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Hey I have a chrome book and it wont let me play it on here please make a version of this for the Chrome book.

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I can't make a Chrome Book port unless I own a chrome book. I used to but it's broken. :/

the used ones really don't cost that much maybe 70$

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Eh, it's not worth spending the dosh in my opinion. I'd probably use it just for porting it to the Chrome Book (If it even is possible) and I probably won't use it after that. Sorry dude.

Charming little game with a lot of potential! This dev really knows how to string in the nostalgia and horror all into one little package. I highly recommend checking out all of Dave's games on both Gamejolt and Itchio!
My playthrough on my YouTube channel, ArthurPlays:


This is what it gives me. Also it said that it is dangerous for my PC.

I'm on Windows 10 and it won't open...

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Is it giving you an error? Did you try both 32 and 64 bit.

I have to use 64 bit and I tried the one on, not yet, for I only tried 32bit

Yeah, you're getting an error that some people are talking about. This error occurs for certain users, it's a problem with the engine. I gotta wait till version 4.19 (for the Unreal Engine) releases to see if they fixed this bug. Not much I can do, sorry man.

Itz alright, congragulations on making this game! I can't wait 'til the engine releases to play the game! <3

Thanks, and I really hope it fixes it, I feel bad for all the people who can't play it.

it doesn't work

What are you using? Windows 10,8,7 or below? Is it giving you an error? And did you try both 32 and 64 bit.

pls do it for mac 

As I stated in a previous comment, I unfortunately can't make it for MAC cause I don't own one. That's the only way to port my game onto a mac.

Is there anyway that this can be made compatible with chrome? I would love to play this at school instead spending my time looking for unblocked games websites.

Hmm, I'm not sure. I can try to figure that out later this afternoon.

Noice. Good luck with it.

when is mac version coming

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Unfortunately I can't make it for MAC cause I don't own one. That's the only way to port my game onto a mac.

Hi I need help with this error I checked and i do use a 32-bit Pls Help

Yeah, I'm noticing some people are encountering this error when they use windows 7 or below. Do you happen to be using Windows XP.

No I am usein Windows 8.1 Pro I whould love to play the game cuz of the screenshots and stuff i have not seen youtuber's play it so i may play it for myself

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The only solution is to wait for the next update to Unreal Engine and hope they fix this bug with the engine. Cause this bug is the one causing this error, there's not much I can do about it, sorry man. :/

i know how to open a rar file go to winrar and install it after its done open it then when your tutoroil sorry i dont know how to spell it but then you extract it then your done!

i have downloaded the rar file but i dont know how to start the game. PLEASE HELP!!

You have to extract the rar file using a program like winrar.

i did that but, it just gives me a folder

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lol, dude, all you have to do is double click on the folder to enter it and then you click on the application.

i figure it out but thanks and by the way i just beat it. It was pretty hard but easy when i figured out where to go

Alright cool, and glad you enjoyed it.

I saw the gameplay videos and I instantly wanted to try the game, but after i downloaded and tried playing, i got an error message saying "Out of video memory while trying to locate a rendering source"  (Note I Am Using A laptop, it may have something to do with UE4) Any Help?

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It could be both. I know for a fact that there's an error that occurs for a very small number of users that won't allow them to launch the game. There's not much I can do but wait for the next UE4 update to see if they fix this bug in the engine.

Ok, thanks for letting me know

Are you going to Add more objectives later?

The game is pretty much complete but you never know.

is Unreal Engine hard to use?

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Nope. Way easier than Unity, that's for sure.


Hey bro, i really like your games i watch them whenever they come out, i would play them but every time i launch one of your games it says something about a fatal error, thanks for making all of these games

As I stated in previous comments. This error occurs for certain users, it's a problem with the engine. I gotta wait till version 4.19 (for the Unreal Engine) releases to see if they fixed this bug. Btw, are you playing on Windows? Did you try 32 bit or 64 bit?

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Hey Dave. I downloaded the game and i got the same issue as GamesANDFrames1. Btw i was using 64 bit. Should i try 32? You can reach me easier by my email, which is

Try it out and see.

Deleted post
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Nope. It still didn't work. The error code was Error:0x887A0006- 'HUNG'. Suggestions? Btw i just went and checked, and my PC is a 64 bit. But neither versions work. They both get the same error code. 

omg so scary and love this game! This is spooky but fun 

Thanks! Glad you like it!

Hi, i need the windows req...


I have no clue, I have a gaming rig so I don't really know how it runs on medium to low end pcs. Try any of the graphic settings like Lowest to get a steady frame rate. Also, if you have a 32 bit PC, you can't play the 64 bit version, so try downloading the 32 bit version.


i did used the and i love that is sad....i can't even go to the menu. I just click and BAM that error...i wish u could do something, because i played it to a friend, and he left the city and i can't get inf. about his windows...soo..plz try if  u ever can to fix it...if u can...btw i love ur games with flashlights...too amazing bro! i hope u can make more....i am looking at scooby horror games...maybe u can do another game like that to work on winXP? with objectives like that...


