All The Monster's Abilities Explained

Since some of you have been asking for this, I thought I’d post a thing about all the monsters and their abilities.

Common Monsters

Anguish: Leaves orange egg sacs around the map to blind the player.

Atlantean Survivor: Can block off doorways for a limited time.

Batfish: Will crawl silently on the ceiling to ambush it’s prey.

Blubby: Leaves pools of fatty oil that will slow the player down if stepped on.

Crubby Claws: Emerges from the floor randomly to ambush the player.

The Devourer: Randomly hides in wall vents to ambush the player.

The Diver: Can shoot the player from afar with his harpoon gun to stun the player in place. Usually results in death.

Gargantuan Shrimp: Can sprint during a chase to catch up to the player.

Barney Barnacle: Leaves barnacles behind. If stepped on, Barney will come rushing out of the ground to investigate. He can permanently increase his speed during a chase in an attempt to catch up to the player aswell.

Lil Pete: His wandering movement speed is faster than all the monsters.

Mad Squid: Leaves bear traps behind. If stepped on, you must struggle to remove the bear trap before his jack in the box minion kills you.

Mangler: Hides in a pool of water whilst wandering around the map in an attempt to ambush and scare the player.

Medusozoa: While in a chase, it’ll tap into electrical outlets to zap and stun you in an attempt to catch up and kill the player.

Puffy: Leaves little spike balls behind. If approached, it’ll puff up and explode to stun the player.

Experiment 024: Will vomit fish guts on the player to blind them during a chase.

The Abducted: Will phase walk during a chase to spook the player and catch them off guard in the process.

Fish Mush: Spawns gunk on the ceiling, if approached, it’ll tangle you and hold you in place until you tear it off.

Seastatic: He has a little minion that wanders around in search of the player. If he catches you, he’ll darken the map greatly for 60 seconds. This will make it much easier for you to get caught by Seastatic himself. So avoid his fiendish friend at all costs!

Rare Monsters

Fish Freak Mutant: Leaves pools of toxic goo around the map. If stepped on, it’ll slow and blind the player until you walk out of it.

???: Will randomly blind you with his “fear” attack in and out of a chase.

Taco Timmy: Will spawn a Taco Mini during a chase that moves faster than Taco Timmy himself until it despawns.

SUNKY: Randomly spawns eyes around the map. If you pass by one of them, you will be teleported to a random position on the map.

Nosferatu: Spawns random holes on the walls. If you pass by one, Nosferatu will spawn in front of the hole to ambush the player.

Baldi: Gets faster and faster the longer he goes without chasing the player.

Jazz Salmon: Leaves jazz bubbles behind. If stepped on, it’ll cause notes to appear on the screen to annoy the player. He can also see from all directions, so stealth is necessary if you want to survive against him.

And there you have it, a large list of all 25 monsters. Hope this little guide helps you have a better chance to survive against the terrors from the deep!

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