V1.1.2 Patch

Just a small patch to finally put this game to rest. Hopefully by this point these two should be the last bugs needed to be patched, as far as I'm aware the game is finally in a 100% stable condition. Thank you so much for playing and supporting Scooby Horror: Arcade. This game will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Fixed: A bug where The Creeper wouldn't respawn properly on Captain Clement's Cove, Barnstorm Circus, Franken Castle, The Outskirts of Moody Manor and Bottomless Lake
Fixed: An AI navigation bug where the stairs in the crypt on the Franken Castle map weren't working properly


Scooby Horror Arcade (64 Bit).rar 490 MB
Dec 08, 2022
Scooby Horror Arcade (32 Bit).rar 471 MB
Dec 08, 2022

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