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Dioooos, que buen juego.

me la he pasado muy bien, pasate a ver mi Gameplay español!

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What does charge mean?

Hey Dave? What does the ability of The Reptile says "Can charge at the player during the chase" And coach. 

The way the charging ability works, is that after a few seconds when a chase begins, they'll play a unique voiceline and begin to run faster than their base speed for a short period of time.

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How do you shoot? (with the gun)

Left Mouse Button.


hey dave if i put my grphics to lowest irts still high

Hello Dave I have been messing around with console commands in the game and I was wondering if there is any way I could summon the gun as I see a summon command however I do not know the class name for the gun just wondering if you could help me out here thanks.


Unfortunately I've no clue, lol. Been a long time since I've worked on this game, so I don't exactly remember what I named it.


Oh ok it's fine I'll just look around obj class files to try and find it.

"Summon Gun_BP_C" is the command

i got it to run. thanks for the help dave.

and this is my first time as well

uhh dave im downloading one of you games and i dont know how to download the game. mind if you explain on how to download it?


Click the download button, and if you wish to skip past the donation screen, click the "no thanks, just take me to the download" button, then download the game. Once installed, use an unzipping program like 7zip or Winrar to unzip the .rar, then you should be able to launch the game within the folder.

will a potato pc run it?


Yes, only if you set the graphics to low

ok thx

yes it will

This game is a true gem! Idk why I haven't found it earlier..

can you add custom mode to the game at some point?


What would be the point in doing that?

Yo Can you Explain How in The Monster (The Blob lol) Gets away from Salmon And When im trying to go to The Armory room He Spawns Right Infront of me


The blob can use the small vents high up in the walls to spawn near you when you pass by them. Can happen every once and awhile, lol.

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when i try to download the game it this "an error has occurred during the installation process" should i use the client or web browser


Hmm, you can try one or the other to see which one works. Not sure why it'd cancel out of the download.

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this also happens with other games micro horror arcade's boofie's bunker also doesn't work but some games do work example dora is dead works idk why, i think it is something wrong with the client maybe when these games release on steam i will be able to play this game.

Download link doesn't seem to work like the comment below me said, it doesn't open when i try to launch it from Gamejolt or here.

Did you unzip the .rar using winrar (or any unzipping program)? You can't launch the game when it's still zipped.

hey, the game won't start, no error message

nothing my cursor will say its busy for 4 seconds but then nothing 

anything i can do to fix this?


That's weird? Not sure why your PC would refuse to launch it, never had that happen before or seen it happen to others. Sorry I can't be much help! D:

I got it working :D

I don't know why but if it was downloaded from the itch or gamejolt client it wont run at all

its only if you download it from the site, not the launcher

(sorry i'm bad with explaining things :/)


Ah gotcha, glad you got it working!

How did you get it to work, because im having the same issue you are 

basically if you are using the itch io launcher (or the game jolt client)

It won’t work for some reason, you have to download it from the site and not on the launcher 

Hey dave will there be a page for around the clock or a steam page because im just asking

dave i wanted to say this game is amasing not just this game all of your games [p.s i am a huge dave microwaves games fan]



Weird. i cant download this game for some reason. Shortly before the download is done it just stops and gives me the following Error:
rar: an entry cannot be decompressed (Strange Terror From Beyond The Stars (64 Bit)/Strange_Terror/Content/Paks/Strange_Terror-WindowsNoEditor.pak)

i have Winrar installed as it seems to be an issue with Rar. but im not sure

Dave said that you need to exrat the file

Easy solution unless the Data is nowhere to be found. neither in the download folder nor anywhere in my Itch folders.

yo i have the same problem

nice game i played it


are you going to make a custom mode update eventually?

i know there a hard mode it called 1v18 oh gummy god

Where are the random spawns for the wrench?

The game doesn't run because a 3D3 file is not available, like what? Where do i find this thing?

Ah damn, haven't heard anyone get the D3D error in a long time. There is a fix for that tho.

i'm scared the procedure may glitch the PC. or i'm just too scared to run redegit.

Hey Dave, so there is a THING i just can't forget about this game, THE FORK... Like, WHAT THE FUCK was THAT ending for? Couldn't be some space for another ending? I just can't stop laughing my ass off when i see the ending.

Oh, BTW. When will we get a new Strange Terror game? Any plans for a plot? Any special guest from a very known game or iconic horror movie? Whatever is in your mind, just say it!

Great game!

i cant play with rar's 

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You need to extract the .rar folder using winrar in order to play it.

you say that all the time dave i think we get it

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explain how to do that. that line of text is not obvious you know.

how to do that is the question dave.

edit: its says the file is corrupt the pak file

You download winrar, it's an unzipping program. Once you have Winrar on your PC, you can unzip .rar folders by right clicking and extracting the .rar to turn it into a folder you can access.

Probably your magnum opus, this one has actually very quality cutscenes, story, puzzles, and scary but still to slow to be scary monsters. Hearing CoryXKenshin in voice acting was hillarious, i didn't expect that. It goes like your every other game, but it is more polished and actually really well made! Great experience but add lower graphics settings, it still lags a lot on low end computers.

so i just found out that you acually cant cheat to beat the game instantly, so this could take a while...

so i downloaded this and played all the endings, so i thougt but then i watched a youtuber play and he killed the monster with a gun he got at the armory but i play 10 times and i could not find the keycard i think it's not spawning so this is ether a bug or i keep on missing it when it's in front of it. dave plz help

The keycard should spawn in one of two bedrooms, a closet or the men's (or women's) bathroom.

ok thanks again i'll look in the bedroom

This is a great title, and very much recommended. Really cool developer.

One problem I have as of the past few weeks is that I cannot install it though. Is this an issue on my end, or perhaps an error with a recent update by Dave?

Hmm, was there an error message? Were you able to extract the .rar folder and launched the application but got an error?

No message, Mr Microwave. I press the install button, and soon as the download is about to finish it just stops and the button still says "install" instead of play. I have deleted the folders for the game too. This is the only game I cannot download. I can download and play your other games perfectly fine

Huh, that's bizarre. Really sorry that's happening to ya. :/


We had such a fun time with this game and it scared us a LOT more than it should have for how cute the graphics are :P

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