Plans For The Next Content Update

Thought I'd fill you in on some info about the game, since it's been lying dormant after the last big update a couple months back.

As some of you may know, I'm pretty dissatisfied with Strange Terror From The Deep's current state. The map feels too small, the objectives/endings could be further from each other and overall I feel like the AI could use some changes. That is why I'm planning on developing the next content update for the game, Return of the Deep Terror. This new content update will add in two new rare monsters, expand the map to be twice as large, thus spreading out the objectives and endings, (Maybe a brand new gamemode?), improve the AI navigation and add in a few new walk cycles/death animations for the monsters.

The estimated release date for this new update is sometime in 2020. It might be early 2020 like Spring if Around the Clock at Bikini Bottom gets released on time or it could be near the middle or end of 2020 if things go south. Either way, I'm really looking forward to developing this new update!

Hope you stick around to see it! -Dave

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