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You lost a bet and now have to stay the night at the Hide residence, an old Guesthouse with a dark history. But something is amiss here...

The house is alive!

  • Explore a large haunted Japanese guesthouse, where the house itself will do it's best to impede your progress, possessing objects to stun you and scare you.

Spirits of the past now haunt you!

  • Apart from all the harmless spirits of previous guests wandering the halls, the owners of the Hide Residence have been assigned the task to care for The Host's wellbeing and to "greet" new guests. Safe to say you do NOT want to stick around for their welcoming ceremony.

There is always more than one ending to a story

  • Four difficulties to choose from, with two endings to discover. Will you run away as soon as the opportunity arises, or will you try to exorcise the house? You may even experience an extension to the story in Nightmare Mode...

Thank you for checking out Werthit! Not gonna lie, this project was a bit of a thorn on my side for awhile, but I'm really glad to have finally gotten it into your hands. If you're feeling mighty generous, maybe consider tossing a few bucks my way if you enjoy the experience. I'd really appreciate it, indeedaroo!


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i recommend to low a bit the jumpscares sound because they are too loud and ruins the stealth feel


dead dev


Been very busy on two separate large projects as of late! Vex Clock which can be wishlisted on Steam, and Dave.EXE, which is currently in early access over on my Patreon and will eventually land on early access on Steam once I feel like it's in a presentable enough state. I haven't had much time to work on smaller, free games in a long time (I've got busy life now!) so people probably won't be seeing much over here on Itchio too often. I hope you and many others will look forward to my future Steam releases!

Dave Please Make Bob the Killer Pleas

yo dave microwaves games can you make a horror game


Hey Dave Microwaves! Can You Make Bob the Killer On Itch.io On 2023


dude that's never gonna happen


dont lissen to him, i am sure he will add it one day

Deleted 140 days ago



Only played until the first startling noise, not my kind of thing. I really like the animation style though. I'm always torn on whether to try games like this, because I really love puzzle adventures, and horror games are generally spooky-themed puzzle adventures...I really don't like being startled though, and not a big fan of limited visibility as a gameplay element either. Looks & handles great though, and there's plenty of people out there that love jacks-in-the-box, good job, just wish I liked it.

I can respect that. Thanks for giving it a shot tho!

i want V2.0

I don't believe I've ever announced a version 2.0 for Werthit, but if you're just simply requesting for an update, then I'm afraid that's not something I plan on doing anytime soon. I'm pretty happy with it at the moment and I've got my hands full with other projects in development, such as Vex Clock, so it just isn't feasible to be updating this game any further, sorry!

Deleted 216 days ago

In the dave microwave games trilogy you sead that dave.exe will be a full game released onto Itch.io and gamejolt  in the future

what are the other two monsters called and i mean the one with the cross on their hat and the pink hair one


Miwa is the mother (nurse) and Omi is the daughter.

oh ok


Will there be another AM Spongebob game?


Don't think so. Dave already stated that he got pretty tired of making parody games. He wants to make more unique stuff now, as AtC will PROBABLY be the last one. Still, recommend you check out his other stuff.

Hey Dave! What is your next game gonna be?


interesting game, it has a face like a survival horror game with Ghosts but much darker, very scary the chase of the assassin with the protagonist, the game has an impression of having it also for Mobile, if it has I'll play it on Mobile too. 9/10


Got both Endings 5/5

I'm trying to get started into unreal engine 4 and do you have any tips?

And how long did it take you to learn it?


Surprisingly only took me a month to figure out the basics, but of course, I'm still learning so much even after five years of using it. Best tip I can give is looking up UE4 horror game tutorials on Youtube, it's where I learned the ins and outs of it. Better than just reading documentations that's for sure, haha.

And you used the blueprints?

Yup, blueprints is the easiest way to program stuff if you have no coding language knowledge like me.

hey dave another unreal engine-related question:

how do you make the camera bob when you move your character

I'd definitely recommending looking up on Youtube, "Unreal Engine 4 Camera Bob tutorial" and you should be able to find some pretty decent ones that can explain it better than I can.


In the Simpsons fan-game idea I gave you already has a story to it. Sideshow Bob has another scheme to kill Bart and to kidnap his family. Each member of the family is scattered around Springfield so you have to play as Bart to save the day. You don't even have to make the inside of buildings or houses, it could just be on the outside of Springfield. Please consider making this a game because all of your games are awesome so it will be nice to play a Dave microwaves games Simpsons game!


Hey Dave, I have a game idea for you. You play as Bart Simpson and the killer is sideshow bob. You play in The Simpsons home or the jail or wherever you want it to be. Hopefully you see this comment and ponder for a bit about making this game into the masterpieces you create

another dave non-fangame type of game.

hi dave im using unreal engine 4 for the first time, and i have something to ask:

how do you change the skybox to night?

Create a sphere, input coordinates to 0,0,0, make the size 2000 on x,y,z, create a material that you want to be your sky texture and make it a two-sided material by clicking the little checkbox on the bottom left that says two-sided. Once you've done that, apply the material to the sphere, disable cast shadows on the sphere and disable it's collision. You should now have your own custom skybox.

i'm dealing with a bug were the menu shows up but there are no buttons showing can you please help me?

Not quite sure I get what you mean. Are you referring to your resolution being off center?


Literally the best game ever made, you can open the fridge!

Definitely, one of the fridges ever for a UE4 Game.


I'm will favorite 64bit


Really fun game overall but the endings were quite disappointing considering the text for them are locked behind nightmare mode which I'm nowhere near good enough to beat. In fact, the only satisfying ending was the one you get if you die =P

How do I outrun Omi and Miwa? Should I just run or hide somewhere?

Just run until they lose sight of you for a few seconds

ok thanks

Show post...


Dave i accually got stuck behind the safes door


love the game but i got a  bug ware  Goro always find me even if I hide. Nevertheless great game :)

(1 edit) (+2)

Ah, that might've been because you were hiding in closets. Those are treated as hiding spots, but Goro will only enter search mode during a chase when you hide in a room with doors that aren't transparent. Glad you enjoyed it regardless tho!


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scary furniture


Incredible horror game the furniture seemed to scare me more than the damn monsters tho


Microwave man makes another epic game! Great work on this! Level design was great, story was great, and it was very spooky scary. 10/10

Nice job with yet another amazing game! Keep it up <3 


Very fun game!