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What is the difference between classic mode and hardcore mode?

Classic mode you only face one monster and get an intro sequence. Hardcore mode spawns two monsters.

That's what I was hopin

Can you make the game free for one day on this week please?


Unfortunately I cannot do that or else I'd be losing money from all my hard work. At least the game's dirt cheap, only a dollar and fifty cents, lmao.

Deleted 123 days ago


Can someone make a alice gameplay video please?


I just recorded a new Strange Terror video and I did play as Alice :) I will post a link when I have it edited and uploaded tomorrow at 2PM EST

Here’s my video, like I promised :) I hope you enjoy it

How do I play as Alice?

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Select classic mode, then you will see a character select screen pop up. She's currently unavailable to play as in the other modes for now.


Hey I'm really interested in this game but sadly I can't purchase it on due to lack of funds (I use steam wallet codes) so i was wondering if there is any plans to maybe release this on steam, maybe bundled with Strange Terror from the stars? I really want to play it! Either way keep up the awesome work, I hope it all goes well!


I have been thinking about a Steam release but I'll probably hold off on doing that and wait for when I decide to make the Ultimate Edition.

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Oh that sounds like it would be awesome! I'll definitely have to keep an eye out for that! I'm planning a weekend where I try to play as many of your games as possible in a row, from your first released game on itch to your newest, while I continue to be a massive coward who gets scared really easily. I figured it would be a fun way to spend a weekend. Either way, thank you so much for taking the time to respond back to me, and I hope everything goes well with your upcoming games, and I'll definitely keep an eye out for your stuff in the future!

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I have 2 monster ideas I would like to share.

1. The Magician - He can teleport to different areas while searching for you

2. Scrappy - He can hide under tables and wait for you to come near by

Those are my ideas

Umm it says X3DAudio1_7.dll was not found, so I can't play it. How do I fix it friends? :(

Huh, that's weird. I looked it up on the UE4 forums and some users say this can be caused by the user not having DirectX installed correctly.


Hmmm strange...well I guess I could try fixing it that way. Thanks! :)


I played the new update, and I would like to say that the jazz salmon was good.

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Very Rare Monster Ideas

-Alien Baltan (Ultraman)

Clones himself while searching.

-Dalek (Doctor Who)

Beware. the raygun will exterminate you in one hit.

-John Madden

Throws footballs at you!

-Spooky Space Kook (Scooby Doo)

He flashes his light from his helmet to stun you for 2 seconds.

-Tunky (Unky series)


That's just a thought.



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I wish Jayskibean was here to play this...

(Edit) You should add that glowing diver monster guy (i forgot his name) from Scooby Horror into the rare character list. 

And the Hash Slinging Slasher since he's underwater.

Just a thought.

Yeah same. And I can't add any licensed characters into the game since it's a paid game. Otherwise I'll get in trouble, y'know.

Oh yeah, I forgot...

Have you heard at all from Jayskibean ever since November 9? Like, has anything bad happened to him, or did he just quit, or what? I've been really concerned.

Yeah, I've chatted with him recently. He's doing good, just been wanting to stay away from social media n stuff. That's why he's removed his Twitter account recently. He has thought about YT recently but he said it's just been more stressful than fun to do, so he's kind of just staying away from it. So I guess for now he's just gonna be going on with his everyday life and taking a break from social media in general.


Ah, thanks so much! I was a lot more worried than I should have been

Dave, are there any rare monsters coming soon?

I don't think I'll be adding anymore new monsters. But when I do make another content update in the future, I will probably just add in new mechanics or modes. Adding a new monster in a future content update is possible but not something I want to do again, since it was a brutal experience adding in those three new monsters in the last update.



Also, just a suggestion, but can you add a Impossible mode? Where every normal monster is in the mode, when a rare monster appears.. All of them appear!

Lol, I do actually have plans to add a similar mode like that in a future content update. Dunno if I'll be doing it but we'll have to see I suppose, haha.

References to the secret characters!

Baldi from Baldi's Basics

SUNKY from the UNKY games

Nosferatu from Nosferatu's Lair of Doom

that ghost thing from Wails to Freedom

Fish Freak Mutant from Strange Terror From Beyond The Stars

Taco Timmy from Dave Microwave's Discord Server

(yes I watched a vid)

The game is actually enjoyable i feel like a dick that i said it aint worth 3 dollars.

lol, It's fine dude, glad you're enjoying it so far. :)

ah fuck it im buying it

Is there any mechanics to the monsters! Such as Baldi or SUNKY (almost said SUCKY xD) Like, any mechanics would help!

Baldi's patrol speed will increase the longer he goes without chasing you. Once he spots you, his speed will decrease to his regular base speed. As for SUNKY, she will spawn the iconic eyeballs from the UNKY games around the map. If these eyes spot you, you will teleport to a random location on the map. This can be both good and bad, it can save you when being chased, or it can teleport you right in front of or near SUNKY.

What about the rest of the characters?

What do they do?

I'll probably make a big post describing every monster's abilities when I release the next big content update next week. Cause it's a lot to write in one comment like this, lol.


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Hey dev im not trying to be annoying or anything but maybe someday you will make this game free ? 

Don't think I will be doing that, however I will be putting it on sale a few months after it's release most probably.

Game is amazing! Funny cartoon poly graphics and good voice acting but little expensive for game with not so much to do like I like to play it but STFBTS was almost the same thing! But its cool game good work! 8,5/10!!!


Im not paying 3 dollars for a unity game.................

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Understandable, however this was made in Unreal Engine 4. But regardless of what engine it was developed in, the game has enough content to justify the price tag.


can ya send me a key please ?  I am a big fan of ur games. If ya would give me a key i would play it on my yt channel is not that popular but it has 560 subs.


Great game


Liked the last game so much that I came back for more. This was a ton of fun!


Excellent job Dave! It does feel a lot like STFBTS but a lot more refined and detailed. I didn't get very far but will definitely be playing it until I can get through it.


I love playing your games, the atmosphere is so good! With the ambience and not being able to see where you're going, it's a very good time! Probably scared me more than "Beyond the Stars" <3


Part 2 <3


Part 3, with some actual progress haha


New scary goodness in Part 4 :)


Part 5 <3 Probably the worst ending haha but I was so dedicated to get it

Part 6! This game still terrifies me every time I get into it, but Im dedicated to get all the endings!


shooting balls!

it's happen to you have a touchable screen or something. NO MODE!


Oh shit, I'll have to patch that asap, lol. Thanks for letting me know!


PART 2 so far...…..


Just posting links from the Previous Vids


*sips shame*

Thank you so much for always sharing your content with us Dave, It really is amazing work and you deserve more credit than you get! 

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