V1.1.3 Patch

Added: Partial controller support

Control Scheme:
Left Thumbstick = Move
Right Thumbstick = Look Around
Left Trigger (aka LT) = Sprint
Right Trigger = (aka RT) Use Item/Place Trap
Right Shoulder (aka RB) = Zoom in/out
Y = Flashlight
B = Crouch
X = Interact
Right Special = Pause

Unfortunately since this is only partial controller support, you still need to use the mouse to navigate the menus. But apart from that, you can pretty much playthrough the entire game using only a controller! Hope you all enjoy this small update.


Scooby Horror Arcade (64 Bit).rar 490 MB
Jun 16, 2023
Scooby Horror Arcade (32 Bit).rar 471 MB
Jun 16, 2023

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