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Story: Mr Krabs decided to stay up late counting his money. But little did he know, that at three in the morning on Tuesdays, The Hash Slinging Slasher comes back to wreak his horrible vengeance. You must gather all your things and escape the Krusty Krab before he kills you with his rusty spatula hand.

I've been working on Dracula's Castle a little too much to the point where I feel like I've blown a fuse inside my brain. So I decided to take a break and work on one of my old abandoned projects, 3:00 AM at The Krusty Krab. It's kind of a short game depending if you know what to do and when to do your objectives at the right time. And no, this is nothing like Five Night at Freddy's if that's what you're thinking. ;D

Update: The story continues with the brand new sequel to 3 AM at The Krusty Krab called, 3:30 AM at Floater's Cemetery. Available Now!

Install instructions

It's a rar file, so unzip it and play!


3 AM at The Krusty Krab (64 Bit).rar 220 MB
3 AM at The Krusty Krab (32 Bit).rar 197 MB

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whats the song name? at the ending

Great game! Gave me a good spook and had fun!

Awesome game!

best game ever

I loved this game, when I first saw this game I was happy someone finally made something of that episode. Also you do an amazing job at video games, good luck on future projects Dave!

i cannot launch the game, it says out of video memory and suggests to lower the resolution. how do i lower it when not in game?

You can’t low the resolution in this game, probably you’r graphics card can’t launch the game because it hasn’t enough video memory!


My playthrough of this classic gem ! 

I was fully expecting this to be a 5-minute-long, trashy meme game with no merit.

I was wrong! It's pretty fun. I had a genuinely good time with it, it went in some directions I didn't expect, and I even checked out the sequel. I'd recommend it, it's very short, and a good way to kill some time :)

this was a great, quick and even tense game! I think the hash slinging slasher freaked us all out as kids so having a horror game with him was a great idea. 

It was fun!

ok that's it i need the macbook version because i am using mac please make macbook version  

Yooo great game, Thanks ! Watch below 👇👇

~ Straycat ~


Epic Game :D

A fun survival horror game in which you need to use proper timing on doing your tasks to avoid death by the Hash Slinging Slasher definitely worth a play 5 out of 5.

The Hash Slinging slasher didnt want the smoke.

This game was a lot of fun. I'm currently going through the rest of your catalogue. Great stuff, man!

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This was surprisingly a really good horror game! i couldn't believe how well done it was and how scary it was for a Spongebob-type horror game! 

ACTUALLY SCARY!!! - 3 Am At The Krusty Krab


I freaking love your games! I have seen them on the site but never tried to play them. I documented my first experience playing and absolutely loved it! 

I did a thing (Epic Game BTW I Highly Recommend It)

Loved these games!
Hello, I really like microwave games but I have a problem, every time I try to open a game I get an error and my screen turns off, please if someone also happens to tell me the solution (my computer is 32-bit and I use 32-bit games just in case)especially when it is the program:UE4game,thanks

The Sash-Ringing... the Trash-Singing... Mash-Flinging... The Flash-Springing, Ringing... The Cr-Crash-Dinging...

Also, this game is pretty great. Thank ya, bro!


Even when you know exactly what's going to happen it'll still make you jump.  Nice~

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This was literally the scariest episode of Spongebob and playing it as a horror game sure was terrifying and fun. I managed to complete the game, but how do you get onto hard mode? Also I came across a bug where in the basement The Hash Slinging Slasher would be chasing me and then running from me. (Timestamp: 9:44)

you go behind the krusty crab after you leave it but dont go in the path but behind and look behind the krusty crab


I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT itch io needs more games like these! please! its getting stale on this platform very slowly! I LOVE THIS GAME!

Extremely fun! My stream loved the game! 

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this is cool


I really enjoyed this game, and I made a YouTube video!!! It would mean a lot to me if you checked it out!!!

I heard lots of people are suffering from this issue (D3D device being lost) but I don’t know how to solve it despite looking the problem up. Around the clock at bikini bottom seems to work fine though. 

hai everyone

This was so much fun! Great job on this game, it's a gem!


como lo puedo abrir sin que produzca algún error?

There's a bug in the event called Healthy Electricity where The Hash-Slinging Slasher can't open unbarricaded doors and doesn't tap on barricaded doors. Can you please fix this when you have some time to spare? Also, can you please adjust Endless Mode so that each night, there's a small chance that no random event will take place? The 2019 update of this game had that and 6 AM at The Chum Bucket still has it.

how do you unzip the file

Use winrar to unzip the .rar

Finally got around to playing this and loved it. I'll be playing the sequel soon enough and will definitely be checking out your other games as well!


What a nightmare! lol

Are These games going to tie into the Around The Clock At Bikini Bottom lore? 

The AM games are unrelated to Around the Clock.

Ok thanks

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