and have no idea where I'm going cause it just snaps and it dosen't smoothly turn my head into a random direction. I hope you can fix the issue since its really ruining my experience. I don't know if any other people are experiencing the same issue but hope I can get an update that will stop this issue. Thanks in advance if you manage to fix it.


I saw a few people running into this. Not quite sure what could be causing it? Does it only happen once in awhile? Or only when you spawn in a new map.

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It happens at completely random times in the middle of the game. And quite often too. When my head isn't snapping to random directions it runs at a smooth frame rate.

That is definitely bizarre, I'm not sure what would cause the game to do that. I'll see if I can patch it at some point, though it'll be tricky since I can't seem to replicate the issue or know the exact cause. D:

With newer updates coming, will old saves be incompatible, forcing you to restart after every update?

Nah, future patches shouldn't affect your save files, I'd reckon.


i dont know how to change graphics to low please tell me.

In the options menu, you should be able to select lowest on each of the graphics settings.

i like the game but we need 32 bit game

A 32 Bit version is coming within the next few days!

would a 32 bit game run better?

Potentially? Not 100% sure.

Dave This Didn't Work On Gamejolt Because It Crashed The Game


Pretty much a AA game. This is super high quality stuff and THERE'S SO MUCH TO DISCOVER. Here's my playlist (because Dave wanted me to post it) - Don't dig in unless you want spoilies! But 101% of the game's completion will be up by tomorrow.

Thanks for making this, man. You and Padre kicked ass working on this thing.


Wait Micro Says Bad Words?.....God and I thought he was kid friendly...Just with all his horror games that are well designed and acts like a lunatics because...He's supposed to

I have never claimed to be kid friendly.

Around the clock at bikini bottom is an amazing game. I just got done playing glove world, 3451 anchor way and spongebobs pineapple. I love how everything looks and how everything is polished. And the animations are off the charts!!! This game is great and it deserves all the love it can get!!  It’s a real bummer that you can’t sell this though 😢. This game deserves to make money!! Your work has improved big time!! Keep up the good work Dave!  Can’t wait to play your other future projects 😁

omg am pump

I downloaded the game, and nothing seems to go wrong.

When im trying to click new game it does not load, neither after clicking options and slowing down the graphics.

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Bit of a late response, but someone found a temporary workaround for this extremely rare bug. If you delete your save file manually, the game should function normally the next time you boot it up. Has to do with the save file somehow getting corrupted.

To reach your save file manually, type %appdata% into your search bar and it'll take you to AppData\Roaming. Go backwards to Appdata and select the Local folder. In here you'll find your AtC_BB folder, go to Saved, Save Games and you'll find your game's .sav file. Move or delete the .sav file from there and it should create a new .sav file the next time you boot up the game. Lemme know if it works!

i want to window this game or even have a resolution screen so you can choose your resolution. i been waiting for this game to come out for 2 years and it doesn't even fit my monitor. I quit being a fan of this

Around the Clock very yes

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may i report the fact my game lags when it comes to looking around, about every ten seconds my game freezes for a second then when it unfreezes, i find myself looking in a random direction. this bug has gotten me killed by right glovey at least 5 time and its staring to get annoying. its not my computer which is causing the problem, its a really good computer. is there an explaination of why this is happening.

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Same issue here! Basically what happens is every now and then when I'm not even moving my mouse my head snaps into a random direction like up/down left or right. This is annoying for avoiding monsters and also cause it ruins my spatial awareness and I have no idea where Im going anymore if the map is mostly the same. I have an RX570 graphics card/i5-10400f CPU/8gb RAM. You should tell your specific specifications too so they can have more info on the bug.

You need a good pc because you have bad fps if that is so just turn down the graphics to low in settings and that should fix it.

i can't play this game my windows does not allow 1920x1080


me too!


i will never play this game ever again since I can't play because 

1.can't do more progess/first level bugged to not be played


actually until there is a choosing resolution screen I won't play 


Honestly having a blast playing this game. I'm behind on editing since I recorded so much lol Great work! This is my 10 PM at Patrick's Rock video! 

i can't play this game my windows does not allow 1920x1080

/dell computer


idk how the hell he saw me lol 


Ah, LOL. Yeah he ain't bugged. That was just my bad making him able to see through kelp during the minigame. I'll probably be nerfing the Berry hide and seek minigames in V1.0.1 next week.


thanks m8

I think you should only do tentacle acres since it was fine in Larry’s gym

BUt 10/10 I played a little today and I love it 

But Doodle Patrick RNG was kinda tilting me a little

Please fix it I cant even check the extras

Not compatible with me :,C

This is GREAT! It's creepy and comedic at the same time! I loved it!

So I was playing tentacles acres and i'm trying to get the goober token and for some reason, no matter where i hide, berry keeps finding me even though he shouldn't be seeing me. I think he might be bugged.. 

there's either something wrong with my laptop or how i downloaded it or whatever but the game keeps crashing,normally during startup,and i cant seem to fix it,you know how?

espero que sea para , perdon estoy tan emocionada del nuevo y es bueno espere un año sobre el que sea buen juego

I dont know why but the game is way bigger than my monitor so I cant save or exit on the map so that kinda sucks I hope you can help

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Ah, uncommon resolutions aren't supported, so UI may look odd or off screen. Currently the only work around is to use a monitor with a commonly supported resolution like 1920x1080 for example, or change your windows display resolution to 1920x1080.



can i play on a 1366 x 768 resolution scree




My monitor DOesn't support 1920x1080

what are the recommended requirements for this game?

As long as you aren't running the game on a laptop, and you have a 1920 x 1080 monitor, you should be A-okay!

what happens if you run it on a laptop? Also does the game work for alien ware computers?

Nothin' in particular, we're mostly referring to low-end laptops, since that's what most folks use. Gaming laptops should be able to run the game tho!

my laptop has those but the game just keeps closing at exactly 1 minute pls help

is the game on game joit

Not atm, may be a few days from now before it's uploaded there.

will the 32 bit be on gamejolt or

I'll be packaging and releasing a 32 Bit version by Tuesday or Wednesday, I'd say.

my laptop lags This game

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