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fix for game.

Convert .rar to .zip using

It worked after that

Used to be playable and a good game. Now it crashes constantly making it unplayable and the Dev still hasn't posted a solution.

Sorry, I had never really considered posting about a solution publicly! It seems to occur in rare instances so it's never crossed my mind. Since this game was made in an older version of UE4, some newer generation CPUs and GPUs may have this strange crashing issue. The quickest and easiest solution is to disconnect from your wifi before launching the game and it should run smoothly. I know there is a permanent solution out there, but I can't remember what it is you need to do. Sorry for the inconvenience!

That would explain the problem. I'll try playing on my old computer if the problem continues after I disconnect my internet


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Having trouble opening the game and extracting the files.

How do fix this issue?

There are some errors and the game crashed

This was fun to play 

Good Job

late to the party but this a great little game. The creator captured the theme from the cartoon really well. 

SpongeBob SquarePants HORROR GAME: 3AM At The Krusty Krab

Great Spongebob Horror Game!



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Muito bem feitinho, da uma agonia correr do zΓ© do picadinho hahhaah

The hash-pinging.. the rash-tinging.. 

Another banger of a Spongebob horror game. Always love these games as they can be both silly, BUT keep you on edge the entire time. Good stuff!

Hey! thanks for allowing us to play your game!

really loved the aspect of the Hash Slinging slasher popping in and out of everything.

Also loved the sound effects when he dissapeared.

Would love an option to play as spongebob or squidward with altered tasks

I made a video on this game if this peaks your  interest?

both this and the other game keeps crashing


Very Fun, And Scary!


muy buen juego, algo dificil pero es bastante bueno, tiene buena ambientacion e historia

Tiempo de juego 10-15 mins aprox

plz subscribe, anywayssss, this game was super fun to play, really well made

Idk is it just me or what.
Recently, I got the game and it keeps crashing.

Thank you.

i should'nt have no eat taco bell

this was scary


i shit my pants

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hi, dave! i have used an asset ripper to get some assets from your game, and me and my friends are making a fan game on 3am at the krusty krab. could we have permission to use the assets? we will be giving credit to you and everyone else who originally worked on the game, thanks!

Sure, you're free to use them if you so wish. Since these are older models I'm pretty lax about this stuff, though I would usually prefer people make their own assets just to see their spin on things. Good luck with the project tho!

w game

its so well made



this was so fun and scary

how to use the rar idk how to do it it just downloads it and i cant use

You need an unzipping program such as Winrar or 7Zip to unzip .rar files.


oh no when i extracted it doesnt give game still

Got stuck at that damn key part felt like the Slinger was on my trail all the time but other than that it was fine. Also I think I found something odd with Freaky Friday, When that burger attacked me it spawned me to the Chum Bucket and I found nothing to do outside of the Krusty Crab.

how to you get the texture form all? i want to make a game i have a idea with spongebob and i need texture how to you get or make them? and a another question for characters how you make them? and the map.

Really fun Horror short! 
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make a tutorial how you make the games or this game i see your video that is so short please respond me i want to make a game like your games, no copy paste or something. if  you want to explain me. or crate a new video to explan how to make a game.

How do you unzip the file so I can play it

You'll need an unzipping program such as Winrar or 7zip to unzip the .rar file.

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Yes I have 7 zip and when I compress it to a zip file and open the file it shows a Microsoft edge file of it and I don't know what do I do from there


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That is very odd. After downloading the game and only unzipping the .rar (no need to compress it to a zip), it should just be a simple folder with the application and everything inside. Something on your PC must be reading it as a Microsoft Edge File for it to be doing that. Not sure what the cause could be. Sorry!

good game

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Please Help Dave,my Game Keeps crashing and i don't know what to do!!!


I'm not joking when I say this, this is one of the best horror games I've ever played. The reason is when I was a kid I always wanted to play this game but I couldnt because I didnt have a pc, having the chance to finally play this game is honestly fantastic. Keep up the awesome work dave!

How do I put the game in windowed mode

Unfortunately the game doesn't support windowed mode. It's a pretty old game and silly ol' me back then never knew how to add a proper windowed mode, lol

Why make it windowed?

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