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I'm sorry for bothering you again Dave Microwave Games, but my snow in Sandy's tree dome is thicker than it's supposed to be. I can't see the robot and the parts are covered underneath the snow. I checked to see if anyone else was having a problem like this, but they had it fine and they could see the robot and the pieces for the flamethrower. Could you tell me what the problem is?

Not sure what could be causing the snow to render like that? I know that was an issue in the 32 bit version that I removed a long time ago, but I haven't seen that happen to anyone playing the 64 bit version. Sorry I don't know what could be making that happen!

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Oh ok, I guess it's stuck like that then

Could you give me the 32 bit version?

hello  Dave Microwaves Games

There's this weird issue where the UI and other stuff like that is either off centered or zoomed in (I can't exactly tell it basically runs off the screen to the right). Is there anything that can be done about this? Config files?

Unfortunately there aren't any resolution settings you can tweak, but the best solution is to change your computer's display resolution to 1920x1080 or have a 1920x1080 monitor. I know certain resolutions are a bit wonky with the game, and the UI won't auto adjust to them correctly.

Thanks for the advice, I'll give it a try when I get the chance.


Bikini Bottom under attack and only a Sponge and his a**hole friend can save everyone!

This game is amazing! i'm making a series out of it!

dave help i have to find the save file


Your save file should be located in AppData\Local\AtC_BB\Saved\SaveGames

i know i found it while backing up my undertale data

Dave Why Dont You Upload This Game On Steam?

He can't, since this game is a fan game

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Dave microwave games, I have a question? I accidentally deleted the files, do you think they are saved or do I need to do the entire game again. (Btw I was at the Mermalair)

Edit: I needed to delete other files but I deleted this one.

Your save file is located in your Appdata, so deleting the game folder should not affect your save.

Thank you so much

not going to lie i wish you can play on macOS. because i do play on mac. and whenever i try to play. i can't seem to play.

thats like me on my windows pc haha, it keeps crashing.


im excited to play

thanks for the tip devloper

cant play because need software

The only thing that is required is an unzipping program such as winrar to unzip the .rar folder, but no other software is required to run the game.

how to play???????????


Dave microwave games can I play too 😀

how I play 


If you're referring to how to install the game, follow the download instructions on the game page. TLDR: You need winrar or any unzipping program to unzip and open up the .rar folder after you've downloaded the game.

How about on AppStore and then you have 

Can you PLEASE fix the 32-bit version? My shitty computer can't handle the 64-bit version.

How I play around the clock at Bikini bottom

Do the goddamn tasks

read the download instructions. if you mean the winrar do any type any will work

i like the text that says "cheater" it right never cheat but i well do the codes and doing nothing and put the cheats on and do all level but i need a video for all the codes for me to use it in the game [i don't mean th4 game codeing] and it done updateing

how do you play

do you wanna know how long it took me to S-Rank the Mermalair?

3 Whole Days.

Goofy Goobers was actual hell.

in my opinion it wasnt to bad but it was the sacriest level

Thats what I meant

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oh i tought you meant that it was really hard

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It is at first. When you know he's gonna kill you,  it's not scary at all. But when you don't expect it, it scares the shit outta you...





it looks coo

just downloaded this game


Dave is there any way to open AtC on desktop because it’s not working

Dave i have a bit of a dilemma. The game will no longer work properly for me, even when I download fresh copies. Can you help?

What's the problem?

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So I think my save game got corrupted and I can't play the game, and I can't find the save file in the folder.

Specifically, no button on the main menu works.

Yeah, you may have to go to AppData\Local\AtC_BB\Saved\SaveGames and delete your .sav file manually. It should fix the issue, but you'll have to start all over unfortunately. D:


I fixed the issue and I'm ready to play! Thanks for the help, Dave!

Hey Dave can you update the game and not make it so laggy because I tried the tourial and it was very laggy.

The game has already been optimized to the best of my abilities, sorry! You may need a stronger PC to run the game, since it was built to run on mid-tier PCs rather than laptops or older hardware.

Well I am using a computer Dell

I know your problem. You have a shitty computer.

hey dude to make it less laggy putt your graphics at low it will probably work

pls make it on android 



Hey Dave when is the next update comin???

There are no more updates planned for the game, as for patches, maaaaaaybe in the future if need be? Mostly reluctant to because the project is such a hassle to package and upload builds.

That is very understandable, considering how long it took to put together the game.

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I finally download the game i tried the tourial but its can of laggy so please fix it


make everything in low  if you re in laptop

But i use a computer


then make it low  all

is that game but in zip version ?


Try restarting the game.

it didint work

this game is great and the levels are great until you learn what you have to do, it gets less scary and more frustrating

think i figured it out, checkpoints are so sparse making it so shitty when you die


Hello, Mr. Dave, I am very hoped that this game can launch an Android version, and I am also the love of this game, and I also like the sponge baby series you made, so I hope to play this on the phone. For games, please make it, thank you


I wish he could make but sadly he said he won’t 


Dave, when can I join the Chinese language?We love this game, so we need Chinese,please

Dave I have a problem so i deleted the ATC.exe. and then i can't get it back is there any way to get it back


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MR.KRABS KILLED PEARL! Got jumpscared 5+times. Come watch!


Why do I get the forbidden message when I download the game?

There is a game breaking glitch where the game erased all my data and forced me to start at the beginning. However, when the map would load, it would not let me do anything. Please fix! It stops me from playing.

It's a bizarre rare bug that occurs for some users, mostly due to the save file somehow corrupting. Go to AppData\Local\AtC_BB\Saved\SaveGames and move or delete the .sav file, start a newgame to create a new save game, quit, replace the new .sav file with your old one if you decided to move it rather than deleting it and it should function properly now. Deleting the .sav usually fixes it more often than trying to replace the new one with the old .sav. Cause there is a chance your save isn't wiped, it might be recoverable if you see it there and there is a chance that replacing the new save with your old one can recover your progrtess. But if it doesn't work, then deleting the save and starting over will usually fix it. Hopefully this helps!

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