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do you have a .zip version available? my computer cant run rar files for some reason and i really want to play this game it looks fun


Unfortunately my games are only in .rar format, since it's becoming a more efficient method for developers to compress large files for upload. I'd recommend looking into getting Winrar or 7zip to unzip .rar files.

oh ok

whenever i unzip a rar with 7zip, it says my access (to the file) is denied, and with Winrar,  its super complicated and i cant get it to work

Played this in 2 random games (Timestamp: 0:00)


stick to cartoon horror games ps i think you should make a thomas the tank engine horror game


Wails for freedom


Wails for freedom skitter across the floor. A squeak and spitter comes from the door.


Demons from cults and it’s all his fault.


I hate him. I loathe him. He broke the oathe.


He locked me here with all the wee dumbed.


So that’s why I wail for freedom.

I played a bit, but I encountered this weird glitch (or maybe i'm just stupid) where I cant get wheelchair back up, even after pressing z a bunch.

This game looks amazing! Can't wait to play it!


Mario: OOOOOOOo Very "Scary"

the controls hare super hard (p.s i am a huge dave microwaves games fan)

i wonder if one of the creatures in there tore off the players leg or something

A Dave game i haven't played? Lets see.

Why is Ryan in a wheelchair?

I cannot understand


 I had an idea for a video game which is my original story so do you possibly have an email or phone number I could text or email you to talk to you about it?


i just pooped my pants even before i played the game


Just an idea, if you can, could you please try making a evil YouTubers game?

(Maybe include Ryan and yourself!)


Horror Game+8-BitRyan=PLAY 24/7

Short Stroy:

Me: *Reads Story*

Me:It says the character's name is Ryan

My Friend (Maddy): There are millions of Ryan's, it's probably not 8-BitRyan.

Me:*Starts game and hear the voice*

Haha, glad you enjoyed it!


Thanks for making amazing games! Sadly I have to watch Ryan play them because I have a Mac but when I get my new PC, this is the first game I'm going to download!


Your games (if they don't have any) deserve a Fandom - Powered by wikia

That would be cool, haha.


 Very good game man enjoyed it, i couldnt  complete it though XDD

I really wanted to play this game but the controls are badly broken. I cant move with W or S. I watched other YTubers videos and their playthrough seems fine. I re-downloadde the game because I thought maybe it was a bug but no luck. Not sure whats going on.

Ah yeah, that's literally the weirdest thing some people have reported. The only solution I've heard of is either downloading the 32 bit version and if that doesn't work, you need to wait a day and download the 64 bit version or something. It's like the weirdest thing I've ever seen. That's why I'm never making a game like this again, lol.


I'll try that, wish me luck.


I wish my computer was better, it did not handle this game well.

That combined with my inability to control the chair resulted in what some may describe as a fucking mess but others call enlightening.

Preemo job.

Hey Dave Microwave, How do I trigger the Spooky Kook easter egg in Scooby horror 3?

There's no trigger, just walk to the edge of the map where you see the water tower and from a distance you'll see the Spooky Space Kook standing there near the tower. Nothing happens, it's just a fun little easter egg I added.

sigh, Tunky wasn't even in Strange terror from beyond the stars.

Well, it wouldn't work well if I added both TUNKY and BUNKY into Strange Terror. So I had to decide which one to add and I chose BUNKY.


Yet another GREAT game from Dave! This one is difficult yet fun! Really love the styles of these games! Keep them coming!!! 


Absolutely brilliant, Dave! I've been thinking for years now that nobody's ever thought to do a wheelchair-bound player game, and BAM! Here it finally is! 

Glad I fulfilled your wish!


Another awesome game. The only thing is how difficult it seemed to be. The amount of falling over and getting stuck in walls were comical at first but got a little annoying after awhile as well.  Otherwise an amazing game.


Boy howdy this game is tough as nails! The controls definetly made this a challenge but I loved it! Once again Dave, great job! 

It just had to be ghosts!


Another great game from Danmicrowave :) Satirical, horrifying, and comical all in one. Highly recommend it!!!


Greetings from Germany! I really loved playing your also even if it was buggy sometimes. Like I flipped over with my wheelchair and softlocked the game. I also got stuck in some kind of fence. But otherwise I really enjoyed playing the game. The atmosphere was great and the controls with the wheelchair were a really nice idea. I love such twists in games. Can't wait to see more games from you. :)


Really difficult game!Nice.


please make a the amazing world of gumball horror game called the nightmare of gumball and the enemy will be nightmare from fnaf 4 please and thank you

it's gonna be lit I guess

I don't do parody games anymore. I'm only making original horror games. Though I do plan on making at least a few more parody games like Scooby Horror: Arcade in the future.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?! No more parody games? from Dave Microwave? That's like a PB and J sandwich without the J!

(1 edit)

The thing, is that I've gotten tired of those games, like I used to make them cause I felt like it and they gave me a laugh or two. But now that people are demanding for more, it's become stressful and isn't enjoyable making anymore. I'm sorry if that upsets some, but from now on I'd rather be working on original stuff and make more Scooby Doo horror games in the future, cause those Scooby Horror games are the only parody games that I really, really enjoy making.


Welp, I'm learning to code now XD, paw patrol has probably been done before but I'm getting better at blender, maybe I'll actually use this account to share something for once


One game after another Mr. Microwave Games killed it! Had an absolute blast plaything through this on my channel! This one was really difficult to beat, especially when it came to dealing with the monsters! Hope you check out the video!

Oh my fucking god, Dave. This game is hard to complete. This ghost's so unfair

Yeah, lol, it's a pretty hard game. I'd consider this to be my first challenge game. The game is very difficult to beat but it is beatable, as I've beaten the game on hard on my first try and I have seen some people beat hard mode. So don't give up! It's possible!


Yet again Dave made another awesome game and while I'm a stupid buffoon who can't figure out the most simple gameplay puzzles I kinda saw what was going on and what he wanted me to do and I liked it. The killer is kinda OP and has X-ray and aimbot hacks but that's cool he still about to catch these hands!

Gotta be honest I didn't like this game as much as your others, I guess I didn't really get a long with the wheelchair.


Ah, that's understandable. I had a feeling this one wasn't gonna be liked by some due to the difficult controls and overall difficulty of the game. Though I'm glad you gave it a shot anyway. :)

That's the thing with taking risks, sometimes they don't work, sometimes they're amazing. Looking forward to your next game :)


Yeah, pretty much this whole game and it's controls were an experiment.


Great game, I thought it was very well made!

I cant run any of your games and I really want to play them!! I keep getting this error: 

Try this solution.


Thanks so much!


Please forgive the laggyness, I made the best out if it <3 Didn't want to throw it away, also you made Strange Terror!


Great game i hated the wheelchair xD It was a pretty hard game to beat but i felt so good after beating it. I loved the soundtrack and the outlast and pixel game feel i thought it was too hard at first but after a while it got easier to remember the layout of the map. The only things i disliked about it was the falling over glitches but apart from that i loved it great game.


Fun and very well made, love the look of it. Neat idea with the wheelchair, it is a bit frustrating to move but obviously that's intentional and it works. :)


I really enjoyed playing.
I liked the concept of Outlast in wheelchairs.
But the operating feel of the wheelchair is so bad. I hope that it will be improved.
it's a great game.
재밌게 즐겼어요.


"my fucking leg is gone"

100/10 it would be hard.

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