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Story: Mr Krabs decided to stay up late counting his money. But little did he know, that at three in the morning on Tuesdays, The Hash Slinging Slasher comes back to wreak his horrible vengeance. You must gather all your things and escape the Krusty Krab before he kills you with his rusty spatula hand.

I've been working on Dracula's Castle a little too much to the point where I feel like I've blown a fuse inside my brain. So I decided to take a break and work on one of my old abandoned projects, 3:00 AM at The Krusty Krab. It's kind of a short game depending if you know what to do and when to do your objectives at the right time. And no, this is nothing like Five Night at Freddy's if that's what you're thinking. ;D

Update: The story continues with the brand new sequel to 3 AM at The Krusty Krab called, 3:30 AM at Floater's Cemetery. Available Now!

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(109 total ratings)
AuthorDave Microwaves Games
TagsFPS, Funny, Horror, Loot, Parody, Short, spongebob, Survival Horror

Install instructions

It's a rar file, so unzip it and play!


3 AM at The Krusty Krab (64 Bit).rar 220 MB
3 AM at The Krusty Krab (32 Bit).rar 197 MB

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this game is pretty cool and the graphics are good


cool and scary game

its a banger (joke)

Five Nights at Freddy's has absolutely nothing on the fear that comes with the sash-ringing... the trash-singing... mash-flinging... Uh... you know.
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Took me a while to figure out a quick way to pass the evil robot to get all the objectives I loved it. THANK YOU for making this game.

The story ex


Nos pasmos los dos modos

Hurry up

Loved this game!

DORA IS DEAD 1st gameplay 2nd gameplay is 3 am at the Krusty Krabs. Is the 3:30 AM at Floater's Cemetery  like a sequel to 3 am at the krusty Krabs or no. Anyway I like how you guys use the hash slinger slasher in this game. 

I liked this game it was unusual to see how a good show turned into a horror 10/10 Here's my gameplay

My channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfRKlf91lQc0MTF4Lur1uMQ

fun game worth checking out

this game was so much fun!

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This is an awesome game! I like how it adds horror to Spongebob while still also referencing so many different episodes. Before I played this game, I was not into horror games, but after I played this, that changed to the point that I just can't get enough of horror games now. Thanks for the game Dave Microwave!!

This was an awesome game, great job!

what are the controls?

yo this game is so good but why this game ruin my childhood.


Awesome game lol. Simple and brings back memories of the episode haha. Short and horryfing.

HOHOH I love this game very much 

had some fun "remodeling" a while back

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Introducing my younger cousin into horror games and he's loving this one!!!

this game is so good and super

Hey! I played your game on the channel. Check it out:




my game keeps crashing any help please

兀賱毓丕亘賰 賴賷 兀賮囟賱 毓賲賱 噩賷丿

translate this

Mr Krabs gets yeeted for 30 minutes.... 10/10 game

i can't get the game so some reason?

Bummer that i'm so late to the party, but so glad we got the pleasure of playing reguardless! 

Robot Spongebob coming in my house to kill me

really love this game, Very well-made.

Yo, who wants a Krabby patty at 3am?? 

Me. I want a Krabby patty at 3am.

We need games like this to make a comeback!

Gameplay BR


Every Sponge Bob Horror Game you have created was amazing! This was our first game and we really enjoyed playing it! 


i love spongebiobs

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