Content Update #1 (OUT NOW!)

Get ready for a big beefy update to STFTD! Adding in new monsters, a new gamemode, new mechanics, new easter eggs, and plenty of bug fixes! (And probably new bugs, lol)

Added: A new common monster, Barney Barnacle

Added: A new common monster, Fish Mush

Added: A new rare monster, ???

Added: Custom Mode, select which monster you'd like to go up against.

Added: New tunnel mechanics. If you fall into a pit fall created by Crubby Claws or Barney Barnacle, you'll fall into their tunnel they created. This tunnel lacks oxygen, so you must escape from here fast before you die.

Added: A few new easter eggs. Can you find them?

Nerfed: Crubby Claws. His ambush collision box has now increased, so you won't have to react so fast.

Fixed: A ton of bugs including that obnoxious bug where the door in the hallway would disappear when obtaining the diving suit, lol.

And more! I think... Anyway, I hope you enjoy this new update!


Strange Terror From The Deep (64 Bit) (Windows).rar 297 MB
Jan 25, 2019
Strange Terror From The Deep (32 Bit) (Windows).rar 277 MB
Jan 25, 2019

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