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The Krusty Krab looks awesome in your recreation of it. Props. I wrote a review about your game to let our fans know! Keep it up.

That's awesome you wrote a review man! Glad you liked it! Also, I plan to make a sequel one day that's longer and with the ideas I have in mind, it will definitely be more difficult I'm sure. :)

Thanks for the kind words =].

Let me know when you're done with it. I'll be stoked to give it a play through.

My roadmap as of now is to finish BUNKY, the sequel to TUNKY. Finish Alpha 3 of Dracula's Castle. Then I'll make any game or sequel, possibly the sequel to 3:00 AM at The Krusty Krab.

This thing can be payable in 32 bit? I like the game but i cant play it plz help :(

(BTW  Really Eugene Lookathose money!!)

Currently I have no clue how to make multiple builds to download from. I only know how to upload one build so I chose 64 bit cause that's what I use, sorry man. Once I figure out how to have two builds to download from then I'll definitely add a 32 Bit version of the game.

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Okay, so I was able to make a 32 bit version and uploaded it to gamejolt cause I can't upload it here.

Hope this helps!

Thx bro... I just start downloading it hoping.. Yknow

(BTW give credit for me like thanks to ___ so u guys have 32 bit version nyehehehe JWK PLS NO KILL ME IM JUST KIDDING!!!) *hides in the corner with a knife* Dont kill me....

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lol it's totally fine dude, I don't get pissed easily, unless there's a certain someone on Gamejolt that's constantly telling you to release a sequel to a game you don't want to make...

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Dave just noticed most of ur games is 64 bit so yknow hehe

Okay rly dave We should chat for some reason on facebook I eed ur help about making games idk if u want

Ur gams ar really graet thx fo the 32 bit it workz!!

(Make a sequel Jwk (i like kidding yknow))

Cant believe i said that to someone i dont even F***ing know....

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Well I'll make all my games 32 bit soon enough, I don't feel like doing that right now. I don't use Facebook, but I do use Twitter, not that that matters anyway, but if you wanna learn how to make games using UE4, go on Youtube like I did and learn from the experts. And lastly thanks man! Glad you like my games and I'm happy the 32 bit version is working for you.

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I'm having extreme issues with opening the game, I open it in a file and it automatically closes and doubles, may I have some help?

What? That's weird. Can you record it maybe? Or share some screenshots of what you mean cause I've never heard of this before.

Dave, I recorded, and, Have an issue with linking it into a reply, why? because Its on an XBOX Profile? I have no Idea

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Wait what? Xbox? Are you playing this on windows or on an Xbox? If you're playing this on windows, you should upload the video onto youtube as an unlisted video, then copy the URL and paste it into a reply.

I unfortunately, cannot post it on youtube, as XBOX Screen Capture does NOT recognise the gam

Damn. There's not much I can do unfortunately, cause I've never seen this happen to anyone. I'm really sorry dude. :( I hope you can somehow figure this out.

very good 10/10

Glad you liked the game! :D

i enjoyed the gam 재밌게 플레이 했어요 :)

I'm glad you liked this one! Thanks for playing!

I know it's not labeled as a fnaf type game but, I had some fnaf vibes about it. I enjoyed this game a lot! I think it blew up because of how well it was made look forward to other games by you!

Glad you liked the game. Sorry you couldn't beat it man, the game is a little rough.

v good game 4/5 would reccomend

Very spooky game and definetly nightmare fuel. I'm feeling it now, Mr.Krabs 11/10


lol glad ya liked it.

I have a question, I am a beginning developer, I was wondering how you got your game "Out there, did you send it to youtubers or did people just randomly find your game and played it. Any advice is appreciated.

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Yeah it was friggin weird, I never advertised this game but for some reason it blew up. I have no clue how, it just came out of nowhere. All my other games are unknown to many and didn't get much attention but this one randomly got lots of attention. I guess it's because it's a spongebob horror game and there aren't that many out there? I dunno man, to be honest, I'm quite shocked by all of this.

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Time to try this out.

Wow, I am a bit embarrassed to admit I jumped more than a few times playing this, no jump scares, just good old timing lol. But I was a bit upset when we finished the main objectives but was super thrilled that we got to do one last thing! Very enjoyable simple game! Great job! I look forward to seeing what you do in the future! :D 

Is there gonna be Spongebob music in here? Because if there is, then I would rather not play it. I've never had a copyright strike on my channel, and I really don't want to start now.

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Well there is the main menu theme which is a distorted version of the krusty krab theme. Then there's the orchestra that plays when you're chased. I highly doubt you'll get a copy right strike cause over 30+ youtubers made gameplays with audio and everything and didn't get copy right striked. Youtubers such as Yamimash, 8-bitRyan, Luigi Kid, Kubz Scouts and many more played the game and I see their gameplay videos of my game still up and doing perfectly fine. Obviously you don't have to play it if you're worried about that happening, I'm just trying to reassure you is all.

