Patch #7 (Small Update)

This is a pretty small update, but one I've been meaning to get out for awhile.

Added: A unique icon for the application.

Changed: The bookshelf model near the crowbar room to seem more obvious. This was highly requested since the crowbar is a pretty important item that unlocks more than 50% of the endings in the game.

Fixed: A bug where the teleport button wouldn't remove the low oxygen effect that you get if you fell down a Crubby Claw/Barney Barnacle hole.

And that's about it! Hope this small update improves your experience.


Strange Terror From The Deep (64 Bit) (Windows).rar 357 MB
Jun 07, 2019
Strange Terror From The Deep (32 Bit) (Windows).rar 338 MB
Jun 07, 2019

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