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Had such a good time playing this game, never thought I could be feared by a spongebob related game.. thank you for the game!


Fun Game! 

how do i open the app it says its running but its not pls help or tell me insrtuctions i want to  suprise my brother with it


i think you may easily be my favorite game maker on

Your spongebob series gives us a chance to explore bikiini bottom, and i must say these are some awesome backdrops for these games! very sppoky stuff. i love the tone you set with all your games! that nosferatu game is insane too!!!


why not for Mac very sad noose time 0 out of 10 

Unfortunately I can't port to Mac because I don't own a Mac. Unreal Engine 4 is like that for some reason. Sucks. :/


it's  not so good but it's funny 

3 stars


what cpu is required to play this???????????????

Unfortunately I don't know the exact specs. However, from watching others play, I've determined that you need a medium to high end PC to run the game at a good framerate on medium or high graphics settings. But the game plays alright on a low end PC on the lowest graphics settings. Guess you can give it a shot on lowest and see how it goes.

(sorry for the late feedback) it work putting the grapics to low but the sound crashes every time


can u plz make a linux version


Played as part of my 3 random games, it has it's quirks and really enjoyed it.

Make a mac version for this please! Looks super awesome!!

I really wish I could, but unfortunately I can't port to Mac since I don't own a Mac. That's how UE4 works for some reason.


The suspense in this one is wild. Good shit right here.

A very fun short horror game! 

Now I can play the game but it's too slow and I can't even read what it's saying ... Help...

You might not have a strong enough computer to run the game. Did you try playing on lowest?

Yes, I did but it's still slow.


Ah, damn. Unfortunately you’re gonna need a stronger PC to run the game then. :/

Hey! I have windows 7 (64 bit) I tried to download that awesome game but that is what it said: Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost Why?????? Help me please cause that's my favourite game.

Here's a fix for that.


Thank you very much!!!

Deleted 1 year ago

Hey Dave, Do you know where the basement is? i can't seem to find it before the lights start  flickering. So frustrating.

The basement is in Mr.Krabs' office. It's that small hatch next to the desk.

Thanks so much. I'm such an idiot


Darn it well thanks bro.

Plus tell me how to get them pls and thanks.


To download the games, you need to have a Windows computer, next have winrar installed to unzip the .rar folders so you can launch the application.

Dave can you be able to get 3:00 A.M at the Kristy krab,6:00 A.M at the Chum bucket,and 3:30 A.Mat floaters cemetery to be able to download on Android Nextbook if you can.

I'm not planning on doing any ports for my games. Only sticking to Windows for now, sorry dude. :/

Is there a way to download this on Mac?? If not, could you maybe like add a download version of it please. Much thanks.

I wish I could port it to Mac, but unfortunately Unreal Engine 4 doesn't allow porting to Mac unless you own a Mac. I can only release my games for Windows since that's the only OS I own.


Aww man, that sucks.. Thanks anyway though.


Enjoyed the game, would appreciate any feedback on my video :)

This wasn't my first playthrough but I still enjoyed it.

It seems that neither Krusty Krab or Floater's cemetery works on my computer. I get an error message that says fatal error and can't compile or something like that. Have you seen that before?

Hmm, not sure if I've seen this error before. Does it say something about a d3d error in it? If so, here's a solution.


That worked, thank you so much. I am a HUGE fan of your games! Keep up the good work!

What software did you make this with?????

Unreal Engine 4

Thank you very much



I loved it! Definitely didn't scream because of a jumpscare *cough*


I loved this game! Can't wait to play the rest of the Spongebob games!

How to be Ali-A Tutorial lol



Brilliant game by the Microwave Legend that is Dave!

Keep twisting our beloved friendly characters my dude! XD

And If you wanna watch me scream like a little baby! then check out the video here!

Just a little bit of a card

I'm so bad at these games but I can't stop playing them! They are so good and they are really well made! Good job!


A good and well made game. You manage to keep the gameplay good and intense at some moments. Had  blast playing this and will enjoying keep coming back to it to play. 

did you know there's a rip off of this game called Kristy Krab nightmare?

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Yeah I know. Not gonna take it down though, it's not like I own the Spongebob license and have the right to copyright strike him or anything. Just a shameless knock off of my game. I've already announced this WAY back in the day on my Twitter. I recommend people don't download that horrible game.

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Yeah, honestly, your game is loads better,. I understand you can't take it down, but let's face it, people who look at that will find your game, and want to play it over that. 


Fun game!

Enjoyed the game! 


Great job! I really like all of your games. This one is particular is very funny and spooky. I actually made a video playing this amazing game with hilarious reactions. I hope you enjoy. Keep the good work dude!


Hard Mode Complete!
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Ah, Money. Ah, Quiet Money. It Was The Season 1 Called "Squeaky Boots" This Game Made Me Play The Spin Off "6:00 AM At The Chum Bucket And It Was A Very Good Horror Game

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