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Unfortunately there's not much I can do. Windows XP is kind of old, so Unreal Engine games probably won't run well on your computer. That error you mentioned is something I've been hearing from a couple of people, that error is some sort of bug with a VR plugin in the engine, so I think I have to wait till Unreal Engine updates to Version 4.19. Then they might fix that bug.

oooowwhh...i can't stop thinking how sad's life...i am sorry to like...hold u from ur job and being such a desperate kid...i just want to tell u one last could u try in a older version of unreal engine? i hope at least scooby horror 3 works...

It's fine dude. And I don't want to be reverting Unreal to an older version, plus I dunno if that will do much anyway. Sorry man, hopefully you'll figure something out!

omg dude its awesome 

im the one who told DanTDM about that game and he recorded that game :D

Oh, nice man!

Super Duper Uber Scary Game! 

Отличная игра! Маленький шедевр. You can add your game on steam!

I appreciate that you want my game to be on Steam but if I release a Spongebob game even if it's a fan game or free and don't have the Spongebob license, I can get fucked.

Pretty scary. Amazing job!

Are you going to add more stuff in the game in the future?

It's pretty much finished, but you never know.

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This was one of the funniest horror games ever!

Level and Design:

5/10 - The basement part was a little weird and its pretty straight forward. Maybe add some extra stuff to do or extra places to hide?


6/10 - Sometimes the Hash Slinging Slasher comes way too fast! He also gets stuck inside the door of the office at some points. Make it RNG for when the slasher comes?

Overall experience:

7/10 - The game was fun to play but I think it has major potential.

If you mind me asking. How did you learn to code in UE4?

EDIT: I read some comments and I can agree this would be fun for multiplayer. 


Yeah, I agree on everything you said. I'll take those thoughts into account for next time I make a game, but thanks for playing the game man!

No problem just an honest review, How did you learn to code in UE4 as I would like to start myself.

I actually don't code, I use the simple yet powerful Blueprint system in Unreal Engine. It's basicly how I program everything in my games.

I installed UE4 before but uninstalled it  because I was clueless on what to do. If you watched any videos or any tutorials on how to use it could you send them? It would help a lot and help me kickstart some of my ideas.

These tutorials helped me out. Just watch each part to learn the basics.

This game looks cool. You should try making multiplayer or something else :D

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I wanna try that out in the future, but it's really difficult. I actually made a short co-op horror game just sitting in my folder but it's kind of broken. I kinda know how multiplayer works with the whole replicating system but I need to go online and find out how it works. Cause right now the AI will just ignore player 2 or player 2 being unable to pick up stuff.

Oh it's ok. You don't need to do it. (Sorry for late reply)

I was always afraid of the Hash Slinging Slasher when I was little, this is the perfect horror game for me!

lol, I hope you enjoy it!

What do u use to make these games if i may ask?

I use Unreal Engine 4.

but what you used to make models?

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I use Blender. A free and powerful 3D modeling tool. It's on Steam if you wanna download it.

Are you indie developer?

Yeah. Just making games as a hobby and kind of turning this into a job almost. Better than applying for a job at Dunkin' Donuts.

Simplistic yet really fun and scary.

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lol, love the thumbnail. Thanks for playing my game man!

I love this kind of game with Sponge Bob theme !

Un bon petit jeu pour avoir des frissons sur le thème de Bob l'Éponge. 

that was the best horror game i have played in a long time

Haha, glad you liked the game! Hopefully my next horror game, BUNKY, will be just as good if not better. It's almost done btw, it might come out today or tomorrow. (Fingers crossed it'll come out today)

I have two questions before I download this.

Is this safe for your computer

And does this cost money

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What? Lol, dude of course my game is safe. Look at all the Youtubers playing it like Markiplier. And the game is completely free with the option to donate.

Im just wondering since all the posts above I just checked had to do with an error

Yeah there's a rare error occurring to some users where they can't launch the game. It might not affect you as it's only affect probably like less than 5% of people who downloaded the game.

I'm not sure why this was spookier then some of the other games I have played. Maybe because of the red eyes.

lol. Well, thanks for playing my game dude!

The game was a lot of fun.Well done.
Check my my channel for more games and trailers:
watch video here:


Thanks for playing man! :D

wow! I saw this game on Markiplier’s channel. Congrats! Nice job! :)

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Thanks man! Yeah, that was quite the shocker to see Mark play my game. :D

This game legit jumpscared the crap out of me such a good job!

Thanks man! Glad you really liked it! I just realized that that's a bug where if you go back upstairs and die it would restart the whole game. Anyway, thanks for playing!

This game was a lot of fun! It seemed a little unfair. haha STUPID SLASHER


lol, totally understandable, it can be pretty difficult when he spawns right next to you like in the kitchen or the bathroom. Thanks for playing!

I forgot to post a comment here! For what it's worth! It is definitely an A grade for downloading. I didn't think this would be as scary, yet this still gave me a few worthy jumpscares! Recommended download for sure!

Thanks man! Glad you got scared by it, lol.

This game is amazing! i love it! <3

Thank you! Glad you liked it!

I think i just found my new favorite game xD.

i love the look of the game and the atmosphere but i cant believe the restaurant it look just like the real krusty krab lol great job.

Thanks man! Glad you liked the game. :D

Can you make it available for windows?

It is for windows.

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