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Game is so good, currently my favorite horror


hello dave a have need a answer when i load in around the clock if i touch something like if a push play is takes me to the map and i cant do anything can you pls try to fix that pls and thank you

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It's a bizarre rare bug that occurs for some users, mostly due to the save file somehow corrupting. Go to AppData\Local\AtC_BB\Saved\SaveGames and move or delete the .sav file, start a newgame to create a new save game, quit, replace the new .sav file with your old one if you decided to move it rather than deleting it and it should function properly now. Deleting the .sav usually fixes it more often than trying to replace the new one with the old .sav. Hopefully this helps!


Hola Mr. Dave:) I've played your other two bikini bottom based games, and i figured i'd give this guy a try, you're f'in awesome and even if my p.o.s computer can't run it, i'm still saying i love it:) I'll watch somebody's video on it:)

soy nuevo aqui

dear dave dave i need ur help cuz i need ur help pleease

A partir da fase do Tentacle Acres o jogo começa a dar uma diminuída no quesito terror. Uma fase com elementos divertidos e diferentes do resto "key hunt" do jogo, mas que, como eu disse, marca o começo das fases menos "assustadoras". Segue uma gameplay em pt-br minha : 

this game should cost money ngl, great game. It was worth waiting almost 2 years


bruh bruh 



put the alpha in dave.exe pls

i cant install. whenever I instsll it says Failed-Forbidde

I have a question I'm really wanting to know the answer to. If I wanted to fully complete a level, would I have to do all the optional tasks in one go, or could I do something, like, collect a Goofy Goober token, and beat the level, and the token stays collected? Like, the grade of the level gradually goes up with tasks that don't require doing it all in one go?

To achieve S rank, you have to grab everything in one go. You can slowly collect all the items if you wanted to, but you'll be missing the ace.

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Ah, okay. 

I know that collecting everything in one go means you get an S-Rank. I just figured that, as I said, you could collect a token or spatula from, let's say, Glove World, and then a token/spatula from Spongebob's Pineapple, and when you went back to either level, the token or spatula was still registered as collected, added to your collection of either item, meaning that you could collect all the items in the game without trouble, and unlock extras, I presume, but to S-Rank, you have to do everything in one go. 

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Played this on the channel, as a one and done, and I actually am gonna play again, 8/10 for me! 

Love it so far!

the spongebobs pineapple level can suck a !@#$

gives middle finger

hey dave i was just wandering what is a boxy in barg n mart i mean what does it do

give it to berry the bear thats standing at the exit sad

tank you for ansering me but i was actually meaning what is a boxy like is it a pet is it a decoration what is it but thanks for teling me what i had to do

oh ok


Why does the download stops at 2 GB

spongebobs pineapple is my favorite level

mine is larrys gym


how i find the game?

You just found it, lol

Dave i have a question whenever i play around the clock at bikini bottom every time im either trying to make a video on it or trying to do tutorial the game freezes then crashes can you help?

nice game dave! keep up the good work

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hey dave I have a problem when i boot up the game it crashes and the game is not fully on my monitor so i cant enter a level since i need to press the continue button + i play on windows 10

Hey I have a problem whenever I'm at the main menu it doesn't let me click anything is anyone else having thus problem

Did you have a save file before this happened? Is it not letting you start a newgame?

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NVM, I found a way I had to delete the save file for some reason I had to start over but it's ok. I do have a question the was working fine but then i suddenly started having lag spikes which is weird because it was working flawlessly before search system is messed up, when you type "around the clock" you can't find this game. 


Lets just say that this game does not cost money, if mr.krabs made this. He would be chargin a ton of money. This game has everything a horror game should have (challenging, scary, exploration, simple to follow story, lore, heartwarming and good gameplay). This comment has minor spoilers so you have been warned. The character development is amazing! How patrick goes in SICKO MODE when someone is trying to hurt or attack his friends. Another thing is when in the ending scene of the anchor way 3541, mr.krabs aka. eugene kills pearl the clone version thinking its his real one (i dont know if pearl was a clone at that time but she probably was) chose pearl and left his money which means that he loves pearl more than money. Im not gonna go long with this comment but heres my last sentence. This game is AMAZING!

Nah this boss fight was STRESSFUL 

how do you  even play it I can't play it

Could you make it so the All level cheat make it so you UNLOCK all off it in THE LAST LEVEL please i need it i can't get pass the krusty krab D:

Hey dave in patrick's rock in the starfishman section it all started to lag to the point i couldn't finish the level i turned my graphics all the way down and it still lagged can you help me?


Dave,if you can read this,you need to bring back the reload checkpoint in the pause,i need it for Sandy's Treedome to ace the level,please bring it back

it wont let me open the file

i would love to play it but my computer only can extract a zip file but its not a zip file

Download WinRar. You can unzip this file type with that.


I absolutely love this game! It Tilts me! But it is so much fun to play! Thank you for this amazing game! Keep it bro! WOO! 
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Devo dizer que a fase na casa do Bob Esponja se utiliza um pouco demais de RNG pra manter a dificuldade. Uma mal posicionamento do Doodle-Patrick pode acabar com uma run inteira.  Abaixo tem um gameplay meu em pt-br sobre a fase em questão: 

I dont understand how to download the game I installed Winar but Excat its confusing me. 

Hey,At first the game was working fine, I was having a lot of fun with it and made it up to the krusty Krab but then, when I played the next day it didn’t save. I was quite annoyed but I thought it was just a one off thing so I just thought that I would simply start a new game but it just wouldn’t let me start a new game, it did the intro sequence jut fine but when I tried to start a new game the button simply wouldn’t work. I deleted it and then redownloaded it but the same problem. I even used a different application to extract the file but still it didn’t work, I know my pc can handle it because it worked beforehand. If anyone knows a solution to this problem it would be much appreciated because I was loving the game and would love to 100% it. I realise I am not getting my progress back I just want to start a new game. If anyone knows a solution it would be much appreciated thanks.

I'd reckon you read through this post, but in case you didn't, go to AppData\Local\AtC_BB\Saved\SaveGames and move the .sav file out of there, put it somewhere like your desktop, then start a newgame to create a new save game, quit, replace the new .sav file with your old one and it should function properly now. To find your appdata folder, type %appdata% in your search bar and it should pop up.


you press SAVE IN THE MAP?

The game is working fine for me, but when I go to play it again my stuff isnt saved, fix?

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