The Monster Update is out!

Boy we've got a chunky update here! Hope I didn't break anything this time, lol.

Added two new monsters, Cheeva and Dead Man.

Added a fifth ending. It's the hardest ending to achieve but It's pretty much the best ending for the game since you're able to save everyone, including TheGameSalmon! And it concludes in a way where a future sequel seems possible.

Buffed The Fish Man, now he can place two goo traps that last longer.

Nerfed The Blob, now his traps won't spawn him so close to you.

Muted the radio (Hurry for Youtubers and the whole copyright fear! lol). But don't worry, you can press E on it to turn it on/off so you can hear that sweet jam whenever you so desire!

Updated the monster list to include the two new monsters.

Fixed a few bugs. I don't remember which.

Known issues: Apparently if GameSalmon dies you can spawn him back when attempting the fifth ending.

Hope you enjoy this beefy update! Took awhile to make but it was worth it. It would've came out next week if I hadn't put the time aside to work on this instead of 6 AM at The Chum Bucket. And btw, I plan on making an update one day that adds a new rare monster, so stay tuned for that one. I have an idea on what it will be. ;)


Strange Terror From Beyond The Stars (64 Bit).rar 284 MB
May 27, 2018
Strange Terror From Beyond The Stars (32 Bit).rar 261 MB
May 27, 2018

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