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Story: Shaggy and Scooby Doo are lost in the woods, with no other choice but to find a phone to call for help. But beware, this farm is The Creeper's hunting ground...

I never planned on making Scooby Horror 3, but when I bought some Scooby Doo Pop figures (Cause why not) I saw some art on the back of the box, showing a countryside that looked creepy and perfect for a Scooby Horror game. So I decided to mix the environment of the pop figure art with the episode "Jeepers it's the Creeper". So here it is, Scooby Horror 3. Just in time as an early birthday present for myself. Hope you have fun, and I hope I at least made this one a wee bit spooky. But remember, this game isn't exactly meant to be scary scary, it just has a spooky atmosphere and a bit of spooks n stuff like how the show is. The game is kind of meant to be like the show, y'know.

Also side note: Sorry I haven't been working on Alpha 3 of Dracula's Castle! I've been busy binge playing Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th: The Game last December. I was able to work on this game at random times in December, so it took me a month to make when it probably would've taken me two weeks to make if I wasn't so lazy.


Scooby Horror 3 (64 Bit).rar 194 MB
Scooby Horror 3 (32 Bit).rar 171 MB

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It's a rar file, so unzip it and play!

Development log


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The third part was good as well! We liked when Scooby-Doo followed us everywhere in the map! 

i break the game creeper he got stuck in the tree The music was not playing and i escape


Love it man! Us scooby devs gotta stick together!

I really loved this game! For some reason the concept of collecting fuses really appeals to me, so i'm excited to try out Wails for Freedom! Still, the game was really fun!

can u plz make a jhonny brovo horror game dexter's labatory horror game and hey arnold horror game teen titains horror game and gumball horror gam

sorry to say this but i wanted to give ideas too but he sais that he dont take suggestion so he cant i know its dumb

i dont really remember this monster




Well, i mean this is getting repedetive and your games are fun but after 3 parts they get kinda boring. Still pretty cool. The map is long and ok. There were not a lot of shaders but it was ok. 6.7/10. I still like the last parts more.


Yeah, I felt like I could've done a better job with this one tbh, even my remaster felt like it could've had more diverse objectives, y'know. If I ever do make a new Scooby Horror in the future, it'll be one that's much larger in scope and will have various objectives to keep the game fresh.

I have a multiplayer scooby doo game and will be happy to send the source code for my networking engine! I use the unity engine btw

in the game that I told you to make

well put nightmare from five nights at freddys 4

Make multiplayer!


You have no idea how much I'd love to add that, but sadly that's very complicated to add. I'm not familiar with networking n such. I attempted it a couple of times, and it never worked out sadly.

what does it mean when you don't have a Mac?

i want to play it

make the games on mac pleaseee

I can't port my games to Mac cause I don't own a Mac. That's how UE4 works.

make a game called the nightmare of gumball i'll show you the cartoon, also look up post-shift  fnaf  fan game and add this character from post shift named nightmare classic foxy who will be the only enemy of the game, please and thank you. 

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Make Teen Titans Go Lost In HollyWood

Deleted 3 years ago

I am planning on making a new one in the future, though it'd be called Scooby Horror: Arcade. It'll feature multiple randomly generated levels and monsters from the show. I'm hoping to make it sometime this year or next year.

Make Teen Titans GO! Lost In hollywood Players: Me Robin Raven Cyborg Beast Boy And Killer: THE SLAYER He Looks Like This

I don't plan on making that game or many more parody games for that matter. If I do, it'll be from the ones I have left over on my list. Getting kind of tired of them. I'm enjoying my original games a lot more to be honest.


This was pretty fun, it took me a while to find all of the fuses. If you haven't already, check out some of the other games Dave microwaves games has made!

you idiot y u so sum



I played this game in a compilation its at 3:22 hope you like it <3.

Glad you liked it! Though the last fuse was most probably in that wheat field near the house, lol.

The only place i skipped XD.


That's where my last fuse was too!


Thanks for the games man, they are really fun, but damn you scared the crap out of me with that whole survive for two minutes thing. Oh and everything was a

lot smoother too.

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Last game finished...on to the 4th one...oh wait :( I also have to have a word with you DAVE! starts at about 2:30 lol 

lol, he just so happened to spawn on top of you. Anyway, yeah sorry about the no save points thing, it's just since the game is so short I have to artificially extend it like the good ol NES days. ;)

amazing game once again

Glad you enjoyed this one! It can be a little hard finding the fuses cause the map (I think) was a little too big. But anyway, thanks for playing!

This game was  a HUGE throwback The Creeper was a classic Scooby Doo reference that I LOVED as a kid. Thanks so much for making this. Everything was great. Flashlight was awesome, movement was smooth. Everything all the way down to the chase music (which didn't get copyrighted, idk why I'm so paranoid about that stuff)

Awesome as always, man!

Thanks man! Yeah I'm really glad I made this one, it was one of my favorite monsters from the show aswell!

Yes! I wish you could like comments on this site, I always feel so rude when I have nothing to say and just sort of leave a comment hanging xD

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lol, it's fine man. :)

The creeper audio really took me back to the 90s. :)


Agh! I need to correct some of that dialogue. But anyway, thanks for playing dude!

Dave Microwaves Games what Characters and Enviroment did made on, Also, did you steal the Nightime Sound Effect From the Roblox Game: The Normal Elevator


I made all my character models in Blender and I built the environments in Unreal Engine. I didn't steal that sound effect, I got it from a copyright free video on Youtube.

Deleted 5 years ago

Sorry, all my models are personal and I don't share those. As for the ambience, I honestly don't remember what it was called, lol.