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This was the first game I played of yours that got me hooked on your games!

Bueno aquí vengo yo de Nuevo con un gameplay del juego que en mi opinión esta muy OP bájenle la dificultad a la abuelita Porfa 

this is so much fun


who is the guy in the bed

good game

Nice game

i like this game soo much thanks Dave i made a video for this game

it took over all my GB when i extracted it (i had 5 GB left)

good game

Great game ! Keep up the good work brother, this one is a classic.


i rate it 5 stars :D

I needed this, thank you! Fun, challenging, and nostalgic.

why rar file

Most game developers compress their files using a zipping program such as winrar to reduce the file size. Makes it easier to upload and quicker to download for the user.

i see

this game makes me want to est dorito

Great game.

Loved the show and just went ahead and played this game for some entertainment.

I think this is the first horror game I actually finished, it made me want to watch the show again.

This game was surprisingly difficult lol. I didn't finish it in this video but plan to eventually. I love Courage and Ramses was nightmare fuel as a kid (actually he still is)

Let's die

This show and episode is amazing. Can't believe I didn't know this gem was out there before. Thanks for bringing this game to us, bro!


This was a really fun and scary game. I really enjoyed playing it and I hope you continue to make more games.



Miss this game LOL made it tradition to play this every halloween with friends.

PLEASE MAKE A NEW GAME OF COURAGE!!!! I really liked it, a nice horror game!!!!!! Also my favourite cartoon was Courage The Cowardly Dog, so I love all about it!!!!

yes you're right me too

the game is fabulous.I liked a casino and it made me shit. Congratulations.
P.S. if you can create another game I will be very happy to play it.

This game was recommended to me and being a big fan of the cartoon your game did not disappoint. Loved it.  Only wish i could hear courage say some of his one liners

when jump scares happen. Thanks for the fun.

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago

Lovely :))  5/5


dave microwave i like the game cause i ever watch king ramses curse in the courage of the courald dog

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A bit scary for the fast music and Muriel, i have decided to actually watch courage the cowardly dog for the first time after playing this game, its a great show. It is very nice and comfy to live inside of a house with danger outside. Loved the model of king Ramses.  Really enjoyed it, its great!


Scary 100/50



dude i saw you on the thristiset time of the year(sorry i cant spell thristiest) then puppet combo. now this game?


gotta keep up the good games lmao


This game really made me scream and yell at it's difficulty! It was so great to finally beat! Timestamp: 27:28

Great game


wow this game is everything i ever wanted to play thank you dave


Really enjoyed this game!

Who knows how to fix this problem ?

An error occurred during installation rar: an entry cannot be decompressed (Courage's Curse V1.0.2 (64 Bit)/Courage/Content/Paks/Courage-WindowsNoEditor.pak)

same thing happened to me


But By The Way All Of Your Games Are So Cool. Thank You For Making These Games.

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