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Dave, if you can, Please put this game on steam. It feels really polished and I want you to introduce steam users how great low poly games can be. Also if it is on steam I can buy it. (You probably will not see this but its just a small question.)

Love your work ;)

EDIT: I looked some stuff up and putting games on steam sounds hard but this game is incredible and you can also make achievements easily on steam because I read your most recent post and it said you want to add achievements.

Ey, I appreciate the thought! While I would love to release this game on more platforms like Steam, even after the update, I'm still a bit reluctant with releasing it on there. Basically I'm waiting for the one game I feel like will do really well on Steam to be my first debut Steam title. Might be a Strange Terror game or a different original game, only time will tell!

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The main reason I asked this is because it will help you get more 💰. I understand if you don't want to put a game on steam at this time, Take as much time to find a perfect fit for a steam release. 

Thanks for the answer I'm good with any game you put on steam. Love your work;)

dear dave.................... I want to make a request to update STFBTD becuase there is alot of bugs.... ty

I have plans to finish up a large update for this game sometime this year, it will add lots of new content and fix a lot of old bugs and gripes I had with the game personally. Really sorry it won't be for awhile tho, I've been super busy with my current projects. D:

its all good i love this game and your a amazing creator i will be really happy to see the update soon.

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also do u have any plans to make a multiplayer games???

if it would appen in a update in any dave games wich on would you want to be multiplatyer

will berry be one of the new mosters and also i hope i dont ask too many questions if so sorry

i cant wait to play

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dave i got a question the sequel to atcabb is it going to be an update to this game or an new game entirely and is it going to expand the story or is it only for the gameplay either ways is wil probably buy it 


AtC will not be getting a sequel. The "To Be Continued" is mostly referring to Berry's story being continued in an update for Strange Terror From the Deep.

ah thanks big fan btw 

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Just finished the true ending of ATCABB and I'm really excited to play this game once the "Next big update" comes out!

Hello Dave I know your probably busy right now but uh I just wanted to ask you a quick question.

So basically I was playing one of your old games called Dracula's castle and after beating it a bunch of times it made me wonder, after your done with ATCABB are you gonna continue working on Dracuals castle or no?

I mean obviously you have SN2 the STFTD update and Dave.EXE to work on after words but um are you gonna resume back to Dracula's castle?


Ah, Dracula's Castle has been shelved, there are no plans to continue development at this time, sorry!

ah ok

There is also something I wanted to ask, does shelved mean your not going to  finish development because you have your other projects to work on or does it mean your not going to finish development just because?

Basically means the project has been put on hold indefinitely. I may pick it back up in the future, or it may lay dormant permanently.



atcabb is deserved to cost money because its a whole game, But if you say its free i cannot WAIT

also when is atcabb coming out?


AtC will indeed be free since it's a fangame. Currently there is no ETA on release, but we are nearing the finish line!


Bruh dave did you  actually reply to this?   lmao

yo ik i am not the one you ware talking to but dont you think that was a bit mean


dude, can you add a card payment?


Unfortunately this is not something I can add, it's just how Itchio's payment system works.


Try using his gamejolt. Gamejolt actually has card payment.


will atcabb caust money


It will be free since it's a fangame.




YAAAAY! I'm so exitied

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He is doing Around The Clock.

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Hey, dave... can you add this game on steam? i don't know how to buy a game in :|

Edit: if it's already on steam can you give me the link?

it's easy if you want to know: you press the buy now button and you select the pay methond

well *OOF* okay then...

But what if you only have money on your steam account, cuz that's how it is for me, and it'll only allow me to pay via paypal


I find this game so much more fun by turning the gamma setting to its darkest, it makes the game much more challenging.

where can i install dave . EXE

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it’s available only on his Patreon for now. 

if i pay 10$ dollars to dave will i be able to play dave .EXE

You only have to subscribe to my Patreon for $5 to unlock access to Dave.EXE + other Patron exclusive games. No need to go above unless you want the other bonus goodies the higher tiers grant.

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Dave When will Around The Clock  come out?

we dont know even dave does not know

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will atcabb be on


It'll be on both Itchio and Gamejolt, yes.

When will it come out.


Whenever it’s done, there is no estimated release date for the game at the moment.

Will you tell us.

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dave does this game run on windows 10?   

It runs on Windows 10, yes.

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is there another way I can pay without pay pal?

Not as far as I know, sorry!

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thats ok, maybe I could ask my sister if she has pay pal. 

Will around the clock be free?

i am asking my self the same question

Yeah, it is a fan game, so I can't charge for it, lol.

does that mean around the clock will never be releast


Of course it'll be released, lol.

