Patch #6 (UI and Graphics Overhaul)

I bet you're asking yourself, why would Dave randomly update an old game of his? Well sometimes I just like going back to old games and adding some spice to em so they don't look like trash.

Added: New Scooby Doo font to all existing text.

Added: A new skybox and better looking fog/lighting

Changed: The Creeper's run animation slightly

Changed: Some of the dialogue and made Shaggy not swear in em, lol

Changed: The ending cutscene slightly by adding in dirt particles behind the wheels and some extra audio


Scooby Horror 3 (64 Bit).rar 194 MB
Aug 28, 2019
Scooby Horror 3 (32 Bit).rar 171 MB
Aug 28, 2019

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