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Story: Something or someone has slaughtered your cattle and murdered your family. Your whole life is in ruins but all is not lost. A friend tipped you off on who could've possibly committed this heinous crime. Apparently, a murderous vampire known as Nosferatu has been on a killing spree as of late, and is hiding in an old dilapidated castle deep in the forests of Transylvania. Now's your chance to visit this old castle and find out if he really does exist and if he really was the one who destroyed everything you loved.

Nosferatu's Lair of Doom is a horror, adventure game set in the early 1800s. You play as a fine gentleman out on a quest to find Nosferatu and end his reign of terror. Unfortunately you didn't bring any sort of weapon with you, as you thought this vampire was just a hoax. But boy were you wrong... Now you're stuck in this castle, forced to find a way to signal for help and hopefully kill Nosferatu in the process. Will you escape without slaying him or will you get your revenge?

Find out, in this short one shot horror game made by yours truly! Enjoy!


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great game, I got lost near the end on what to do 

Fun game. Even though I didn't beat it I still had fun. I'll defiantly play it again and see it I can beat it!

Bro this game is crazy but Cool 

Stop grabbing me!


Such a SCARY yet ADORABLE game!

I have to admit...I wasn't expecting to scream as much as I did when I first saw this game...but...I did...

Here is my gameplay of "Nosferatu's Lair of Doom." (Gameplay starts at 18:22) I hope you enjoy the video, but MOST IMPORTANTLY you NEED to try this amazing game!


Nice Game


I've seen a lot of your games pop up on my Itch feed but for some reason have never ventured into your world of lo-fi horror! I seem to have waded right into one of your hardest to beat projects to date too, but that certainly didn't taint the experience for me!

Straight off the bat, the style is great and I love it, especially the grainy old movie effect you've got going on. The character design is awesome, the fact you've created characters that are creepy and yet oddly cute at the same time is something I really appreciate!

The puzzle solving and platforming elements really gave this game an extra slice of uniqueness too, not often you see jumping around being part of a survival horror game, but with hiding seemingly out of the option, jumping is the next best thing.

I didn't manage to beat the game, but I think getting one chest was a good enough achievement for someone like me who is terrible at remembering which way to go and even worse at surviving!

I don't really need to say this, but keep up the awesome work (I know you will, you're incredibly prolific!) =)


I think this is one of your most difficult ones! Loved it though the changing castle on death made it kinda annoying on replays ((I died a lot XD))


This game was really scary and fun to play!  Your games are the best great job :D 

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So fitting game and theme so close in on halloween. Perfect timing! I just love the whole classic movie style on the picture. Looks old and fits the environment good when it comes to monsters and old castles.

The game itself must been the hardest one yet from Dave Microwaves Games. Out of them I've played so far, this one sure is the toughest to beat. The first part of the game is the easiest. Most due to the fact that the monsters doesn't come after you as much and you can hide a bit to let them go away before you continue. But then part 2, holy sh*t! Finding these crystals seems to be easy at first. But when you realise that the whole castle changes places on the rooms everytime you get caught and have to try again. It becomes very challenging at the same time you having these monsters following you very up close. Especially Mr.D with his teleport ability.

So far Daves Microwaves Games best game so far. Challenging, tricky and adrenaline pumping. An overall awesome horror game for halloween. Everyone should try this one out if the looking for a scary and challenging game.

what program you used to make this game


Unreal Engine 4


Gave it a go Dave...

Oh man this was a fun game! Very challenging and lots of surprises around every corner! Nosferatu is very relentless so be ready!

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Alright, here's my take on Nosferatu's Lair of DOOM! I earned the good ending, and hoo boy, it was a pain in the behind.

This is easily one of Dave's hardest games in his line-up of low-quality horror, which can serve as both good and bad. On one hand, I appreciate the challenge compared to his other work. On the other hand, it can seem unfair at times. The random map generation could've been handled a bit better so that proper strategies could be made, but due to the map changing upon death, you couldn't really formulate much of a map-strategy. Another thing: I really think the key could've had some twinkle partice effects or something to make it stand out more, because it took me ages to figure out it was there. The only two major complaints about characters I have mostly revolve around the second half of the game. The Frankenstein-looking lackie of Nosferatu's had too long of a hold on the player, and he was surprisingly quiet at times when you take his size and what he can do into consideration. The only other complaint is with Nosferatu, whose teleport ability seemed a bit unfair at times, especially in one of the narrow hallways where there was almost no chance of slipping by without being in his kill radius. As a final statement, I wish the spider's webs would actually slow down the other characters, because I think the spider moved a bit faster while in the web.

Overall, as mad as I became at the game, I enjoyed the experience. I really like how Dave's adding cutscenes, although he forgot to remove the view reticle in the intro cutscene, but I digress. I can't wait to see what other games come from this shoddy microwave of a man! Perhaps you could revisit the pixelated horror scene again after Bunky's success, I dunno. Have a lovely day, folks!

