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Had fun making this one, Although it's shorter than the other games made by dave.

but its all in all enjoyable experience.

Sometimes muriel will get stuck at the stairs at the attic.

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dangggg i cant even play this game cuz im terrified ;w;

(but imma try it later :'3)

Will you make a Phone version? My phone would run it in 60 fps because i have an note 9 

I don't have any plans at this time to port my games over to mobile, mainly because it's a tad bit frustrating and time consuming. For now I'm focusing on making my games Windows only since it's a lot easier to do, y'know.

Nice :P


Ssuch nostsalgia! There was a few times I actually screamed lmao. I will say the searching took a little longer than I thought it should.


This game brought back childhood memories. The atmosphere was excellent and both Muriel and King Ramses were scary. Thank you for making this game :)


10/10 would scream again! Honestly, Muriel is such a beast and I've never been more terrified of an old woman, but SHE IS A WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF SPOOK. Ramses is quite the formidable foe, but all Courage and I want to do is help the poor dude. Muriel should have gotten me, bUT WE PREVAIL!! Awesome game, my dude! Thanks for helping us all relive our most terrifying childhood memories.

10/10 More cheese and less macaroni. Thanks for making this!


okay thanks for the help dave!

when download the game and i try to open it but it keeps duplicating itself and it won't let me open it

I assume you didn't unzip it. You need to unzip the .rar folder using winrar or any other unzipping program.


I didn't get around to playing this one when it had first came out, but I had fun playing it now.  Fun game as always Dave.  Courage was a show that freaked a bunch of kids out that I knew growing up and I can see why now.  

Woah, this game really got me going for a while but i eventually conquered even King Ramses, nothing can stop me! check me out.. 

Name of the song?


You mean the little piano sounds that play when you wake up? It doesn't have a name besides, Courage_Piano_Wakeup.wav lol. Doesn't have an official name besides the code name I gave it when programming the game. XD

men i can´t download the game in this page,you can pass me the game in another link? mega 

That's odd, it should work. Just click the download button, then when it asks for a donation you click no, take me to downloads or donate if you wish, then click the download buttons that appear. You can choose either 32 bit or 64 bit. As for the Mega download link, unfortunately I can't/don't really feel like doing that, sorry.

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dave you can pass me the piano song that you put in the game when wakes up coward?

No, sorry.

I did not say coward to you, I mean the dog, the music when wakes coward

I know that, lol. I'm just saying that I can't give you the sound effect, sorry.

Nice game, but only can play it on my laptop, man you have to make them available for windows 7.    .-.

Nothing I can really do about that I'm afraid. But I'm glad you enjoyed it.

old game, but I was just wondering- the place the key is, is randomized right?

Yeah, it's placed in one of the three piles of dirt in the corn field. Each time you play, it changes spots. Unless you're talking about the car keys, yeah those are randomly placed in the drawers aswell.

Hey man can you make a remastered version of this game?

Because i really like your work,and you do great horror games that when i see videos

even on the start im scared lol.

If you're satisfied and don't want to update,thats ok.

Ah, well I don't really think I need to remaster this game just yet, as there isn't much I can do to improve the overall graphic and gameplay qualities. But I'm sure I will eventually remaster it if I seriously improve my modeling skills one day. The only games I see that could be remastered or recreated are really old games of mine, y'know games like Scooby Horror 2 or Dora is Dead. And maybe recreate games like Desperate Escape or The Explorers in 3D. But if I were to update this game with something new, I'd probably do that sometime in the future if I feel like it could use some improvements.

can you update this game

There's nothing else that needs to be done. I'm pretty satisfied with the final product.


it's a challenge but i love this game because as a child i used to watch courage the cowardly dog all the time so this brings back some childhood nostalgia for me plus i have seen markiplier play it so i am here because of that too




Hey everyone! Today I had the pleasure of playing Courage's Curse! Spooky things begin to happen in nowhere when Eustace hides King Rames's slab and it's up to Courage the Cowardly Dog to save his beloved family!




