So Where's The Next Big Update?

Okay sooooo, my last post on here was a bit ambitious on the release of The Return of the Deep Terror update, lol. Originally I thought Around the Clock at Bikini Bottom would've been done last year or sometime this year, but the game got delayed and we ended up taking much longer than we thought on it. Around the Clock will be coming out soon, so I've decided to push the release date back for the big content update for STFTD to 2021. I have plans to release one or two more games on itchio/gamejolt before I work on this update, but most likely you should see the update out next year.

The plans for the update are still the same:

Expand the map (done), update UI (half done), add rigs and brand new animations for ALL of the characters/monsters in the game, add two new monsters, add a brand new gamemode, add achievements, add new bios and update the old ones, add one new ending, and do whatever additional polishing is required to make the game look and play better.

That is all, just wanted to inform y'all in case you were still waiting on the update to come out this year, haha.

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How much progress has been made on this update

I haven’t gotten a chance to work on it since, but now that I have free time after releasing Dave.EXE’s update a few days ago, I should be able to sit and work on this update and hopefully have it out this year.

What are the two more games you plan to release?

Shopping Nightmare 2 and the Trilogy Bundle #2

Ah, Ok.