I just posted my video a little while ago and as soon as there's copyright in the video there's a tab that pops up, and it's not there for me so no copyright! :D 

looks cool

I'm quite the scaredy cat so this game actually made me scream a bit haha. That pesky trapdoor was hard to find!

Hahaha, glad you enjoyed it man!

I'm happy I enjoyed it as well! Good job friend.

Short but i actually struggled finding everything! LOL Very entertaining though! Keep up the great work!


Thanks man! Glad you liked the game!

This brings memories from when i used to watch Spongebob, i just looked at the game and decided to play it. However i did not expect to be scared! Looking forward to more games like this!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it and got spooked by it! ;D

Deleted 3 years ago

Thanks for playing man! Yeah I love mixing comedy and horror it gives such good results. ;D

No Windows? D;

Ah crap not again. Sorry it is for windows but for some stupid reason when I uploaded the new build to the game it reset the OS' it's available on so that's why you didn't see it was for windows. I just fixed it now though. Hope you enjoy the game!

i enjoyed the game! 재밌게 플레이 했어요 :)

It's a shame I didn't record the game's audio, but I did my best to replace them while editing. :)

how to download the game?

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Sorry about that, please wait for the update to complete. It'll be done in 5-10 minutes.

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Alright, the update is complete now. Go ahead and download it! :D



Glad you enjoyed it! I hope you'll look forward to many more strange games I create! :D

I didnt think i would love this little game as much as i did great game going to go check out your other ones :) 

Thanks man! I'll gladly watch you try out my other games!

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I absolutely loved this little game, cartoon games have so much potential. I played a few of your other games like your scooby doo games! Please make more of these!


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Thanks man! Glad you enjoyed it. And yeah I definitely will make more games like this. Gotta finish Dracula's Castle Alpha 3, after that comes the sequel to TUNKY and then I'll make one of three games: 1. A sequel to this game, 2. A Blues Clues horror game (I really love that idea tbh) or 3. A Courage the Cowardly Dog horror game.

Cool game. A lot creepier than you would expect.

Short and sweet little slasher game! I loved it, and now I'm hooked. Gonna go through and play a bunch of your games now. I loved the graphics style, the movement was smooth and the music / sounds were awesome. (you just don't see this graphics style in horror games too often)

Thanks man! Can't wait to see you try out my other games!

I can't wait to try them out!! Thanks for making them!

Very cool game. I like the concept of an actual hash slinging slasher.

I had low expectations going in as this is a Spongebob game but was I ever blown away by how good this game really is. Gonna have to check out some of the other games from this gifted developer.

Thanks for the kind words man! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :D

I will be tackling Tunky next. can't wait...keep up the great work!!

Awesome! Can't wait to see it.

This game was a lot scarier and intense than I thought!

Very cool spongebob type game!  It was very scary! :D


Glad you enjoyed it!

Игра супер! Местами даже страшно ;) Спасибо разработчику ) 

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I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for playing. :)

Hmmm..doesn't work on Windows

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What the hell? This is the second person who's told me this today. Are you sure it doesn't work? Can you tell me what you're seeing/dealing with?

I just downloaded it and can confirm it works on Windows. However, the desktop app says it isn't available on windows. So I don't know whats up there...

Must be a screw up on my end. I'll edit that right away.

Gave it a go...


Ha, I'll take that sequel idea into consideration. Gotta write it down later. Thanks for playing man!

what do you get this on i cant get it on windows

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It is a windows game. Did you try downloading it? Did it give you an error or some message?


Cool Game and Funny

i love hiding

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Thanks! Glad you liked it.

Took me a few tries hahaha. Nice game man very fun!!

Thanks for playing man, Glad you enjoyed it!


I really do appreciate short horror games like this especially over my favorite childhood shows. The cut-scene at the beginning was quite astounding; really threw a flashback to that Hash Slinging Slasher episode. Hope to see more short ones like these!

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Oh thanks for playing man! I just need to ask, uh, do my graphics look like Roblox? Cause damn, I really wasn't trying to aim for that look. I'm trying to improve my skills in 3D modeling to have less cubes and more polygons, and I really need to work on texturing as well. Cause I can't just have plain colors on walls, y'know.

Slightly except the Hash Slinging Slasher looks perfect from what I saw of him. Hopefully I didn't sound offensive. I strongly enjoyed the game!

Nah it's cool you didn't sound offensive. I just felt bad if I made my graphics look like Roblox or something, lol.

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Thank you for playing!

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