Content Update #2 (OUT NOW!)

Yep! It's that time again. Get ready for a brand new update, featuring lots of juicey content for y'all to enjoy. Here's the changelog.

Added: A new playable character, Alice. She comes equipped with a high powered flashlight, but doesn't have many gadgets at her disposal.

Added: A new consumable teleport ability for Jay, along with two extra gadgets that spawn on the map for him only.

Added: A new gadget that can spawn on the map, The Emergency Teleport Button.

Added: New areas on the map for you to explore.

Added: Two new endings.

Added: A new monster, Seastatic.

Changed: New game to feature a character select menu

Fixed: Plenty of bugs

I hope you enjoy this new content update! Let me know if you encounter any unfavorable bugs.


Strange Terror From The Deep (64 Bit) (Windows).rar 334 MB
Mar 25, 2019
Strange Terror From The Deep (32 Bit) (Windows).rar 314 MB
Mar 25, 2019

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