That's some really good feedback. I might be able to go back and update it with some of the stuff ya said. But I'm gonna first see if I have the time to do it, since I'm pretty busy now with the development of Strange Terror From The Deep and Dracula's Castle. Hopefully I'll find some time soon to go back and change/add some of that stuff you said.

But I'm glad you enjoyed it regardless of the hard difficulty. :)


Well done! Very challenging and fun... scary too.. a bit! I got the good ending!! Keep up the good work!


I got so scared in some parts of this game, and I am the kind  of person that gets scared by jumpscares very easily.  i usually don't want to play games after they jumpscare me but i couldn't put this down. this game is so much different and soooo much fun!


I was excited as soon as I saw that you were working on a Nosferatu inspired game, since I'm a big fan of the movie and Nosferatu The Wrath of Malachi!
You delivered exactly what I had in mind. That is the perfect low light/foggy atmosphere, the moody music and a scary enemy design!
The sepia post-processing and the enviroments are just like the older movie. It makes you feel you're in that kind of era. The music and the sound effects work wonders, especially the ambient track. It isn't intense but it is eerie enough to keep you from thinking you're safe. The intense part begins when Nosferatu spots you and you have to run. This time the A.I. is tight and rightfully so. Nosferatu is supposed to be fast and precise as he appears to be in the movie and in the other game.
However, the statement that the crystals were easy to find are easy to find gave me a good laugh. It took me quite some time to spot them in order to kill Nosferatu. To be fair the sound effects were really helpful. You could spot the crystals with ease once you heard the sound effect.
It was worth it getting both endings though!
So yeah, I totally enjoyed the game! Can't wait to see what you'll be making in the future!

I actually planned on changing the text from "easy to find" to "hard to find", but I honestly thought it was funny the way it was and kept it in. The funny thing is, is that I thought it was easy since I knew the locations and thought people wouldn't have a hard time.


this game was so Frustrating! Yet silly and fun at the same time LOL XD thanks


Really cool was nice seeing an silent horror film getting the dave microwaves touch alot of fun as they always are


Amazing work as always Dave! Its always a treat to play one of your games, scary yet simple to figure out with a lot of character and personality ! Awesome job! 


the game was good but i was wondering how did you come up with the name nosferatu? xD

Ah, I didn't come up with that name. The name "Nosferatu" has been presented as possibly an archaic Hungarian-Romanian word, synonymous with "vampire" according to Google. The game however was inspired by the 1922 movie called, Nosferatu.


that's awesome man keep up the good work :D


This had jumpscares that I loved. So good. Definitely my favorite Indie Dev. I didn't beat the game.......but I was close?


Really nice game with an interesting art style. I just wish that nosferatu had a distinct walking sound to him.

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just watching you play this makes me want to give it a try


Thank you for taking some time to watch it, I appreciate it. You should play it, is good. 


DAVE YOU SUCKED THE LIFE OUT OF ME (and I loved every minute of it)

Another amazing game Dave! "short one shot horror game"??? I would hate (love) to see what a "long multi shot horror game" from you would look like. Please don't stop making games! Can't wait to see what you do next! XOXO C.P.

P.S. Please be sure to support Dave and all his amazing games!


Another great game! Couldn't imagine getting the good ending lol but I beat the game in my own way! Really great map and parkour requirements! 


IMPOSSIBLE TO WIN! | Nosferatu's Lair of Doom! Full Gameplay Walkthrough


Great game as always Dave!  This one was probably the hardest one of yours that I have played.  I managed to get both endings but it took me quite some time.  Keep up the good work that we all love.  


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Nosferatu's Lair of Doom Live Stream! ๐Ÿ”ด


Great game this was a lot harder than your other ones and it took me an hour definitely a good challenge. The jumpscares got me and the overall feel to the game was just spooky great for halloween lol. 


Another great game! Wasn't able to beat this one in the time I had unfortunately. Was able to get to obnoxiously close to escaping (without killing him) though. Great atmosphere and video effects in this one!

I had some serious slowdown in the middle of my recording and cut a huge chunk out but had to leave some in for what I was doing/saying to make sense. It starts getting better in a few mins.


The atmosphere is really solid, but many of the enemy mechanics are downright frustrating. It's extremely difficult to keep track of the enemies, and while three of the four are just a minor annoyance in your exploration, one resets all progress. So it ends up feeling more like luck than anything else if you get caught. I think some of this could be avoided if you had some sort of defense or a more reliable escape. But again, you really nailed the atmosphere!






Very cool and very scary.
This one was really atmospheric. Great stuff.

Deleted 1 year ago

Nice to play your games again, this one had control freezing issues but apart from that loved it.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

Add a cross, with a sound effect of someone saying "The power of C-st compels you!" or something.

I had plans of adding a cross weapon, but I scrapped the idea during development.