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this game is cool but i download in 2021 and now i download it

Lovely game. My favorite level is 3541 Anchor Way. Thank you Dave for this awesome game!

Dave I’d love to play your game but I can’t download it it’s too complicated maybe a step by step tutorial 


Okay, I'm back to say, that logging in to this game is hard and trash. Well I know your game is Awesome Dave, but I 100% want to play, Did I play, NO! two choices though, hack me in the game, Or I'll say your game is very...very...bad. I hope you're ashamed of yourself! just ####### log ME IN!

This game is as if Nickelodeon attempted to make a spongebob horror game and I love it.

Because when I enter the game it says as if I have restarted everything (I just have to press new game) but it just does nothing when I touch it, and it just freezes

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dave please can you put version 1.0.0 too because when it reachs my download 2.7go it failled downloading PLEASE

The only PROBLEM is that when im Extracting it something says ATB.WindowsNoEditor and then it takes soooo long to finish and then storage full. What's the POINT of"ATB.WindowsNoEditor??

yeah i have the same problem ive been trying to find out why it does that

Hello Dave, May I make an unofficial sequel for this game? I've been planning this since july 2021

Of course! It's always cool to see what kinda fangames folks will make.

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Thank you so much! The sequel will be about "Jumping Through Universes", and not a game. I'll try to draw a comic

hey, Dave? if it isn't too much of a hassle. if you have time could you do one of the three things? 1. try to find the error that doesn't let you play on windows 11 (I would if I knew how) 2. do a game remake. like, "Around the clock at bikini bottom Rehydrated/Resoaked"  I'm not good with names. or 3, make a second game (if you're still up to it) and make it available for windows 11. sorry for the bad suggestions. I'm not sure how hard it is to make REAL games like this

i installed the game, but it says that one audio file is missing and reinstalling may help so... i reinstalled the game but it says the same thing. dave, please tell me, what should i do?!


I'm afraid I don't know what could be causing that to happen, since normally installing the game should come with everything and nothing missing. Sorry I can't be of much help!

Excuse Me Mr. Dave Microwave But, Whenever I Open The Game Up, I Get Nothing But A Black Screen For A Couple Of Minutes And Then It Just Crashes On Me, How Do I Fix This?

Not quite sure why that's happening. Do you happen to have the Oculus app (for the Oculus VR if you have one) installed on your PC? I heard it sometimes causes black screen issues for some users, so you could try uninstalling it and see if the game works. If not, try disconnecting from your internet before you launch the game and see if it works. If none of the above works, I'm afraid I don't know what else could be the issue, sorry!

I Don't Have The Oculus App Installed, So I'll Try To Play It Without The Internet, Also This Happens With You're Other Games Too.


  1. the game crashes when i open it and my pc is a 64 bit

mines too but I solved the problem by downloading it 32 bit

hope that helps for you

Guys help plz, I'm on the final level and I died to the parasite worm in rock bottom, and now I'm stuck on the game over screen,  basically the game thinks I'm still alive and I can still move and turn the clam cam on, so I can't move my mouse to press reload from last checkpoint. Plz help I don't wanna start all over again this level was rlly hard for me

The game crashes when opened, how can I bypass this?

yes the game crashes on my pc too

You have to play without internet


no you don’t just play on 32 bit

Help after some time of playing the game it closes. and no i am not getting jumpscared.

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will there ever be a 32 bit version of this game

Nope! It says on the recommended it requires a 64 bit

The invisible enemies bug is a real shame. it makes the game almost completely impossible because i have no way of knowing where the enemies are.


Have you checked the minimum requirements?

" ERROR cant open save" why no save :(

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"ATTENTION EVERYONE!!!" Do not optimize ur graphics setting "Only Low end PC" its been over year now and

this is the results... if you still change into default "high graphics" its always on high graphics even my brightness its reset. and I almost give up playing cause, "enemies and boss its "INVISIBLE" and i took me 12 hours to beat this suffering game (My Opinion its unworth it experience)

(BEFORE) "6:10,AM"

 (AFTER)!!!!!!!!! "5:40,PM"

Total: 12 Hours gameplay.... this the results??


