V1.1 - Barney Mode Is Here!

Eyyy, look at that, it's the Christmas season and what better way to celebrate than to gift you all with one of the weirdest updates I've worked on for a game. This new update introduces Barney Mode, basicly this was the way the game was originally gonna be made, until I changed it during the middle of it's development into the original game you see today.

Added: Barney Mode

Added: New AI navigation, now the ghosts (and new AI such as Barney) won't camp areas of the map and will explore the entire building.

Added: Whispering invisible ghosts around the map

Changed: The wheelchair controls to be more fluid and less tanky

Fixed: Some random bugs

I should also thank Padre Snowmizzle real quick for working on Barney's animations. Barney the freaking dinosaur wouldn't be the creepy SOB he is today without Padre's help! Haha.


Wails For Freedom (64 Bit).rar 151 MB
Dec 17, 2019
Wails For Freedom (32 Bit).rar 128 MB
Dec 17, 2019

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