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Now I can play the game but it's too slow and I can't even read what it's saying ... Help...

You might not have a strong enough computer to run the game. Did you try playing on lowest?

Yes, I did but it's still slow.


Ah, damn. Unfortunately you’re gonna need a stronger PC to run the game then. :/

Hey! I have windows 7 (64 bit) I tried to download that awesome game but that is what it said: Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost Why?????? Help me please cause that's my favourite game.

Here's a fix for that.


Thank you very much!!!

Deleted post

Hey Dave, Do you know where the basement is? i can't seem to find it before the lights start  flickering. So frustrating.

The basement is in Mr.Krabs' office. It's that small hatch next to the desk.


Darn it well thanks bro.

Plus tell me how to get them pls and thanks.


To download the games, you need to have a Windows computer, next have winrar installed to unzip the .rar folders so you can launch the application.

Dave can you be able to get 3:00 A.M at the Kristy krab,6:00 A.M at the Chum bucket,and 3:30 A.Mat floaters cemetery to be able to download on Android Nextbook if you can.

I'm not planning on doing any ports for my games. Only sticking to Windows for now, sorry dude. :/

Is there a way to download this on Mac?? If not, could you maybe like add a download version of it please. Much thanks.

I wish I could port it to Mac, but unfortunately Unreal Engine 4 doesn't allow porting to Mac unless you own a Mac. I can only release my games for Windows since that's the only OS I own.


Aww man, that sucks.. Thanks anyway though.


Enjoyed the game, would appreciate any feedback on my video :)

This wasn't my first playthrough but I still enjoyed it.

It seems that neither Krusty Krab or Floater's cemetery works on my computer. I get an error message that says fatal error and can't compile or something like that. Have you seen that before?

Hmm, not sure if I've seen this error before. Does it say something about a d3d error in it? If so, here's a solution.


That worked, thank you so much. I am a HUGE fan of your games! Keep up the good work!

What software did you make this with?????

Unreal Engine 4

Thank you very much



I loved it! Definitely didn't scream because of a jumpscare *cough*


I loved this game! Can't wait to play the rest of the Spongebob games!

How to be Ali-A Tutorial lol



Brilliant game by the Microwave Legend that is Dave!

Keep twisting our beloved friendly characters my dude! XD

And If you wanna watch me scream like a little baby! then check out the video here!


Love these games keep them coming

Just a little bit of a card

I'm so bad at these games but I can't stop playing them! They are so good and they are really well made! Good job!


A good and well made game. You manage to keep the gameplay good and intense at some moments. Had  blast playing this and will enjoying keep coming back to it to play. 

did you know there's a rip off of this game called Kristy Krab nightmare?

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Yeah I know. Not gonna take it down though, it's not like I own the Spongebob license and have the right to copyright strike him or anything. Just a shameless knock off of my game. I've already announced this WAY back in the day on my Twitter. I recommend people don't download that horrible game.

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Yeah, honestly, your game is loads better,. I understand you can't take it down, but let's face it, people who look at that will find your game, and want to play it over that. 


Fun game!

Enjoyed the game! 


Great job! I really like all of your games. This one is particular is very funny and spooky. I actually made a video playing this amazing game with hilarious reactions. I hope you enjoy. Keep the good work dude!


Hard Mode Complete!
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Ah, Money. Ah, Quiet Money. It Was The Season 1 Called "Squeaky Boots" This Game Made Me Play The Spin Off "6:00 AM At The Chum Bucket And It Was A Very Good Horror Game


The...Mash Flinging Dasher? The Fast Speaking Attacker? 

Whatever the case, hilarious game. Good work Dave.

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Hey everyone! I decided to give this game a try and it was well worth my time!! Thank you to the creator!!

If your interested in some gameplay here are my videos! 

Also Part2 is gameplay of hard mode!

how do you launch it?I converted the .rar file to a .zip file,and I don't see a launch file.

You're supposed to unzip the .rar not convert it. But once you unzip it, you need to access the folder and you'll find the application.

i beat the game but when i went back to the menu after beating it, i didn't see hard mode added 

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Hard mode isn't on the mainmenu. The way you play hardmode is by finding the easter egg that boots up hardmode. To do this, you must beat the basement part, exit the Krusty Krab but instead of leaving, go to the back of the Krusty Krab and you'll see an easter egg, go up to it and press E to play the Hardmode.


oh ok. thank you so much and i really love your games, they are awesome!


too hard lol

I haven't played this game before

I'm excited!

hey it's me readygames , why 3:00 am at the krusty krab is not working, you just need ue4 4.1.8 i have  a lastest version! you are amazing but is not working for me why dave microwaves i love this game so much! please fix it! your game is best but i need play 3:00am at the krusty krab! please!!

You don't need UE4 to play the game, all you need is winrar to open the .rar file, then click on the application and play. If opening the application is giving you an error, please let me know what it says.


Played it a couple months ago when it first came out and I gotta say I really really Enjoyed it A LOT! I really Love your style of these horror GAMES!  



Hey everyone! Today I had the please of playing this game and to be honest I had some pretty high expectations considering I decided to play 6 am at the Chum Bucket first, and boy did this game not disappoint. It was a little simpler than 6amatCB but it was no less tense. The Dave Microwaves Games makes amazing games and this is one of them!

Can you make a spongebob adventure open world game,because i want to explore bikini bottom

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Thanks for making this game! I had fun playing it!

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