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I finally got to guts to KILL THE MONSTER


im kinda suprised that you actually worked a bit on this game after such a long time, and that secret where you can summon all the monsters, thats so hard because they're EVERYWHERE

This game reminds me of all those bad sci-fi movies shown on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Speaking of which, are there any hidden MST3K references in the game? 

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Lol, nah there aren't. But now I kind of wish I added some references to the show.


Played this as part of a 3 free indie horrors and this was easily the better of the 3. Thoroughly enjoyed this game, although the ending i got made me look like and asshole, at least i beat the game! lol. You can checkout a more in-depth review and my playthrough of the game below! 

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too spoopy..

Maybe you could make it so that AI controlled allies follow you and do random tasks

That would be cool, but I would save that for Strange Terror: Ultimate Edition. A game I plan on making sometime in the future that's basicly a big Strange Terror game compiling content from both this game and the sequel, along with new never before seen content and gamemodes.

Maybe We should have it team based (idk just a suggestion)

You mean like co-op multiplayer? If so, I wish I could but multiplayer in Unreal Engine 4 is very difficult to program. Eventually I do want to try overcoming the challenge but right now my priorities are just making singleplayer horror games, y'know. But I would totally love to make co-op horror games in the future though, it would be a blast to work on.

No i mean characters you can switch to

Ah, as cool as that would be, I don't think it'd be possible for me to do. Maybe I could try doing something like that for Strange Terror: Ultimate Edition (Release date is unknown, could come out next year or the year after, who knows) since I'm no longer updating this game.

Cool i will stay tuned for that

Will be strange terror from the deep on steam???

I wish, but I don't believe I can do that atm. It'll probably only be on Itch and Gamejolt, at least for now.

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Game, is amazing but how you did the map so dark??? And do you use tex

tures made by you or STARTER CONTENT????

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It's all made from scratch. Only used the First Person Template for the player character itself, but everything else is made by me. To make the map dark, all you need to do is lower the sun downwards, build the lighting and the map should now be nighttime (dark). There's some tutorials on Youtube that I followed on how to make dark maps for horror games n such. You can follow those if you're trying to make some horror games in Unreal Engine 4.

thanks, bro for help.... ;) 

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this game was alright :D


and why are the rare monsters have question marks on the monster list?

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Because they're hidden so the player will never know what they look like until you encounter them. I wanted to make the portrait reveal itself once you encounter one in game, but I don't know how to program that, lol.

the portrait revealing rare monsters? cool, maybe you could program the portrait reveal code.

any rare monsters coming soon to strange terror from beyond the stars?

The Technicolor update was the last update to this game. I don't plan on updating it any further as I'm pleased with the finished product. I hope you understand. :)

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This is a great looking game and a lot of fun to play! I'm glad I found it. Awesome Job!

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Strange terror from beyond the terror from beyond the terror from beyond the terror from beyond the sorry

btw really cool game

THIS ONE IS AMAZING! Not only is there different monsters each time you start a new game. But it has 5 different endings! 10/10 Recommend!


THE FEEL OF THIS GAME IS SO COOL! Also happy I got one of the good endings. Proud of that :) Great job on this one Dave! 


Behind all the stupid memes, You will find a very impressed gamer after playing this game.. Well done Dave. Love it

Glad you enjoyed it! Though I would've recommended you played the newer version without the copyrighted music, lol.


Oh that happened!? haha all good, It made for a fun time anyway. Great work mate.

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I LOVE THIS GAME! It's clever, it's original and just flat out AMAZING! By the way have you ever thought of porting Strange Terror from Beyond the Stars to Console such as Playstation 4, XBOX ONE or Nintendo Switch, I mean you don't have to port it to console its just a suggestion and if you really did port to console what do you think it would be rated I think it would be rated T for TEEN: Mild Violence, Animated Blood, Mild Language, Drug Reference. Hope you like the idea.

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Glad you enjoyed it! I'd honestly love to port it to console, but I can't cause there's a lot that goes into porting a game to PS4, Xbox or Nintendo Switch. It's not easy at all actually, not only does it cost a good sum of money to get the devkit but it also requires you to do a lot of reprogramming n such.

