AI Semi Random Movement + Additional changes

Added a semi random movement system that's not as good as the old one, but at least it's not buggy and causes the AI to get stuck!

Added two random spawn points for the power switches. I felt like it needed a little randomness. ;)

Decreased time values for Fly Man, Slime Monster and Xenomorph from going into the vents. I had changed it to 90-120 seconds in the previous patch, but now I changed it to 60-90 seconds, that way the monsters can walk around a bit and still be able to go into the vents often.

Fixed a bug that booted you to the start up sequence when you die. I think it only occured for the Tar Squid.

Fixed the Fly Man's wings from detaching when killed or killing the player.

Known issues: When you get blasted to death by the Robot, The Martian or Dave Micromonster, you'll get booted to the start up sequence. Just discovered this bug now, lol. Don't worry though, I'll fix it in the next patch.


Strange Terror From Beyond The Stars (64 Bit).rar 278 MB
May 14, 2018
Strange Terror From Beyond The Stars (32 Bit).rar 254 MB
May 14, 2018

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