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Listen this game cost money for a reason. Believe me, I respect the fact that this dude is trying to make a living off of making  these games and you should too, So stop behaving like a baby and deal with it.

do not whory i am not hangry at dave i am just saying that i dont like that it caust money and also its not heven my laptop its the laptop of the boss of my mom for real i will never be mad at dave never in my life i am is biggest fan and what do you mean you dont have to pay for it

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You have to pay for it in order to download, this game it is not free because it required a lot of work to make.

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what's the percentage of around the clock at bikini bottom

How's the update on Return of the Deep Terror?

It's been put on hold until Around the Clock at Bikini Bottom is released. Currently there is no estimated release date, but the game is slowly nearing completion.

dave microwave can you please look your comments in your game courages curse beacause i have a list of ideas for your next games that you will make soon

I don't take suggestions, sorry!

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I already purchase the game when I played the game. The gameplay was zoomed in

and there is no settings for the screen and there is no custom mode

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Your monitor's resolution is most likely not supported. :/

Ah, now it is already better, because my monitor resolution is big

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Hello Dave, I have bought this game around a year or so ago but it couldn't run on my pc. Since I got a new pc I would love to play this really good piece of horror and especially after playing 'A Strange Terror from Beyond the Stars' this game really hypes me up. But now that I showed up here I realize that the game went away from my libraby.. :/ After realizing this I went into the comments and saw this other person had the same problem. It could be some internal problem of and you might consider reaching out for this. Anyways I really hope it doesn't seem like I'm just trying to get a free game here, but if it's possible I would really appreciate it if you could also sent a link to a download. 

Edit: I'm pretty sure that this is the account I bought it on and I even remember making this account especially to add this game to my collection.

Thanks in regards


Oof, that's really bizarre. You don't see a grey download button at the top of the game page either?

No, it also doesn't show up for me. Atleast if assuming this is what you mean by the top of the page

Damn, welp, let me know when you catch this comment and I'll drop a key here for ya to snag.


Hey Dave,

I've red it and will be paying attention to the arrival of your next comment,

Before ending this communication cycle I'd like to tell you that your games have so far been really pleasing to play for myself and with friends (especially since they've shit their pants multiple times haha). Anyways keep up the good work and I'm like others really looking forward to the upcoming Spongebob game. That'd be the game you'd be releasing this year right?

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Thank you for the kind words! Oh and here's the key, lemmie know when you snag it! (Claimed)


Please help, I already paid for this game on a gmail account, I try to resend the download links, they just won't appear.

Can you login to that account that bought it? If not, I can send you a key here.

Yes, I can login to the account I bought it.

And it won't let you download the game? There should be a big grey button on the top of the gamepage that let's you redownload it. And I believe you can find purchased games in your library.

In my library I can't find it, it just says I haven't purchased anything. And what grey button at the top of the gamepage?

That's bizarre. If you purchased the game it should appear in your library and there should be a grey bar at the top of the STFTD game page with a download button. I can send you a STFTD key to redeem if you want.

will there be any more unky horror games like tunky and bunky because i saw sunky when i saw someone play it?

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Is it possible to create a game like this in a similar way in Unity? (Including graphics and coding). Very GREAT game. I am trying to make my own version of indie horror because of you.


Preferably I'd like if you won't create your own version of my work, as that is technically stealing. But if you're referring to just making your own original horror games, yeah I'm sure you could create your own horror games in Unity.

Yes thanks. I wouldn't make my own version of your work I know that.


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i know its really cool

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Hello Dave, When I start the game, everything is off centered and alot of the UI and HUD are off screen to the right, is there anyway to fix this?                                                                                                                                                     -Benjamin Trimble


Oh damn, it might have to do with your monitor's resolution settings. What's your monitor's resolution?



Hmm, I think that's why. I got a few reports like that in the past and usually only happened with that one resolution, I don't know why. Guess UE4 has a hard time auto adjusting to it? I'll most likely be looking into adding resolution settings in the future when I get the time to work on the big overhaul update for the game. Really sorry this is happening to you. If you purchased the game recently, I think you can still request a refund via Paypal or Itchio if you wish.


Ok, I'll change my computer's resolution temporarily for the game and I don't need a refund cause (as usual) this game is still really fun

I drawed thiswith my "AMAZING" mouse drawing skills

this drawing is amazing

what's the new release date for ATC?

Spring 2020.

but when in spring 2020?


where can i install atcabb

Around the Clock no longer has an estimated release date and isn't available to download yet. The game will be available when it's done.

Will the game be free?

Will the game be free?

Yeah, it is a fangame so I can't charge for it.

thanks for the anser dude

Awesome game! How do I join your discord server

i have the money to buy it but i don;'t want to pay with paypal is there another way i can pay or do i just have to use paypal

Ah, unfortunately Itchio seems to only accept Paypal as of right now.

ok thanks for the feed back 

or sorry for my bad  english

ore free sorry

can you make it cheper sorry

Dude, it's $3. That's pretty cheap.

hey dave i have a question about STFBTS?

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