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sorry to bother but i have a problem

you said that the 32 bit version was removed because sandy's treehouse terrain wouldn't load properly 

well... it happens on the 64 bit version too! i think the problem is that i have all the graphic options at lowest

i try it one time and it works, but the other time it doesn't

if anyone knows how to solve this, please awnser this comment because i really like the game and im not gonna let a little bug stop my progress

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dont even waste ur time I have some either at bubble bass mission all ur challanger, invisible when u optimize your "GRAPHICS SETTING" its a joke this game recommends you 2 play high max graphics and dont even edit ur settings cause all other mission will be bug, "Potato Sky texture" and "Invisible enemies" and lake covered "Potato ground floor" you wouldn't even notice that at "Squidward Village" Mission I will show a proof 

the game is fantastic and hard for me, 5 stars good job =)

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Acing the krusty krab level is so hard! It feels impossible and i think it even is! And i know you wont update the game so would just going back to a older version and doing the glitch work? Since whenever i go to the bathrooms, dutchman always catches up to the door! And where could i get the older version, since it isn't downloadable anymore


Hey Dave, whenever I load in my game, its just like after a minute passes, I get kicked out of the app. Also I'm playing on my gaming laptop. Is there any recommendations?

hello Dave, I have more than recommended PC Specs, and still, when I run or I'm moving my mouse I'm issuing frame drops and the game is technically unplayable

Hey Dave, been waiting for over a year, no word of an update. Is there any way you can port the game to mobile? I don't have a computer to play it on, and might not ever have the money for a computer. But a mobile port would help millions like me without the computer, to play your amazingly made horror game. Ever going to make it available for android?

Just did Part 1 for my youtube and so far I think its an Amazing game!! I am loving it so far and will continue to Part 2 soon. You can see me play down below.

I beat the level where you have to save SpongeBob after that there isn't another level

The game keeps crashing after the cutscene when patrick is coughing and when he stands up it crashes

bro died and took the game with him

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im on windows 11 and the game was running fine yesterday, I even beat the first two levels, but now whenever i open it, the game freezes and crashes when the map to select a level loads

anyway to fix this is or do i have to keep re-opening the game and hope for it to work again?

Ive seen the comments and replies saying the game doesnt work on windows 11 but it worked perfectly fine yesterday night so im very confuzzled

That happened to me yesterday bro I played the two levels of patricio and crab later and I still press continue and it freezes and I can't start a new game :(


i beat glove world and mr krabs and now when i try to continue the game, it crashes when i try to open the map to select a level. i really  like this game and it dissapoints me that i cant play it as much as i wanted to :(

Hey I have a problem basically when I enter the game everything is normal but when I press new game or continue I don't enter I can only enter the options after opening options and closing them I can't open it again :(

It's possible your save file might've gotten corrupted. Go into your Appdata\Local\AtC_BB\Saved\SaveGames folder and delete the .sav file. After relaunching the game, it should create a fresh save file and hopefully fix the issue. You will unfortunately lose your progress if you had any, so if you want to back up your save file first before deleting in case this fix doesn't work, you can do so. But the game should function properly now after deleting your save manually and starting a newgame.


a big game creator just spoke to me i'm excited


um dave, when i try to open the game,it says "the code execution cannot procees because X3DAudio1_7.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix the program" i reinstalled it but it still says this, plz help this is one of my favorite horror games

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You may need to install the latest version of Microsoft Direct X. It'll likely fix the problem.


thanks for the help! how do i install it


Unfortunately I don't exactly know how to install it, but I'm sure you can Google it and find out how online.

I won't allow me to download it

it wont allow me to download it


It may be something relating to your web browser that's preventing you from downloading it.

I did i tried everything 

i think its locked i really want to play youre game

its really good

can you make one thats not locked

when i download youre other games it works

i think its the file

The game keeps crashing


when i launch the game the opening cutscene works fine for a little bit and then it crashes

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1 year later... at back playing again.. "2/28/2022" I thought some bugs R fix like "menu unclickble". and "savefile vanishing", well.. those bugs its still exist -big sigh- and idk if am gonna really.. gonna redo all of those chapters to waste my time and menu its unforgivable.. :/  more like "unclickable" its awfull.. :C that am curious the game is 15gb space now.. but bugs its still haven't fixing it just go to appdata and delete save again

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