Officially Cancelling Strange Terror From The Deep's Major Update

I am officially cancelling Strange Terror From The Deep's big update.

After multiple delays and spending some time working on it here and there, it dawned on me that I actually really didn't enjoy working on this game anymore, at all. I love this game with all my heart, and I would love to add more story, lore, and all the cool shit I advertised at the time. But this lack of motivation is killing me and I honestly rather put my resources into a new project rather than a finished game that I felt needed a huge update at the time. Sorry to everyone who was looking forward to it, but it's for the best that I shelve this update indefinitely. As for the "To Be Continued In Strange Terror From The Deep" message at the end of AtC, it technically isn't false, considering Berry is indeed on the ship, via the vent dialogue and the plush. It just doesn't really explain any additional lore about him being there.

The good news tho, is that I may stream or record a video showing some of the progress I had made on the game back then, such as the new map and the few rigs and anims I did for some of the monsters. So I hope you can at least look forward to that!

Thanks for reading, and I'll see y'all later.

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the only reason i am annoyed is due to the now lying around the clock secret ending

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It was edited in the latest update to reflect the cancellation of this update, "Berry's story continues in Strange Terror From The Deep and beyond the nothingness..." In technicality it wasn't a lie since Berry is already in STFTD, just nothing significant to his story happens with him. He's heard in the vents (as seen in Around the Clock) and you can find his plush hidden in the map. The new teaser message basically reflects the change that he's still in STFTD but his story will continue in future games. I can understand if folks are upset about this, I do genuinely feel bad and wish I hadn't teased the update, but I never predicted that I would feel crushed working on it, especially considering how dated the project file was. It just became more apparent that I had to rebuild the game from scratch due to how unoptimized it was.


and thats fine, i was just being honest, im just happy ive finally obtained my goal of playing around the clock, heck, i finished glove world first try lol, although both left and right glovey got stuck in a doorway

that's fine do what you need to take some time off if you need just keep the great work and stay safe 

i cant believe you've done this, Dave

I can't tell you how long I've been waiting for this update to be done. You have ruined me.


I knooooow, sorry mate! It would've been amazing for sure, but mental health comes first and trying to finish up an ambitious update when I just feel like it's bogging me down for so long, I had to make a call and cancelling it was probably for the best for me mentally. D:

I can sympathize with what you're feeling, but just know that it's for the sake of Dave's mental health you know. I can see that you've been a good supporter who enjoys playing his games, but do you ever consider caring about his wellbeing? Of course, game developers and other content creators make content to bring joy and thrills to their audience, but the audience should care for their creator's happiness and health. After all, it takes time, money, effort, and creativity to put together something entertaining in hopes of putting a smile on all of us.  Even though it's sad that he canceled it, if it's for the sake of his happiness and mental health, then I held no disappointment towards him.

oh i do consider his wellbeing, it's just him canceling the update was so crushing, man.

Yeah, I can relate dude.