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This show terrified me as a child! Out of all episodes, this one stuck with me and gave me so many nightmares. I'm happy to see somebody turned it into a horror game, and I am far from disappointed! :) 

It was quite hard to pull it off in recreating the house and pretty much this whole game, but it was most certainly worth it, lol. Glad you enjoyed it!

I could imagine. Can't wait to see what you're working on next!

I'm really hoping people will like my next project. It's an original horror game based in space but has the style of a 1960s sci-fi horror film.

I'll be keeping an eye out. Let me know when it's complete so I can play it.

Sure thing! I'm really excited to finish this one.


So cool to travel to the Courage the Cowardly Dog universe... being murdered by Muriel was a little less cool ಠ_ಠ

lol, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

yea king ramses posseded muriel to kill courage and find the slab

I like the idea, and loved the show, but again, having the same issue with all of your games. Even on the lowest setting it runs like shit. Are the models just thrown together real quick? I don't think they're optimized properly. It's not my computer, it can run far better games in terms of visuals, so this game should theoretically run as smooth as a baby, but it doesn't.. I understand you probably just thrown this together as a test or something, but it's a shame because I can't really test it if it doesn't run well. 

No actually, I didn't really throw anything together. In fact, the models have a pretty low verticie count. I've seen most people play the game without a hitch, so I assume it's that my games are unoptimized for your system? Or because I'm using Unreal Engine, and that engine is notorious for using up your CPU n such. I don't really know honestly.

Thanks for the response. I really don't think it's Unreal, as I've played many games that are built in Unreal, such as Dishonored, Hello Neighbor, Outlast, to name a few and I can run them on fairly high settings too 

Who knows. But I definitely never slap these games together, lol. It could be any number of things. I'm just not that great at optimization.


Another awesome game! I loved (well still love) Courage the Cowardly Dog. I like that you not only made a horror game out of a kids show, but kept it pretty accurate to the show.

Which I guess says a lot about the show... :)

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Glad you enjoyed it man! Sorry I made the game rather difficult to beat. ;D


I don't think it's too hard. Like I said in the video, not finishing it has more to do with time constraints on my end and trying to stick to my upload schedule than anything :)


love your games! I have no idea how you make them so cool considering you microwave them... but Is there anyway to download the chase music?

Lol, thanks! I always work hard to try to make my games as best as they can be. :)

Also, here's both of the chase themes. They're from the show, I didn't make em.



There are times when you realize...What would a cartoon look like as an actuall horror game...This is my response...MY GOSH! COURAGE! YES!

sorry if this count as some spam or something but when i found this out it was just so good Four players! (Sadly only one can do stuff and you can only play as one at a time.)

I'm still wondering why does the corn disappear when you change graphics in-game?

lol holy shit, you actually did that. I purposefully left the "Network Character" in just in case someone did something like this. And yeah I have no clue either, I know it has something to do with the graphics change that it disables foliage. Cause the Corn Field is considered "foliage" to save your framerate from dropping. If it was a regular actor, it'd be dropping the frames.

oh, well...


This hit in all the nostalgia feels! It was simple, but fun, and hearing the Courage the Cowardly dog action music playing while being chased was just perfect. I actually want to see more Courage games now xD


Excellent Work on this one Dave Microwave Games! Game was very scary, a lot of fun, and extremely difficult. At least for me. lol! Keep it up! Cheers!

Glad you enjoyed it! :D

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Changing the quality of the game while looking at the corn field (i think looking) will delete the corn making the field empty. 

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I changed my size and got out of that horrible house i'm just gonna leave them there now.
I like how the chicken house opens. 

Insted of flooding the comments with images i'll just tell you about the 4 DOORS IN THE BARN XD also i changed my size so big i could dig the ground without a shovel.

lol wtf? How did you do all that? Console commands? XD


i love me some console in the morning :)

lol. But don't worry I won't remove it. I like it when people find new ways to play my games even after they beat em. :)


i found it on accident but i like the game anyways :)


Nice game, I'm legit scared to walk out of the first room lmao

lol. XD

What program do you use to make your games?

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I use Unreal Engine 4 to create my games, Blender for modeling, Rytmik Studio for music and Audacity for editing sounds, music, etc...

You use unreal Engine i have Unreal Engine almost finished downloading  but now am still using Unity the services and online content of  unity is so good plus the asset store nice quality, your games nice


This one reminds me of nightmare on sesame street. It was fun and made me want to watch the TV show again.

Can you create a mac version of this game?

As I stated in your previous comment in Dora is Dead, I can't port it to mac cause I don't own a mac. :/

Sorry, didn't know you made that game too (I seldom look at the name of the creator of the game).

lol, it's okay dude.


Had a lot of fun with this one! Got me with them jump scares a good few times. Hope you enjoy the video! 


