V1.1.1 Patch

A small patch fixing some bugs that were reported last night. Should have V1.1.2 out at some point that fixes a recently reported bug with the Creeper not spawning correctly on Barnstorm Circus.

Added: Missing VA credits for the new monsters
Added: Missing ghostly moaning sound to Captain Moody when he begins to chase the player
Added: Ambient noise to Clue Detector's pillars of light to show where a clue is
Fixed: A bug where the seesaw surprised displayed the Ghost Clown instead of Dracula, if Dracula was caught by the trap
Fixed: A bug where going up against a random monster on Franken Castle, it'll think you're going up against the actor no matter who you're up against and restrict you to only using the Tripwire Net Trap
Fixed: A bug where going up against The Actor on any map by using the enemy randomizer will allow you to use any trap type against Frankenstein's Monster and the Werewolf


Scooby Horror Arcade (64 Bit).rar 490 MB
Dec 01, 2022
Scooby Horror Arcade (32 Bit).rar 470 MB
Dec 01, 2022

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