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I'm not fast enough to beat this, but it actually made me jump! It was super fun

why is it on money 

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The game is free. Just skip the optional donations tab by pressing the "No thanks, just take me to the download" button (it's on the top left corner I believe).

Honestly surprised how awesome this game is. It perfectly captures what it was like being traumatized by this episode of Spongebob at 6 years old


i love this game

Check My Games And I]plz make it muchier fun than this like Granny And Evil Nun

By Nightgamer Studios



I'm having trouble launching this game it runs then stops and the launch button reappears. Before this I downloaded the game and it attached to my gimp app file. How do I launch this game successfuly? Thanks!


Brandon Walker


i would love to play this but my mom and dad will not let me play it

HOLY F**K MY PARENT'S WON'T LET ME PLAY 3 am at the krusty krab but i can't play because they think it's 18+ age but i'm 12 age's i sucked DX

Which engine did you use to create it?

Unreal Engine 4

Very cool

Played this game a while back. Had a blast.

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Me and the kiddos played. We got scared. We haven't beat it yet. Check it out!

Played the Game on my Channel and it actually scared the crap out of me a few times!! Czech it out my friends 

PS. I really wanted into the safe
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I beat the game but dora is dead or dora is not daed that game is hard next time i well beat the shit sorry to say that dave lol but it was a good game good job dave.

Where it all started...


this game is ok just that its soo f*cking good! and sorry for the langue chikching

Can this game cause a virus?

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Does Minecraft cause a virus?

In other words, no.

how do you open the zips on files or is it because i have a chromebook

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You need an unzipping program like Winrar to unzip .rar files. But I'm not sure if the game will run on Chromebook, since it's Windows only. :/


i recommend to use 7-zip, its free and really easy to use

I went through 3:00 AM and 3:30 AM, and they were fun to play ( both games ran fine, had no issues ) ! They're not really scary, but there was some tension while doing the objectives =)

As i've enjoyed those two, I will gladly play your other games !

its not letting me download it but i bet its a VERY fun game!!!!!! 10/10




Nothing personal kid *teleports behind you* 

Thats basically how the enemy in the game works

I had fun playing and making this video 

I'm going to play all your content!

Had such a good time playing this game, never thought I could be feared by a spongebob related game.. thank you for the game!


Fun Game! 

how do i open the app it says its running but its not pls help or tell me insrtuctions i want to  suprise my brother with it


i think you may easily be my favorite game maker on

Your spongebob series gives us a chance to explore bikiini bottom, and i must say these are some awesome backdrops for these games! very sppoky stuff. i love the tone you set with all your games! that nosferatu game is insane too!!!


why not for Mac very sad noose time 0 out of 10 

Unfortunately I can't port to Mac because I don't own a Mac. Unreal Engine 4 is like that for some reason. Sucks. :/


it's  not so good but it's funny 

3 stars


what cpu is required to play this???????????????

Unfortunately I don't know the exact specs. However, from watching others play, I've determined that you need a medium to high end PC to run the game at a good framerate on medium or high graphics settings. But the game plays alright on a low end PC on the lowest graphics settings. Guess you can give it a shot on lowest and see how it goes.

(sorry for the late feedback) it work putting the grapics to low but the sound crashes every time


can u plz make a linux version


Played as part of my 3 random games, it has it's quirks and really enjoyed it.

Make a mac version for this please! Looks super awesome!!

I really wish I could, but unfortunately I can't port to Mac since I don't own a Mac. That's how UE4 works for some reason.


The suspense in this one is wild. Good shit right here.

A very fun short horror game! 

Now I can play the game but it's too slow and I can't even read what it's saying ... Help...

You might not have a strong enough computer to run the game. Did you try playing on lowest?

Yes, I did but it's still slow.


Ah, damn. Unfortunately you’re gonna need a stronger PC to run the game then. :/

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