Scooby Horror: Arcade V1.1 (The Anniversary Update)

Howdy and welcome to the One Year Anniversary update! This was a pretty sizeable update I've been working on for a little bit and I'm really happy to finally have it in your hands. Five new maps, five new monsters, plenty of buffs/reworks and more!

Added: Five new maps
Added: Five new monsters
Added: Five new monster tokens
Added: Eight new achievements
Changed: Expanded the Monster Museum
Changed: Sneaky Snake into a tier 1 perk and Frady Cat to a tier 2 perk
Changed: Lunch bag to a tier 1 perk and the Food Addict perk to a tier 2 perk.
Changed: The game will now pause while selecting a trap
Changed: In the tutorial, the tripwire net trap will now say "0% chance to fail" since the 50% chance to fail value was incorrect
Buffed: Scooby Doo's Fixer Upper perk to repair doors from 60 seconds to 10 seconds
Buffed: Unpredictable to make enemies wander even further away from the player, making it much easier to avoid them.
Buffed: Food Addict perk grants 25 scooby snacks upon picking up
Buffed: Rat Plays perk to recover your stamina twice as quick while crouching. Granting the player a chance to recover and get away in haste.
Buffed: Iron Hinges perk from 3.5 seconds to 5 seconds and disables enemy sprint
Buffed: Motivation perk to now build traps twice as quickly as opposed to just being 10 seconds faster
Buffed: Increased the range of the Tome of Doom
Buffed: The amount of time you can use the Ghost Sheet and Palm Leaves by double to make em' last twice as long
Buffed: The Clue Detector's pillars of light to last 30 seconds as opposed to the original 4 seconds
Reworked: Ghost Sheet disguise icon and model
Fixed: A bug where selecting a trap and getting jumpscared would softlock the game by making the game pause now while selecting a trap
Fixed: A bug where placing a trap mid jumpscare would softlock the game
Fixed: A bug where the distant shackle sound that was supposed to play for The Green Ghost wasn't playing properly
Fixed: A bug where the "Press E to Investigate" text prompt wouldn't disappear when walking away from a clue
Fixed: A bug where exiting the Monster Gallery through the front door wouldn't remove the "Press E to exit the Monster Gallery" text prompt display


Scooby Horror Arcade (64 Bit).rar 490 MB
Nov 30, 2022
Scooby Horror Arcade (32 Bit).rar 471 MB
Nov 30, 2022

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