Update Patch: 1.0.1

Added: A collision to that one railing in Sander's Mansion
Added: A slight shackle jingling sound to The Green Ghost for when he's near
Change: Lowered the view distance for all of the enemies
Change: Lowered base movement speed for all enemies for the museum level, this effect was applied to the mansion originally, but I didn't think to apply it to the County Museum
Change: Adjusted the cart's position in the County Museum a bit away from the wall so you can't hop on it by interacting with it through the wall in the closet room nearby
Change: Decreased the width of the enemies' hit boxes
Change: Increased the size of the Snow Ghost's hitbox for when you throw an Average Book at him, it was originally way too short
Fixed: A bug where you could double equip the Spare Parts perk
Fixed: Voodoo doll clue wasn't displaying the sparkle particles
Fixed: Tar Monster can spawn inside of his tar pile in the Smuggler's Swamp map
Fixed: A bug where the Snow Ghost's AI would break when hit with an Average Book

And a few other small misc changes here and there. Now go on, enjoy the update!


Scooby Horror Arcade (64 Bit).rar 405 MB
Dec 03, 2021
Scooby Horror Arcade (32 Bit).rar 385 MB
Dec 03, 2021

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