Super fun and scary game!!!!


another great game Dave i am  2 for 2 at your games now  hopefully your release some more soon and i can get ahead :D anyway another great game with the good quality i have come to expect of your work look forward to future endeavors 


I don't use Unity I use UE4.


Courage is back to save the day again...such a great game man... Thumbs up


Why did you post another comment of the same video? Your first one was a couple of days ago. That was fine. But you posted another comment that's just the same thing. Don't go spamming the same video over and over again.

My bad.


the grapics to this daves games are awesome they mostly look like animation graphics dave this is me from youtube cayden

This game is awesome! But here somenthing you can think..Why dont you add that zombie i dont remember his name but if you cant do it.For me its ok

Ah yeah that dude. Though it wouldn't fit with the theme of this game, plus Courage's Curse is already finished, lol.


i have some problems ... im using Acrobat Reader DC to open it .. (Adobe Reader idk ) but it doesnt want to open .. it says something like this (Adobe Acrobat Reader couldnt open 'courages curse V1.0.2 (64bit).rar.' because the file is not accepted (or something like that) or the file was damaged 

example : it was sent as an atachement for e-mail and it wasnt decoded corect 

pls help me i really want to play this game .. is too awesome 

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So first, you need to download it and save it, then use winrar (not adobe) to open the rar file, once opened you can access the folder and double click the application to play.

Deleted post

ok ... i found the folder application .. when i double click it it makes my screen black then it shows me like this 

(fatal error :

[file /d3d11rhi/private 

unreal engine in exiting due to D3Ddevice being lost )

i think from there u cant help me anymore 

Yeah, damn, that D3D error is something I can't fix. It's a rare bug that happens to some players, but sadly it's not the game's fault, it's Unreal Engine's fault. Nothing I can do unfortunately.


Could you please make this for the Mac?

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I can't port it to Mac cause I don't own a Mac, sorry dude. :/

could you try to make it in unity, theres an option I think, If you can, thank you!!

lol, nah I ain't touching Unity and I can't be remaking an entire game in a different engine just to port it to Mac, Sorry dude. I don't really like Unity anyway, and the fact that you have to code and doesn't have the blueprint system UE4 has makes it impossible for me to use. So using that engine is kind of out of the question, lol.


it's fine, I understand...


Here is a quick game-play of Courage curse | Courage is back to save the day again | Courage Curse | Amazing game hope to see more from this game.


Hey, new Horror Games video and you know what that means? I need to feature one of your games, of course, because your games are so much fun! Cheers!

An error occurred while launching Courage's Curse

No executables were found

what i have to do?

Did you save the file as? Did you extract the rar file using win rar or any other unzipping application?

Hello. I sadly can't play the game because of an D3D error. It is similar to the one below me \/. The same thing happens to 3 AM AT THE KRUSTY KRAB.

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Agh, I'm so sorry you have to deal with that man. Yeah, it's gonna happen for you for all my games sadly. I really, really wish I could help dude. :(

i have error please help me Fatal error: [File:D:\Build\++UE4+Release-4.18+Compile\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\Windows\D3D11RHI\Private\D3D11Util.cpp] [Line: 182] Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost. (Error: 0x887A0006 - 'HUNG')

This is a rare error that occurs for some users. Nothing I can really do, as it's a problem with Unreal Engine 4 and not the game. :/ Sorry man, I really wish I could help. I have looked up some solutions to this problem but the only thing that came up was that if you're using a laptop to disconnect the charger or was it connect the charger, I don't know, one of the two and apparently that fixes the problem. Dunno if it'll actually work but it's worth a try if you're using a laptop.


Thank you Dave Microwaves Games for recreating my childhood. :)

Lol, no problem! Glad you enjoyed the game. :)


I did :)


Yooooo! This game was A BLAST playing man. It literally was like i was playing through the cartoon episode. I loved everything about this thing. Props to the game dev for all the work he put into it. Here's my playthrough of it


I'm really glad you enjoyed the game dude! Thanks for playing!

no problem man! This game was freaking awesome! Im trying to make a video on 3am at the krusty krab too....but i just accedentally deleted all my gameplay files smh 


Oooof, that's rough man.

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