I swear King Ramses is as, unrelenting as Bunky! Maybe even more so they are both just wired to kill! Not sure if that's a good thing or, a bad thing!

lol, yeah, I probably shouldn't have made King Ramses such a powerful entity but at the same time he is an unstoppable ghost king like in the episode, until you return his slab. XD


nostalgia in a hand basket, thanks for this, never jumped so high to seeing Muriel! XDD
great job!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the game. :)


I had forgotten this cartoon. Thank you for making me rememorate this cartoon. The game at its level of difficulty and it is well appreciated. That's fun.


This game is honestly fun and spooky haha


Show your Courage in Courage's Curse the family friendly frustration factor of fun!!!


While simple in design with the low poly graphics, Courage's Curse is a surprisingly good time and manages to be pretty spot on with the layout of Courage's home. The item hunt aspect is nothing new to horror, but I like how you need more than one thing to accomplish tasks, so it's not just constant running back and forth for single tasks. The randomized placement of things paired with an AI that just won't quit is a pretty good challenge as well. While I doubt it would happen, I'd love to see a more fine tuned version of this, with smoothed out models and some of the different foes Courage faced.

Good job on this, dev. You've catered to nostalgia in a good way.
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Thanks man, I'm glad you liked the game. I really would like to do a big update improving stuff and adding extra content into the game, but it'd be tough due to some problems I encountered during development, and a lack of time to update this game. Though hopefully I'll have the time to do it one day.

Totally understandable with the complications. Life and all that. Though that you do have interest in adding to it says a lot, since most I've seen who made games like this just posted them and forgot about them. I'll try to keep an eye out in case that "one day"comes. I've seen a couple of your other games before and you do decent work.

Thanks, and yeah everytime I release a new game I make sure to do some extra updates to them. I want to make sure the game is as best as it can be. A Nightmare on Sesame Street got a crap ton of updates cause I enjoyed working on that one the most out of all my other games. But some of my other games just get a few patch updates and that's it, like TUNKY and BUNKY. Though I haven't forgotten about BUNKY, that one's gonna get a sort of big update, but it's taking awhile due to current projects I'm working on and not having the time to work on the update.

Always good to see a dev with passion for their work. Even if the work does seem to put on some pressure. Touching back on Courage, I actually just had an idea(if you accept those) for either an update to this game or a future one. Katz would be perfect as a character chasing him for X reason. More so with his theme.

People seem to really want that, the Katz motel. Maybe one day if I do a sequel to this game, it would be about the Katz motel.

You have a lots of good games but this one is my favourite can we get another couarge's game?Or what is your next project?


Most probably won't make another Courage game but right now I'm working on Dracula's Castle Alpha 3. After that, I might make the Blues Clues horror game or an original horror game.



I downloaded your game and it was really good but i checked it with virus total too and got 1 unsafe detection

what is this? 

Wtf? I don't know honestly.


This was fun to play and a good trip down memory lane, nice added feature of having the positions of the items randomized as well!!!

What's the music that plays when muriel chases you?

This theme from the show.

thank you!


I think I found the absolutely best glitch (which I honestly would 100% call a feature) in this one, loved the game and looking forward to more of your stuff! 


lol I was going to remove that bug during development but I found it too funny to remove so I kept it for people to find. XD


спасибо за веселую игру 


Another fantastic game! This one was a little tougher. A lot like Sesame Street. Anyways, I'll just leave my playthrough here:


Made a video


ABSOLUTE MAD LADS! | Courage's Curse Full Gameplay Walkthrough

This was actually pretty hard, I thought it would take me 10 15 minutes... Nah fam xD

Hope you enjoy the video :)


Wayyyy harder then your other games for sure! But i managed!



Pretty tough, but I was able to get through it after a couple tries. I don't know if it was intentional, but locking Ramses in the house made things a lot easier. Muriel also got stuck in the attic stairs once for me. Always been a big fan of Courage, so seeing the series get some love is great. Nice work!


I absolutely love what you've done here, courage was my favorite cartoon as a kid so I had to play this as soon as I saw it and you did not disappoint. I think this is a really cool opportunity to continue with, courage has SOO MANY different villains that you could do this for so many more and I would have a ball. THE DIFFICULTY ON THIS MY GOD!! I played the 3 a.m. at the krusty krab and that wasn't shit compared to this one, that one took me about 15 minutes to play through and this one took me about 50 I just kept running into her and KING RAMSES is so fast i'm going to eat a shoe. As frustrating as it is I still had a good time playing a game about my favorite purple dog. I can't wait to see what else you'll come up with!




Not much to say realy another great game by dave microwaves a great horror game with lots of fun and a nice throwback to the old cartoon

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Glad you liked the game! Also sorry about the difficulty, lol. It's a tough bitch to beat.

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