I understand, porting a game to another platform isn't easy. The reason why I said if you did then what do you think it out be rated is because it's this question I asked my little brother saying "If this game where ported to Console what do you think it would be rated" and he says his thoughts then I say my thoughts. It is a really random question because I just ask that question on a game that looks suitable for console.

this reminds me of scp containment breach

is this game difficult

Kind of, there's a lot of mechanics like each monster having a new ability, a large spaceship map, a bunch of items scattered around the map and five different endings. It's up to you whether or not you find that difficult.


sounds interesting

Re visit! But this time i get the best ending ? maybe? And a secret monster! overall it was a good time! 


There was some things that glitched out like sounds, and a monster with a door. Though it was a quality game! I didn't expect some voice acting and stuff! Plus the noises are actually well put together! Plus with the added 5 different endings and also SO many monsters to fight!

Ah, those loud sounds Cheeva makes were intentional, like how you heard it throughout the map. It's meant to alert you when he starts sprinting at 2.5x his speed though I can understand how it can be annoying after hearing it every 45-60 seconds. And that door bug man, it's so friggin weird, no matter what I tried I just can't patch it. I honestly wish I could fix it. :/ But I'm glad you enjoyed it nonetheless!

and monsters speed?


Loving the whole theme of this game!! anytime i get close to winning i die xD Still fun! 

A predator would be cool :3

Oooo, true, that would've been dope to add. Who knows, maybe sometime in the future I'll get the chance to add him.


No puedo creer este final!! Uno de los mejores juegos que jugué últimamente!! 


Good game


I came back to complete all 5 endings 

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I'll straight up say it... This is a masterpiece! with it's unique style, wide array of monsters that show up randomly, speaking of randomly.. you never know where you're going to find the items you need! Which adds to the challenge! which ending will YOU get first?

Dave, excellent work here!


I'm glad you really enjoyed it man! :D


awsome :D


Top Notch horror game! Surprisingly scary and funny at the same time!

Awesome game, lots of fun... wait I meant scary moments. Thanks!


THANK YOU AGAIN DAVE! This game is so well done!
I almost screwed this ending up. LOL


This is like SCP but in low poly specs and guns cool game!

Can anyone tell me what each monsters abilities are? I can't find a list anywhere. Would be very appreciative.


I still have the list with me for when I was developing each monster.

1. DUL - Super Quiet

2. Droner - Is cloaked

3. Fly Man - Can go up ventilation shafts

4. Squid Made of Tar - Can shoot tar that blinds the player

5. Fish Freak - Lays goo traps that can immobilize the player for 4 seconds

6. Martian - Can shoot two lasers every couple of seconds

7. The Reptile - Can charge at the player during a chase

8. The Blob - Lays keycard traps on the floor. When approached, it will spawn The Blob at it's location.

9. Rouge Tinfoil Robot - Can shoot one laser every couple of seconds but moves faster than The Martian

10. The Slime - Can go up ventilation shafts and use the small vents on the walls to spawn from them. (It's slower than The Fly Man I think)

11. Dead Man - Can scream at the player during a chase, which stuns the player for about 2 seconds.

12. Cheeva - Can sprint every 45 seconds outside of a chase to move around the map faster.

13. Xenomorph (From ALIEN) - Can go up ventilation shafts and is faster than The Slime and The Fly Man

14. Berry The Bear (From Shopping Nightmare) - Can spawn Berry clones. When approached, will spawn Berry The Bear at it's location.

15. Monster Coach (From L4D2) Can charge during a chase but his charge lasts longer than The Reptile.

16. Uber Jason - (From Jason X) Cannot be killed and can chase the player a lot longer than any other monster. But is the slowest of all the monsters.

17. Dave Micromonster (That's me!) - Shoots two hamburgers every couple of seconds.

Hope this helps!


great game! If you're going to make another ruin your childhood one, I suggest mlp or paw patrol

Thanks! And lol, I'll add that to the list of game ideas.


Love the 60s scifi aesthetic. It seems real simple but it's actually pretty difficult to get through. Unfortunately I haven't gotten to an ending yet, but I've enjoyed it.


Great game. Enough of a challenge for experienced players but easy enough for beginners.

Thanks! Glad you liked it.

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