Strange Terror From The Deep is out!

Get ready to face the horrors that lurk in the deep...

You survived the terrors in space, took a few years to recover from that experience and now you're back on your feet, ready to get back to work. However, your luck just can't get any worse. The creature you were transporting on your submersible has broken free from captivity and killed off most of your crew. All that's left is you, Dr. Salmon, Commander Nathan and The Captain. Now only one question remains. Are you a bad enough dude to escape the terrors from the deep?

Hope you enjoy this sequel to the original Strange Terror From Beyond The Stars. :)


Strange Terror From The Deep (64 Bit) (Windows).rar 270 MB
Jan 10, 2019
Strange Terror From The Deep (32 Bit) (Windows).rar 251 MB
Jan 10, 2019

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