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Hey everyone! I decided to give this game a try and it was well worth my time!! Thank you to the creator!!

If your interested in some gameplay here are my videos! 

Also Part2 is gameplay of hard mode!

how do you launch it?I converted the .rar file to a .zip file,and I don't see a launch file.

You're supposed to unzip the .rar not convert it. But once you unzip it, you need to access the folder and you'll find the application.

i beat the game but when i went back to the menu after beating it, i didn't see hard mode added 

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Hard mode isn't on the mainmenu. The way you play hardmode is by finding the easter egg that boots up hardmode. To do this, you must beat the basement part, exit the Krusty Krab but instead of leaving, go to the back of the Krusty Krab and you'll see an easter egg, go up to it and press E to play the Hardmode.


oh ok. thank you so much and i really love your games, they are awesome!


too hard lol

I haven't played this game before

I'm excited!

hey it's me readygames , why 3:00 am at the krusty krab is not working, you just need ue4 4.1.8 i have  a lastest version! you are amazing but is not working for me why dave microwaves i love this game so much! please fix it! your game is best but i need play 3:00am at the krusty krab! please!!

You don't need UE4 to play the game, all you need is winrar to open the .rar file, then click on the application and play. If opening the application is giving you an error, please let me know what it says.


Played it a couple months ago when it first came out and I gotta say I really really Enjoyed it A LOT! I really Love your style of these horror GAMES!  



Hey everyone! Today I had the please of playing this game and to be honest I had some pretty high expectations considering I decided to play 6 am at the Chum Bucket first, and boy did this game not disappoint. It was a little simpler than 6amatCB but it was no less tense. The Dave Microwaves Games makes amazing games and this is one of them!

Can you make a spongebob adventure open world game,because i want to explore bikini bottom

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Thanks for making this game! I had fun playing it!


Amazing. Your games are the best dude, keep up the good work!


What app do you need to play this game?

You need winrar to extract the .rar folder in order to play. You can use the app instead if you don't feel like downloading winrar.

Sad that its not for Mac i only have a mac :(

What application do I need on my Mac to open it? I downloaded it on my MacBook Pro but its giving me this message... 

Safari can’t open the file “3 AM at The Krusty Krab  (64 Bit).rar” because no available application can open it.

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The game is not Mac supported. I can't make any ports to Mac unfortunately since Unreal Engine 4 doesn't support that unless I own a Mac.

Is there a Mac-friendly download available?

Hey, i loved your game, it's really cool, keep up the great work, but i also wanted to know, is there any way i can download the older versions of 3 am at the krusty krab, you know, to see how it was in the past, since i'm quite new to the itcho?


Unfortunately I lost all my older versions of the game cause I usually delete them afterwards. Not much has changed anyway, except that it's faster to search/loot stuff, the basement's design got overhauled, I patched a few bugs and added the Hard mode.

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Ok. Thanks anyway, great game, really!



when i downloaded it it wasnt a rar file what do i do it was internet explorer

You're supposed to click save not open when you download.

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Hi bro..can i run this game in 1gb ram?..i I know it impossible..but i want to try this horor game bro...

 I don't think it'll run with 1 GB ram. You can always give it a shot if you want.





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This is a rare issue that can occur for some users. Thankfully someone told me this can fix the D3D error.


Thanks! It worked! I did the automatic...Because i had no time to do it Or beucase I'm Lazy Bleh >~< But thanks, Really good game but my pc can't hold him when i open it. But it's not your fault or game's itself. It's my pc. I Play games even lagging. Because I'm Crazy, and i don't have a brain. 


Ah, damn that sucks. Glad you were able to get it to work nonetheless!

download itch io app and play it

I have it, I'll try with the link that the owner send.


Hard mode

system requirements?

i want play this game my ram is 4 it's sucks

I'm sure you can run it at the lowest settings. The game's free anyway so it wouldn't hurt to try it and see if it runs well.


A fun playthrough, I uploaded this today to my youtube channel. Check it out & let me know what you think of my playthrough. Feel free to leave a like & comment. Much appreciated! 3am At The Krusty Krab Gameplay

sry my vids are short this is a great game i love the consept you can tell the dev put a lot of hard work into this game so shoutout to dave microwaves games the one who made 3am at the krusty krab and etc.


do i have permishion to make a youtube viedo on this game

Of course. Anyone can make gameplay videos about my games.




The creator doesn't really care if you don't play their games. So, posting that comment of yours is completely useless.




Lol, you do realize that I need a Mac in order to port my games to Mac right? I'm not gonna spend over a 1000 dollars on a useless computer just to port my games to Mac. Sorry dude.

once i download it and get access to the files how do i start playing? i cant figure out how

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Did you extract the winrar folder using winrar? Once you extract the .rar file, just open the folder and double click the application.

will you make this for macOS, just wondering

Unfortunately I can't port it to Mac unless I own a Mac, sorry dude. :/

yes pls do

I wish I could but I can't port it.


I really enjoyed playing this game but i have a suggestion, the game is too short, so, maybe you could do an update where after you escape the Krusty Krab with the boat, you'll have to drive to Mr Krabs house and then you'll have to do several things and the Hash Slinging Slasher would follow you and you'll have to hide and survive until the dawn. Well, it's a good thing for the game since it's short in my opinion.

Well, I don't plan on going back to this game, but if I do, I will most certainly add that. But I think it's best to just wait for the sequel, 6 AM at The Chum Bucket. I actually was planning on adding that but at the time when developing the game, I just wasn't in the mood to add any more stuff to the game but now I regret that, lol. Who knows, I might just go back to this game someday.


Loved your other 2 games I played so decided to try out # AM at the krusty Krab, which I'm really enjoyed it! It actually scared me a few different times. If you want to watch my video on your game for your game it starts at 13:20 Keep up the good work Dave! 


another fun and brillant game as always dave. keep up the good work man 

link to my channel if you wanna sub


It made me jump I was not expecting anything to pop out at me!


game too spooky

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