Beyond The Stars' Anniversary Update!

Disclaimer: Currently the 64 Bit version has the new update. 32 Bit still has the older version. Everytime I tried packaging the 32 bit version it kept crashing my computer, so I'll see if I can try it again tomorrow.

So somehow I was (barely) able to update Beyond The Stars without it breaking down on me. So here's the anniversary update, featuring tons of much needed bug fixes and improvements. Enjoy!

Added: Toon Shader to the selectable post processing effects in the in-game options.

Added: A hidden 1v18 mode. Will you be able to uncover the secret?

Updated: Most of the 3D audio to continuously play even when out of range. So it won't start at the beginning of the sound file when you leave and enter the sound radius.

Updated: Head Bobbing animation slightly

Updated: Berry The Bear's model to use the new remastered model from Shopping Nightmare: Remastered

Removed: The buff for The Slime that allowed him to crawl through the player's vents. As cool as it was, it broke the AI, lol.

Buffed: Cheeva to sprint twice as fast. SONIC SPEED!

Fixed: A bug where AI could get stuck on doors

Fixed: A bug where Cheeva's sprint audio was 2D rather than 3D

Fixed: A bug where BUNKY's movement animation was glitched. You'd see his body shake but not his head.

Fixed: A bug where The Slime's walking audio would still play even when he's dead or killing the player.

If you encounter any bugs, do let me know.


Strange Terror From Beyond The Stars (64 Bit).rar 296 MB
May 15, 2019

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Cool, where is the hidden 1vs18 mode?

(1 edit)

Ah, well it's a secret! But if you really wish to know, a Youtuber by the name, TheNextGenius made a video about it showing how to find it.