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Ever wondered what I created back in the day, before I started working on 3D games? Well wonder no more cause today I'm releasing The Old Dave Microwaves Games Collection. A collection of old 2D games I made in Gamemaker Studio back in 2016 and 2017. You see, April and May were my prime years in learning game development. It was the end of an era (2d game era) and the beginning of a new era (3D game era). This month will be about my old crappy 2D games I made back in the day. XD

What is this collection? It's a large collection of old 2D garbage games I made in Gamemaker Studio 1.0 that I still hold dearly to this day.

What does the collection contain? Here's a list of all the games.

1. Bog Fight

2. Defend Your Orange Farm

3. The Supply Run (DEMO) (A game I was working on but never finished back in 2017)

Btw, these games are old and buggy. I don't plan on updating them anytime soon as they're pretty much just old games that were sitting in my folders and decided to release to the public.

Controls for Bog Fight: A,D to move left and right and Arrow keys to shoot.

Controls for Defend Your Orange Farm: Mouse to aim and LMB to shoot

Controls for The Supply Run: I think there's a tutorial in the game so I don't need to teach you the controls here.

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dave plz relese the unfinised game like bob the killer and 

bloody battles

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1). ued,,, how many megglebits?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      2). can u gige me a steam       key?

Deleted 3 years ago

Lol, thanks.

so is around the clock at bikini bottom coming july

There is currently no estimated release date for Around the Clock. It'll be done when it's done.