I've Got Good News And Bad News...

Alright, lets start with the good news.

Strange Terror From The Deep is going really really well so far. Might finish this project by December and release it early in January after doing a few weeks of advertising on my twitter and promoting the game by sending promotional keys to Youtubers before it's release. By the way, If you want to see teasers and random progress updates, check out my Twitter. I post there everyday, so I definitely recommend following me there if you want to see more stuff about the game early on. https://twitter.com/The_Toonimator

Anyway, after that shameless self promotion, it's time for... The bad news. Dun, dun, dun!!!

Strange Terror: Ultimate Edition may or may not be cancelled, now that I found out something rather grim has occurred to the Strange Terror From Beyond The Stars project file. For some reason it's really slow, the game's frame rate itself is poor and overall the project is just bonked. It's beyond saving, and is very unlikely to get updated or built off of, ever. So either I have to clone Strange Terror From The Deep, and work off of that game, (which seems like the most likely case) or I scrap the project entirely. Honestly, if Strange Terror From The Deep's project file doesn't get bonked up like STFBTS, then I probably will just build Strange Terror: Ultimate Edition off of Strange Terror From The Deep. Sounds easy enough. It's just like if I had cloned STFBTS and imported all the content from the sequel onto the Ultimate Edition. Doesn't really make a difference, so I don't see this minor inconvenience something to be worried about. The only problem about all this, is that I can no longer update Strange Terror From Beyond The Stars. It's a darn shame considering there were a few problems with the current version, such as BUNKY's head not swaying along with his body, or Berry The Bear having his original garbage model instead of his remastered one. But eh, it's fine, I can just add all that stuff to the Ultimate Edition.

Anyway, I hope this gave you your fill of delicious Strange Terror news. See you all later!

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yikes. That sucks.

Do you archive versions so you could go to an earlier version and maybe figure out what happened?


I wish I did, but unfortunately I never backup my projects, lol.


It's a shame that the file got messed up, I know how frustrating that has to be.. but the important thing is that you didn't let this setback beat you, and you've got a plan to move forward!