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I came back to complete all 5 endings 

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I'll straight up say it... This is a masterpiece! with it's unique style, wide array of monsters that show up randomly, speaking of randomly.. you never know where you're going to find the items you need! Which adds to the challenge! which ending will YOU get first?

Dave, excellent work here!


I'm glad you really enjoyed it man! :D


awsome :D


Top Notch horror game! Surprisingly scary and funny at the same time!

Awesome game, lots of fun... wait I meant scary moments. Thanks!


THANK YOU AGAIN DAVE! This game is so well done!
I almost screwed this ending up. LOL


This is like SCP but in low poly specs and guns cool game!

Can anyone tell me what each monsters abilities are? I can't find a list anywhere. Would be very appreciative.


I still have the list with me for when I was developing each monster.

1. DUL - Super Quiet

2. Droner - Is cloaked

3. Fly Man - Can go up ventilation shafts

4. Squid Made of Tar - Can shoot tar that blinds the player

5. Fish Freak - Lays goo traps that can immobilize the player for 4 seconds

6. Martian - Can shoot two lasers every couple of seconds

7. The Reptile - Can charge at the player during a chase

8. The Blob - Lays keycard traps on the floor. When approached, it will spawn The Blob at it's location.

9. Rouge Tinfoil Robot - Can shoot one laser every couple of seconds but moves faster than The Martian

10. The Slime - Can go up ventilation shafts and use the small vents on the walls to spawn from them. (It's slower than The Fly Man I think)

11. Dead Man - Can scream at the player during a chase, which stuns the player for about 2 seconds.

12. Cheeva - Can sprint every 45 seconds outside of a chase to move around the map faster.

13. Xenomorph (From ALIEN) - Can go up ventilation shafts and is faster than The Slime and The Fly Man

14. Berry The Bear (From Shopping Nightmare) - Can spawn Berry clones. When approached, will spawn Berry The Bear at it's location.

15. Monster Coach (From L4D2) Can charge during a chase but his charge lasts longer than The Reptile.

16. Uber Jason - (From Jason X) Cannot be killed and can chase the player a lot longer than any other monster. But is the slowest of all the monsters.

17. Dave Micromonster (That's me!) - Shoots two hamburgers every couple of seconds.

Hope this helps!


great game! If you're going to make another ruin your childhood one, I suggest mlp or paw patrol

Thanks! And lol, I'll add that to the list of game ideas.


Love the 60s scifi aesthetic. It seems real simple but it's actually pretty difficult to get through. Unfortunately I haven't gotten to an ending yet, but I've enjoyed it.


Great game. Enough of a challenge for experienced players but easy enough for beginners.

Thanks! Glad you liked it.


I FINALLY got around to hunting down that final ending. This required a pretty decent amount of investigation! It was a lot more satisfying than the original 'secret ending' and definitely wasn't as easy to get. I didn't run into any of the new monsters, but the models and sound engineering for them are great! Thanks for making this update!


Impresionante este juego! Me lo recomendó una amiga y me encantó, acá les dejo mi video gameplay!

I love this game, very fun, but what button do you press to shoot the gun?!?! I have almost done the kill the monster ending twice now but cant manage to get the gun to shoot. 

You press the Left Mouse Button like any shooter, lol.

Thanks, not used to gaming on a computer. Saw GTlive play the game and thought it was really cool so decided to try it!

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Ah okay I see. Now I feel like a dick for my response to your question, lol. But I'm glad you enjoyed it though!


Don’t feel bad, it’s not often that you find brand new gamers on sites like this. You’re the creator right? Maybe  you could put in a patch so that when you pick up the gun it inculdes how to fire in that “only one round” message so new gamers don’t get lost. I really love the game though, so don’t feel bad!


Yeah true, that's a good idea.

I played Dora is Dead and Scooby Horror beforehand and now I have played THIS game!

I especially like this game because the chasing sound is pretty scary AND they legit roam around and could pop up as soon as you open a door! 

i have a windows computer and none of the controls are working. i think my firewall blocked... everything!! and now it wont close and i cant delete it because of that!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS THING THE SCENE WONT EVEN PLAY! HE PUTS HIS AND ON DOOR AND THEN IT JUST FREEZES!!! 🤬👎🤬

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Damn, I dunno dude. Maybe your computer can't handle the game. I suggest restarting your computer if the game won't close for some reason. Then just delete the game if you can't play it.


WE ACTUALLY ESCAPED!! | Strange Terror From Beyond The Stars | #2 | Neutral Ending

this is just amazing once again! another ending added to the list!! so happy!! :D

Sure brings out the chills. Fellow dev here. I just joined recently and was browsing thru the games. This one popped out nicely.




Keep up the good work, Dave, your games are very fun, I'm looking forward the next one *cough* *cough* don't want to spoil it lol. Now I need to work on that new 5th ending.


I mixed the footage of this game with another game hope you don't mind... really good 👌🏻


Gave it a go...

This is a super fun and very challenging game with more than one way to win!

Definitely a huge improvement from 3 Am At The Krusty Krabs. I hope you enjoy and don't forget to subscribe 


this game was awesome 100% recommend it give a go you will enjoy

As always Dave nails it out of the park, with a simple but interesting game. I'd like it if it wasn't just item fetching (maybe a bit of puzzle or platforming or something) but it's a system that works very well for you and you have a nice style among all your games. Thanks for making it, and look forward to the next one.

I definitely wanna try putting puzzles and platforming into my games, and you know, that actually would've been great to add to this game, but dammit I never thought of any of that, lol. Ah well, glad you enjoyed it!

Hey, can I know what game engine you use?! Thanks!

I use Unreal Engine 4.


This is a neat little game. I love the feel and atmosphere that it gives off as well as it's art style. The randomization and multiple endings are a nice feature. Awesome that this game also included so many members from the indie community in it's development and credits.


Checkout this video for strange terror from beyond the stars!! Dave Microwaves games is one of my fave indie game devs. His games are unique and allways fun.


I managed to get the secret ending! On accident of course lmao 


great work 


My favourite game by Dave yet, the music really fits the old timie  sci-fi vibe and the monsters pace is way better, I actually managed to escape a few times.

I can see this becoming rather addictive, attempting to complete the monster list.

Lovely work Dave.


Thanks for commenting! Loved the game! And apparently the monster is random every time? Great effort!


Love the game buddy, will definitely be going back for another video in the near future. Loved the secret ending and love the variations in the monsters.


Excellent job dude! I swear these games keep getting better and better. I appreciate the detail you put into it, and the easter eggs! 
*Cough* Although I am disappointed I didn't find an Easter Egg of me, but I'll let that slide for now. ; ) 
I can't wait to see the other endings. Believe it or not, I recorded for over an hour. I tend to make things more complicated than what they actually are, but that's why I'm a YouTuber. LOL


I Enjoyed This Game. It's Great! 재밌게 했어요.


Finally got it all finished! I'm trying to have more going on in my videos in general, but I was also not feeling super great, so it's a little low energy. I hope you don't mind that I including you in the whole "Past Nathan" Thing! lol

You did a fantastic job as always Dave! Keep it up!

That was honestly really funny when you included my game page and all that in the beginning of the video, lol. Glad you enjoyed it dude! I look forward to seeing you get the two other endings.


I'm so glad you got people together to make this, it's so good! I'm a sucker for space and horror, and the art style reminds me of those cube head animations :) I'll be making more videos for the different endings, but for now I hope you like this one <3

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