So what's going on with Strange Terror From Beyond The Stars?

Well, the Enhanced Edition is now confirmed, I will be making it next year and hopefully releasing it on Steam if all goes well. It'll feature 36 monsters, 8 endings, brand new gameplay mechanics and more! I'm also thinking about making the sequel, Strange Terror From The Deep someday, but I'm still unsure if The Enhanced Edition will come out first, then the sequel or the other way around. Guess we'll have to see. Both games will be priced though, The Enhanced Edition will be $5.00 USD and the sequel's price will vary depending on how much content it contains. However, if the sequel isn't as big as I may think, and has as much content as the original Strange Terror From Beyond The Stars, then it will be free with donations enabled.

I hope you're as excited for these games as I am. :)

Also, if you're craving for something similar to Strange Terror From Beyond The Stars, then look no further, as I've just released a brand new title last Friday called Nosferatu's Lair of Doom! It's got the same oldie style as Strange Terror From Beyond The Stars but is vastly different from this game. Explore a large castle, solve puzzles, avoid ghoulish creatures and find a way to defeat Nosferatu once and for all in this challenging new game by yours truly!

Go check it out if you haven't!

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i want it free not paid

Sorry, but I have to make some income. Donations aren't cutting it like they used to. So Strange Terror From The Deep will be released here and on Gamejolt for $2.99.